11 Eco-Friendly Perfumes For The Ultimate Fragrance

Smell good, but without any guilt!

Following a rigorous NATURAL, regimen calls for a few simple swaps, like vegan food, organic makeup and beauty products, and so on. However, there is one particular area in which most people struggle: eco-friendly perfumes.

Most of us believe that ‘perfumes are all about smelling good and have nothing to do with good ingredients, toxic-free chemicals, or being natural.‘ However, we at GoodGuilt understand the sense of guilt that comes with smelling wonderful, but with fragrances that include toxic ingredients and chemicals that can negatively impact the planet. So here, we’ve listed down the best eco-friendly perfume brands in the market that are all about being planet-safe and guilt-free!

1. Henry Rose

Henry Rose is hands down our most favorite eco-friendly perfume. It is a cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, gender-neutral perfume, that’s brand verified and certified by two clean and sustainable organizations – Cradle to Cradle and Environmental Working Group.

Toxic ingredients such as parabens and phthalates are not used in this natural perfume brand. And the bottles are made from 90% recycled glass, are 100% recyclable, while the caps are made from materials that are sustainably sourced.

2. Cultus Artem

Cultus Artem’s eco-friendly perfume is handcrafted in small amounts in the United States. It’s a gender-neutral perfume brand with safe ingredients and no toxic or questionable chemicals, a no-go for a guilt-free natural scent. Slow beauty is valued by this eco-friendly perfume brand, which works to eliminate waste at every production stage. Their packaging is appealing, and most importantly, sustainable. 

This state-of-the-art organic perfume line features natural aromas such as woodsy, lemony, warm, Earthy, and musky. Damn!

3. Abel

For a guilt-free scent, Abel offers scents that are 100% vegan and natural. These natural fragrances are sourced from plants and are created with an organic, food-grade alcohol base. Natural oils and absolutes that are certified organic raw materials are used to make Abel’s fragrances.

The Cyan Nori by Abel, which is sweet, salty, and juicy with white peach and a salty deep-sea dry down, is by far the most refreshing non-toxic mist.

4. One Seed

One Seed creates honest, safe, and eco-friendly perfumes that list all of their ingredients. They don’t use any synthetic additives. Since it’s manufactured from plants, it has a natural scent. They also use recyclable packaging and reusable materials. So prepare to embark on a guilt-free natural scent trip with One Seed, which also donates 10% of their profits to charity. 

This Scent Bar Bespoke Fragrance can be customized according to your fragrance blends!

5. Hermetica

Hermetica is an organic perfume brand that is alcohol-free, long-lasting, hydrating, cruelty-free, and refillable. It contains elements acquired from natural resources, however, it is not entirely natural. It is an eco-friendly perfume brand since its water-based smells are paraben-free, vegan, and packaged in recyclable materials. With every organic perfume they sell online, they promise to plant one tree. 

The leather amber molecule, vetiver oil, and pink pepper essence are the notes of this Redmoon fragrance.

6. Clean Beauty Collective

Simple. Trusted. Conscious.

That’s the Clean Beauty Collective promise.

Sephora has several vegan and eco-friendly perfume brands, but Clean Beauty Collective stands out as an amazing clean brand. Their scents are divided into three categories. Their exquisite square bottles with crisp white labels are sure to become your favorite packed fragrances.  

Cardamom lends a somewhat nutty and gently spicy depth to this gender-neutral perfume.

7. Natural Wisdom Spa

We hope the male readers are still reading as we’ve got you covered with this gender-neutral perfume brand that also makes cruelty-free cologne and solid perfumes for men. Why go for overpowering musks when you can go for Earthy scents with clear undertones like sandalwood, oakmoss, and juniper? These natural vegan perfumes are made with organically extracted oils from Germany that are left raw to preserve antioxidants.

The packaging of these eco-friendly perfumes is their most striking feature. Patchouli Rose is the cologne we recommend the most.

8. The 7 Virtues

Woodsy, floral, warm, and spicy aromas are available at The 7 Virtues, a non-toxic, fair-trade, ethical perfume brand at Sephora. Their purpose is simple: to be the best eco-friendly perfume brand on a mission to help farmers receive a fair wage. As a result, they earn 2.5 times more than the others, providing them with economic opportunities and safety against human trafficking and forced marriages.

Their story was even featured in the award-winning documentary Perfume War.


Being a B-Corp certified and non-toxic, non-cruelty perfume brand, they sustainably source their ingredients from both lab-created synthetics and botanicals, minimizing skin irritants and unnecessary additives. Known for publishing its ingredients and processes for each of its scents online, it is by far the most transparent organic perfume brand known. The packaging is made of recycled materials with opaque bottles containing 20% recycled glass, protecting the scents.

Sandara is cool and serene, balanced, smooth, and soothing. An epitome of pure tranquility.

10. Lavanila

This eco-friendly perfume line uses only organic ingredients and is free of harsh chemicals, making it cruelty-free, non-toxic, and non-irritating. Their perfumes are infused with organic sugar cane alcohol, high-powered antioxidants, natural oils, and vitamins and are obtained sustainably and ethically for a guilt-free natural scent

Perfect Vanilla is the roll-on stick, an ideal travel-friendly fragrance. Body mists, perfumes, and roll-on sticks from Lavanila are all worth a try for their seductive expression of nature.

11. Thorn & Bloom

Thorn & Bloom is a luxury botanical fragrance brand created by an artisanal perfumery using only the finest natural aromatics. It is a proud member of the Natural Perfumers Guild, and its fragrances are made entirely of plant aromatics such as essential oils and absolutes. As a non-toxic perfume brand, they provide citrus, warm and sweet, and floral aromas in roll-ons, mists, and perfumes.

Time for some guilt-free scents, hop on GoodGuilt, folks!

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