6 Ways To Achieve Super Smooth Skin On Your Face Without Breaking The Bank

Super smooth skin with just 6 simple steps

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  1. 1. Know your skin type before proceeding with the routine
  2. 2. Follow a daily routine 
  3. 3. Exfoliate 
  4. 4. Watch your diet 
  5. 5. Cut out liquor and cigarettes 
  6. 6. Facial hair 

Maintaining healthy, radiant, and smooth skin is not gender exclusive. To our male readers, the time is now. Your face is your first impression, and ensuring it is in the best condition possible offers several benefits for your health, professional and personal lives. This guide helps you figure out how to get great skin for guys; so let us begin; 

1. Know your skin type before proceeding with the routine

smooth skin type
Ron Lach/ Pexels

To understand how to get smooth skin on the face for guys or anyone, you must know what you’re currently working with. The objective is to ascertain what kind of skin you have and the areas of concern you are looking to address. Here’s a quick guide to refer to; 

  • If you wash your face and your skin gets instantly tight, you likely have dry skin.  
  • If your face is still slippery and sticky after a wash, your skin is likely oily.  
  • If the skin on your face is slightly red or irritated after a wash, your skin is likely sensitive
  • If your skin feels the same after a wash as before, your skin is expected to be regular or in combination. 

After you’ve understood your skin type, understand areas of concern or texture. Is your skin acne-prone? Are you wondering how to remove dark spots for oily skin? Are you searching for a method to get healthy and glowing skin?  

Once we understand what you’re trying to address, we can move to step two of how to get lovely skin for men.

2. Follow a daily routine 

smooth skin routine
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Skincare routines do not necessarily involve a large number of products or a time-consuming process. One of the most effective ways for guys to get great skin is to keep it simple. Start with a basic cleanse, tone, and moisturizer routine. The CTM system helps you keep your skin clean, prep the skin for hydration, and layer on a calming layer of soothing ingredients to help the skin stay radiant and keep the skin barrier strong.  

To start with, pick a cleanser that helps balance your skin. The objective is not to strip your skin of its natural oils but to help maintain the balance of its pH level at around 4.5 to 5.5. If the pH level of your skin is higher or lower, you’re likely to feel irritation. Look for a cleanser that controls sebum production and does not cause dryness, itchiness, or prolonged acne.  

Toners are a negotiable part of the routine but can help prep the skin for hydration and offer a light dusting of active ingredients that can help with the overall appearance and health of the skin. While toners are friendly, they are an efficient and effective way to get healthy and glowing skin.  

Moisturizers must be a non-negotiable part of a routine. Moisturizers help fortify the skin barrier to offer smoother and healthier skin. During the day, moisturizers must be followed up with sunscreen. Take sunscreen to protect you from damaging UV rays and keep your skin feeling its best. There’s a moisturizer for every skin type. If you have oily skin, look for a gel-based moisturizer.  

3. Exfoliate 

exfoliate skin
Ron Lach/ Pexels

While physical exfoliators have been on the market forever, one of the most effective ways to get smooth skin on the face for guys is to introduce a chemical exfoliator. A common reason for the appearance of texture and bumpy skin is because dirt and debris are sitting on the skin, getting stuck in pores, and are properly clean. Chemical exfoliants take care of this for you; they work by penetrating the skin and breaking down oil or water and the dirt trapped inside the pores. 

There are two main types of chemical exfoliants we love to remove dark spots for oily skin and develop a solid all-round glow; 

AHA’s or Alpha Hydroxy Acids – Break down surface-level bacteria and are great for treating enlarged pores 

BHA’s or Beta Hydroxy Acids – Break down deeper impurities and help with blackheads 

These acids are readily available in skincare products available over the counter. Experiment with formulas and potencies, but start small and build your way up. If you start using an active ingredient at a high strength and it does not agree with your skin, you will likely cause irritation and inflammation.  

4. Watch your diet 

Trang Doan/ Pexels

A lot of the state of your skin is heavily dependent on genetics. However, you can sway the odds in your favor with a solid skincare routine but, more importantly, watching what you consume. The vitamins and minerals in your food play a vital role in determining the health of your skin and an overall flawless appearance. 

To maximize your potential for smooth skin, here’s what you should be consuming; 

  • Fatty fish, including salmon and mackerel 
  • Avocados and other healthy fats 
  • Walnuts 
  • Sunflower seeds 
  • Sweet potatoes 
  • Red/Yellow Bell Peppers 
  • Broccoli 
  • Tomatoes 
  • Yellow and Orange fruits  
  • Blueberries 

Also, drinking lots of water and keeping the body hydrated can only help.

If you find your skin feels tight and your lips feel dry often, you aren’t getting enough water. The best way to keep your face glowing and smooth is to work from the inside out.  

5. Cut out liquor and cigarettes 

no smoking or alcohol
JJ Shev/ Unsplash

One of the biggest causes of premature aging and bad skin quality is the consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Prolonged use of both or either is not only harmful to the body but will eventually show up on the face. Fine lines and wrinkles are more likely to stick, acne is more likely to develop, and an overall dullness caused by the unwanted chemicals makes the skin more susceptible to UV damage.  

To develop nice skin for men, if you frequently partake in either vice, take a break and look at the results. Gradually decreasing consumption and eventually cutting it does wonders for the system and the skin. 

6. Facial hair 

smooth skin on face
Sander Sammy/ Unsplash

One of the quickest ways to get smooth skin on the face for guys is to watch how you maintain your facial hair. If you frequently shave, ensure you follow a proper aftercare regimen to help decrease the likelihood of ingrown hair and bacteria settling on the face. Keep your hair clean and well-groomed if you are growing out your facial hair.  

Facial hair often traps dirt and debris and breeds bacteria when not taken care of properly. If you are looking to develop nice skin for men and keep your skin looking healthy and glowing, keep your beard clean and introduce the best tools for shaving and aftercare. 

Men deserve firm, hydrated, healthy, and beautiful skin. Maintaining your skin works the same as maintaining other parts of your body; the investment shows up in the future. If you are still on the fence about introducing proper skin care practices and products, we strongly recommend giving a routine a shot before dismissing it. The results tend to speak for themselves, and when you can look into a mirror and notice that natural radiance, it can only help you become your most confident self. Do not neglect your skin; the time to take better care of yourself is now. 

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