10 Ethical Brands At Target That Are Right On Point

Happy shopping at Target, folks!

With the entire country facing the effects of unethical beauty and fashion, Target has once again proven itself to be the ultimate shopping destination by embracing ethical brands. Large corporations and chain retailers weren’t making the cut when it came to sustainable shopping. This, thankfully, has changed in recent years. And now, finding ethical brands at Target has become easier than before with shoppers becoming more conscious and choosing to take the sustainable route.

10 ethical brands at Target that you can’t afford to miss

Target is the place to go shopping if you’re looking for great sustainable products in makeup, personal care, beauty, home & living, and even clothing, making it the ideal paradise for ethical shoppers. 

1. Function of Beauty: Haircare

FunctionOfBeauty / Instagram

With its customizable haircare line, Function of Beauty has transformed the world of beauty. Being one of the best ethical brands at Target, they offer some great hair products containing safe ingredients. Not only that but the cartons and bottles in which these exquisite items are packed are 100% recyclable. So, dive into the range of beauty products from Function of Beauty and find some custom hair care products at Target stores – both offline and online.

2. United By Blue: Fashion

UnitedByBlue / Instagram

Since preserving the oceans is at the heart of everything United By Blue does, it is undoubtedly one of the most loved ethical brands at Target. It responsibly sources and produces items, so that you can find everything sustainable under one roof. The brand is continuously looking for ways to beat its own standards when it comes to fashion. “The hands that make our items are just as vital as the materials they’re made from,” the popular Target brand believes. Have a look at United By Blue‘s clothing, accessories, and home decor at Target today!

Also, do check out United By Blue’s Impact Collection — An exclusive line for Target to make conscious shopping more attainable. New & only at Target!

3. Bliss: Skincare

Bliss / Instagram

Products by Bliss are thoughtfully formulated to be free of over 1,300 toxic ingredients you don’t want on your skin, in addition to being vegan and cruelty-free. Furthermore, since the ethical brand complies with the European Union’s standards, you can rest assured that your skin will feel its best; since it is regarded as the safest for skincare. So, stop by Bliss – one of the most ethical brands at Target to indulge in the ultimate clean beauty paradise, which includes everything from sunscreen and serum to acne body spray.

4. Rhyme & Reason: Haircare

RhymeAndReason.Haircare / Instagram

All of you with those lovely curls, there’s finally a clean brand at Target that makes hair products for you! Rhyme & Reason, one of the most exclusive ethical brands at Target, offers a variety of hair care products such as glosscurl and restore conditioners, and shampoo that you’ll love! This brand’s products are dermatologist-approved for sensitive scalps and skin, which we appreciate. We’re not done yet (neither is the brand); Rhyme and Reason use recycled and recyclable packaging, including their cap, and is a member of 1% For The Planet.

5. Ella + Mila: Nail Enamels

ella and mila, one of the best ethical brands at target
EllaMila / Instagram

Now that Ella + Mila is available at Target, it’s time to pamper your nails. Ella + Mila, a vegan brand, is one of the best nail lacquer and nail care brands you can get your hands on. And oh yes, they even have a line for your kids! This exclusively ethical brand at Target offers nail polishes with ultra-rich pigmentation and a flawless finish, giving your nails a one-of-a-kind look. So, you and your kids can do your own mani-pedis knowing that this eco-friendly brand is everything you’ve ever wanted.

6. Hey Humans: Bath & Body

Hey Humans, one of the best ethical brands at target
HeyHumansOfficial / Instagram

An ethical personal care line founded by the famous Jada Pinkett Smith, Hey Humans is inspired by her kids! Being one of the best ethical brands at Target, it is a nirvana for anyone who’s looking for vegan and cruelty-free bath and body products under $6! Being one of the most ethical brands at Target for self-care, it includes body washbody lotions, and some great gender-neutral scents. A 99% plastic-free company, Hey Humans is a win-win for you and the planet, bound to make you fall in love with yourself. Again!

7. Reel: Toilet Paper

ReelPaper / Instagram

Who knew toilet paper could make or break one’s life? Switch to Reel toilet paper, which is 100% bamboo, BPA-free, biodegradable, and sustainable, for your butt’s sake! In addition, they are fragrance-free, plastic-free, and 3-ply extra-soft with delicate sponges. The eco-friendly packaged toilet paper will entice you to buy them even if you aren’t in need, during an impromptu store visit to Target. Because twelve rolls for $18 is a great deal at Target for Reel!

8. Native: Bodycare

Native / Instagram

Hello and welcome to the world of non-toxic bath and body care products. Native, an ethical brand at Target, is a one-stop shop for all things beauty-full, including sunscreen, body washshampoo, and conditioners! The brand is also a member of 1% For The Planet, so you can rest assured that your skin is in contact with the best clean, paraben-free, aluminum-free products that are simply amazing! Here’s a sneak peek at our favorite: You can’t get enough of Native’s best-selling deodorant which comes in plastic-free packaging.

9. Klean Kanteen: Drinkware

KleanKanteen / Instagram

Was your Target trip really worth it if you didn’t come across this sustainable drinkware brand? Klean Kanteen, an ethical brand available at Target, is as clean as it gets with reusable drinkware and cups!! Their eco-friendly products, such as an insulated bottle, a stainless steel cup, a tumbler, and reusable straws, are the best Target picks! With a mission toward reducing single-use plastics, this ethical brand at Target is what you should get your hands (or mouths) on today!

10. If You Care: Household

IfYouCare / Instagram

In 1990, If You Care was the first ethical coffee filter company to sell unbleached coffee filters. Since then, this brand at Target has grown into an array of eco-friendly, recyclable, or compostable kitchen and household products. You can relax knowing that this Target brand has got your back with baking paperfood wraps sheets, and much more. Also, all packaging of this ethical brand at Target is made using vegetable-based inks and dyes.

Happy shopping at Target, folks!

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