10 Natural & Organic Lipsticks That Will Change Your Makeup Game

Time to dress your pout with the right lipsticks

With so many other lists we’ve curated so far, from moisturizers and body scrubs to eye-care products, lipsticks have piqued our interest the most! No, it’s not just the high-pigment lipsticks that can make you look great in seconds. It is the fact that there are finally some great organic lipstick brands out there.
So, call us biased, but even the creamiest and most pigmented lipstick can’t compete with the best organic lipsticks. From keeping your lips from getting dark to making them supple and safe, these beauty babies for your lips are the true showstoppers!

Best Organic Lipstick Brands That Deserve A Place In Your Closet

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We’ve compiled a list of the ten best organic lipsticks in shades you’d want to wear every day, from the perfect nudes for a brunch to the crimson red for a party. Thanks to non-toxic lipstick brands, you can finally give your lips what they deserve: a beautiful pout.

1. ILIA Color Block Lipstick

best organic lipstick
Ilia Beauty / CredoBeauty

Looking for the best organic lipstick that is hydrating and pigmented? Try ILIA’s color-block non-toxic lipstick. This lipstick comes in 15 shades, provides high-impact color in a single swipe, and is customized pigment milled in organic castor seed oil. It provides four times the intensity with a creamy finish. From soft nudes and bold reds to berries, ILIA is yet again on our list of clean beauty products with active levels of skincare ingredients, for a fuss-free approach to makeup!

2. Vapour – High Voltage Matte Lipstick

VapourBeauty / Instagram

Sustainable makeup just got better with Vapour’s non-toxic lipsticks that are great for all skin types, including dry, mature, sensitive, blemish-prone, and regular combinations. The high voltage lipstick is available in four soothing shades and has a matte finish for a super high color pay-off while keeping your lips hydrated. In addition, the natural lipsticks by this organic lipstick brand keep lips moisturized all day, thanks to the nourishing organic jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil.

3. Well People Optimistic Lipstick

best organic lipstick
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Welcome to the world of Well People, one of the best lipstick brands ever! This sustainable makeup brand’s hydrating, clean lipstick delivers bold, long-lasting color and a satin finish for smooth, moisturized lips. This vegan lipstick is the best bet for rich, pigmented lips and is powered by botanicals like organic castor seed oil, rich Cupuacu butter, and sunflower seed wax. In addition, it is so smooth and creamy that it will provide superior moisture to your pout.

4. Kjaer Weis – The Red Edit Lipstick

best organic lipstick
Kjaer Weis / CredoBeauty

This is an impossibly flattering, endlessly empowering, organic lipstick for every skin tone. Each shade in this essential red wardrobe is nuanced to perfection by master makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis with the belief that red is an embrace of life in a tube. The collection includes fiery crimson, deep burgundies, warm poppies, and true KW red. The red edit is the best organic lipstick with nourishing oils and special ingredients that is a work of art, housed in a sleek, refillable metal bullet worthy of your jewelry box, which comes in eight refillable shades.

5. RMS Beauty Wild With Desire Lipstick

best organic lipstick
RMS Beauty / CredoBeauty

If you’ve been looking for the best organic lipstick with a luxurious natural satin finish, your search ends here. The RMS natural lipstick contains signature RMS beauty oil, which hydrates and moisturizes your lips so well that you’ll forget you’re wearing lip color. In addition, this non-toxic lipstick is packed with rich and powerful anti-oxidants for maximum color pay-off and boldness for your gorgeous lips.

6. Saint Cosmetics Velvet Lip Cream

SaintCosmetics / CredoBeauty

This long-wear velvety lip cream is bound to glide on your silky smooth lips for the ultimate long-lasting color. And it’s hot enough to turn heads. With a wide range of shades from classic pink or nude to intense, sultry deep pigments that allow for a day-to-night transformation, get ready to slay it with this natural lipstick. Control the intensity of the color by layering it on and nourishing your lips, while creating a show-stopping look with this best organic lipstick ever!

8. Saint Jane Beauty Luxury Lip Cream

best organic lipstick
Saint Jane / CredoBeauty

Saint Jane, one of the best lipstick brands, introduces this luxury lip cream with a vitamin-rich, nutrient-filled natural lipstick that your pout will absolutely love. Every shade, from classic red to casual nude, glides on your lips effortlessly from the first swipe. This sustainable makeup brand offers a clean beauty lip cream, infused with soothing florals and botanicals like sunflower, jojoba, and avocado oils that offer deep wellness to your ultra-gorgeous lips.

9. Credo Jones Road Lip Tint

CredoJonesRoad / CredoBeauty

Non-toxic lipstick by Credo, one of our favorite organic lipstick brands, just got better with this moisturizing lip tint for a sheer or buildable lip. This one is a must-buy with the right combination of modern and moisturization. This clean beauty baby by Jones Road lip tint is Bobbi Brown’s take on traditional lipstick that effortlessly glides on to match your personal style. So, create a bolder look by directly applying the stick for a touch of color on the go for the most dramatic lips!

10. Axiology Rich Pigment Lipstick

best organic lipstick
Axiology / CredoBeauty

One of the best organic lipstick brands, Axiology brings you sheer luxury for your pout. This rich cream lipstick provides color and texture while also nourishing lips with the purest, most hydrating ingredients. Avocado oil, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil are just a few of the high-powered ingredients in this vegan lipstick. In addition to being one of the best organic lipsticks in terms of its clean beauty ingredients, earth-derived pigments for intense color are used that last on lips without harming you, animals, or the environment.

A lipstick can make or break an outfit, hair, or even makeup. So, for your cosmetic kit or handbag, make sure to pick the best organic or natural lipsticks you’d want to wear every time you think of dressing up or down.

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