12 Curly Hair Care Tips For Healthy And Happy Spirals

A customized haircare routine made easy.

People with curly hair, how does it feel to be God’s favorite?

Those who have gorgeous curly hair know the perks that come with them; they need not be styled much, while the spirals can practically look great with any outfit you choose.

Compliments are something you may be used to for your unique locks, but these coils may also be daunting to manage. Unfortunately, most of the time, curly hair comes with dryness, and frizziness, and finding the right haircare products that work best for your hair.

Now, what if we tell you that you can bring back your beautiful locks and maintain their shape with some simple tips listed in this article? These curly hair care tips have made us fall in love with our OG hair all over again, and we wish the same for you. Let’s go!

How to deal with curly hair?

From using the right conditioners, and hair masks, to washing hair that works best for your locks is a given when you have curly hair. And for those who know there’s a fine line between unmanageable curly hair and bouncy curly hair days, here are twelve doable hair tips for you. They will give you a good headstart to having the spiraled hair of your dreams.

1. Find a naturally curly hair routine that works for you

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As ironic as it may get, the first step to take care of curly hair is to find the best hair care routine for you. Finding the best products and techniques for your curly hair types — wavy, loose, tight, and coily curls — is essential! After all, it all comes down to your curl pattern.

Tighter spirals are denser but drier than soft waves, so you will need more hydrating creams and gels to caress your curls. Alternatively, wavy-haired women should go with natural hair products to avoid weighing the curls down.

2. Do not cleanse your hair too often

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The question of how often you should wash your hair is probably one you can answer best! Having said that, it’s generally recommended that coily-haired folks keep their wash days to a minimum. One of the most important curly hair care tips is to avoid shampooing your hair regularly, (unlike with straight hair).

Textured hair needs its natural oils to stay healthy; choosing sulfate-free, organic or natural shampoo or oils are good for curly hair. Make sure to include products that have ingredients like coconut, argan, castor oil, rich protein, and shea butter in your cleansing process.

We also loved this nectar-like clarifying scalp serum that will gently exfoliate and give you a clean, refreshed scalp for you to style your gorgeous curls. Give it a try today!

3. Always condition your hair

curly hair care tips
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Choosing the best organic conditioner for curly hair is key for the styling process; so let’s get it right from the start. Use only the best because your gorgeous curls can often lean towards the natural hair spectrum’s dry, full, and frizzy end.

Before moving on to the best styling products for curly hair, make sure your hair stays hydrated at all times. In a nutshell, never skip the conditioner! Look for conditioners or conditioning oils that will give you ultra hydration, nourishment, and protection that shampoo alone cannot provide.

If you’re still wondering about how to take care of curly hair after shower; choose products that have hair-loving ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, avocado oil, and aloe vera.

4. Air dry, or use hair diffusers when you can’t

woman air drying hair
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Never use a traditional power or turban on your hair after a hair wash to protect your ringlets. While this may work for your straight-haired friends, it can disrupt your curls!

You may find mixed opinions about letting your hair air dry (on its own) and using a hair diffuser attachment. But, who knows your hair in and out than you? However, one thing we can vouch for is that using a hair diffuser helps minimize frizz once your curly hair naturally dries out.

5. Use hydrating mousse, serum & butter

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If you feel your hair looks and feels dry by the end of the day, (curly-haired people will relate), you should probably try a hair serum right after washing your hair.

Because most tresses are unpredictable, unruly, and difficult to control, using nourishing organic shampoo for curly hair beforehand is the best curly hair care tip you will come across!

Naturally Curly is a brand that has some seriously good curly hair mousse, curl refreshers, hair butter, puddings, custards, and hair serums to rekindle your love for your hair.

6. Begin combing & detangling from the bottom up

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If you’ve been beginning brushing at the scalp, you may need to stop doing it RN! We understand, brushing curls up can be a tad overwhelming but how about we tell you that you can still flaunt your tresses with the right haircare tips.

Comb or brush up your curly hair by starting at the ends and stopping in the middle. Voila, you will now have your detangled hair by the time you finish with the top of your scalp. Always make sure to use the right techniques and the best styling products to effectively comb and detangle your curls.

7. Detangle your curls gently

detangling curls
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Curls and brushes together are a big no-no.

Gently detangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb and tons of of nourishing leave-in conditioner. Work your way up from the ends to the roots, gently separating your pretty curls. Begin by parting your hair horizontally, separating it from earlobe to earlobe to create two large sections. No matter what, it’s always best to use the right styling products while it’s still damp and before the frizz sets.

Our favorite is the Wet Brush Pro Detangler. This styling tool is designed for wet hair and features bristle technology that glides through strands without tugging.

8. Refresh curls with a wand or curling iron

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You would think that using an air dryer instead of a blow dryer will make your curly hair more manageable.

While we do believe that it works wonders, but, using a curling wand to fine-tune your naturally wavy or curly hair is one of the best curly hair care tips you will find. Curling up already-curled hair after a hair wash is a great idea when they’ve been through a lot all day. It allows you to reshape your curls exactly how you need them the most!

9. Be generous in using curly hair products

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It’s necessary to figure out your hair products since different types of curl patterns have different nourishment needs, thickness and health or damage.

One tip we stand by is to keep the best styling products for curly hair on hand; and once you find the product that works best for you, stick with them, NO MATTER WHAT! Fortunately, today, there are a trillion products specifically for curly hair, ranging from mousse to gels, conditioners, and shampoos.

Like Love Do and Naturally Curly are brands that literally have everything your curls will love.

10. Use the pineapple trick to define the curls

pineapple technique for curls

“Pineappling” is a no-way technique in which hair is loosely gathered at the highest point of the head, usually before sleeping.

This protects the curl texture while also helping your hair maintain natural volume and prevent excessive bedhead. Also, if you haven’t already, it’s time to switch to silk pillowcases to keep your ringlets looking their best. The super-smooth pillow’s texture can help your curly hair feel hydrated, all while being tied into a cute pineapple.

11. Follow a proper night-time curly hair care routine

curly hair care tips

Sleeping on your back can put undue strain on your hair follicles, resulting in messy, frizzy, and knotty spirals. And, no matter how eco-friendly your organic cotton bedsheet is, it can be rough on your delicate curls. So style or wrap your ringlets in a bonnet or headscarf, after a long day of looking so pretty.

12. Trim hair regularly to avoid split ends

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Getting your curly tresses trimmed is one of the most overlooked curly hair care tips. But, it’s crucial to remember their importance when it comes to haircuts and trims, as damaged hair is never a good look. And the split ends? Don’t even get us started! So, for healthy, bouncy curls, visit a hairstylist every six to eight weeks as you’re blessed with spiraled waves!

Keeping your curls intact may seem like a task. But, sure, adding just a few of the simple curly hair care tips mentioned above can do wonders!

And now, we leave you with more eco-friendly haircare and organic hair products for some extra TLC on your hair!

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