Is Organic Cotton Best For Your Baby?

We recommend organic cotton, as it's safer for your tiny tot.

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  1. The Difference Between Conventional Vs. Organic Cotton
  2. Why Use Organic Cotton, You Ask?
  3. How Is Organic Cotton Made?
  4. Why Is Conventional (Non-Organic) Cotton Bad For Your Baby?
  5. Why Should You Choose Organic Cotton For Your Baby - Today, Tomorrow, And Forever? 

Yes, we know that our baby means the world to you! And we understand that you want to give them only the very best. So, if you’ve already done your part by moving your baby onto organic food to provide them with the best health choices, it’s important that you now switch to organic cotton for their overall skin and body care, too. Many brands have stepped into this space, to ease parents’ concerns about the materials being used for your child’s clothing. And we wholly support them!

Your baby deserves to be wrapped in warm, soft, pesticide-free clothing that is excellent for their soft, delicate skin, (and for the environment, too)! We know you’d want to go on a sustainable journey, not only for yourself but for your baby’s sensitive skin, and keep them protected with safe and organic baby clothes.

Before embarking on this pleasant journey, you should first be aware of the differences between organic and conventional cotton, as well as the benefits and drawbacks that inorganic cotton can have on your baby’s skin.

The Difference Between Conventional Vs. Organic Cotton

organic cotton

Of course, there’s a huge difference! When you use organic cotton, you know you’re not exposing your skin to any toxins. On the other hand, conventional cotton is soaked in harmful chemicals as it is manufactured with tons of it.

Why Use Organic Cotton, You Ask?

organic cotton

When it comes to organic cotton (for yourself and your baby), you can rest assured that you are taking the safest route. Umm, but then comes the conventional cotton. Conventional cotton is heavily bleached and dyed with hazardous colors, even during weaving. 

Cotton from conventional sources is a strict No-No, since (Genetically Modified Organisms) GMO seeds are used to grow the cotton balls, which are then sprayed with pesticides. And if that wasn’t enough, the cotton is then picked with machinery.

Organic Cotton, On The Other Hand, Is A Loud ‘YES’!

How Is Organic Cotton Made?

organic cotton
  1. Organic cotton is collected using natural cotton seeds in a sensitive manner.
  2. The soil in which it is harvested is chemical-free.
  3. Farmers utilize rainwater solely to cultivate their crops (incredible, right?)
  4. We repeat, no chemicals nor pesticides are sprayed on the cotton at any point of the process.
  5. Also, unlike regular cotton, these cotton balls are hand-picked and never bleached, nor colored with any hazardous chemicals.
  6. And, if dyes are used at all, they are all plant-based and non-toxic! 

If this isn’t enough to persuade you to buy organic baby clothes, you should now understand what’s wrong with non-organic, conventional cotton.

Why Is Conventional (Non-Organic) Cotton Bad For Your Baby?

organic cotton

Firstly, non-organic pieces of clothing are not safe for your baby. Secondly, conventional cotton is farmed with GMO seeds, pesticides, and insecticides, all of which are, of course, harmful to any living being on the planet!

GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) seeds, insecticides, and pesticides are used to grow conventional cotton, all of which poison people and the environment.

Pesticide poisoning affects 77 million agricultural laborers.” – Environmental Justice Foundation.

According to the National Library of Medicine, “The most recent estimate by a WHO task group implies that there may be 1 million serious unintentional poisonings per year, as well as 2 million people hospitalized for pesticide-related suicide attempts.” This, of course, just reflects a small part of the real issue. 

Why Should You Choose Organic Cotton For Your Baby – Today, Tomorrow, And Forever? 

organic cotton

1. Now You Can Finally Relax, Knowing That Your Little Angel Is In Good Hands! 

A baby’s skin is the most sensitive throughout the infant developmental stage, as it can absorb anything it comes into contact with, including harsh chemicals from clothing. Therefore, organic fabrics for babies is a must-make decision today and always, no matter how undervalued it may seem. Choose GOTS certified organic cotton apparel, which goes through a strict method of restricting chemicals on organic products. 

2. Organic Clothing Can Last (Almost) A Lifetime (Until It No Longer Fits!)

Organic clothes can last so long that you’ll forget where and when you initially got them. So, now no more buying new sleepwear sets or garments every other month. Instead, you can now rest assured that choosing organic fabric will benefit your wallet, baby, and the environment. A high-quality organic set can last for years to come, and if you plan to have more than one child in the future, it can be used as a safe hands-me-down too. Even if your baby stains them and you have to wash them, the primary color and design stay intact.

3. Organic Fabric Hates Toxic Chemicals, And You Should Be Happy About That!

Organic beddings that are chemical-free are key for babies, and of course, parents to get a good night’s sleep. Your little heart’s skin is thinner and doesn’t deserve those undesired, toxic chemicals on their smooth skin. Allergies and irritations that can upset their skin are not something you want to worry about. But, by switching to organic, you can rest easy, knowing your child is not inhaling anything toxic.

4. Peace Of Mind Before Anything And Everything Else!

The organic fabric is typically more expensive than conventional cotton since organic resources, fair wages, and inspections may cost a little more. But that’s worth it!

Now, parents can breathe easy knowing that GOTS has ensured that organic procedures and materials are safe to use… from the farm to your home.

5. The Best Thing You Can Do For The Environment Is Buy Organic 

You’re already on the right track if you’ve considered organic clothes for your baby. Organic growing practices are eco-friendly since they utilize less energy and water. In addition, compared to conventional cotton farming, the soil is healthier and more fertile for a longer period of time. And carbon emission? Organic cotton production emits 94% lesser greenhouse gases. Awesome!

What about conventional cotton farming? Don’t even go there.

The residue from pesticides and insecticides leaks into local rivers, trees, and vegetation that wildlife feeds on and drinks to survive. As a result, animals often ingest fertilized cotton seeds, becoming ill or dying. Um, now that’s just terrible!

6. You’re Contributing To The Benefits Of The Farmers And Factory Workers

Did you know that farmers benefit from the ban on toxic pesticides in organic cotton cultivation as their health improves? Organic fabric, of course, refers to soft cotton clothing, but knowing that there is no toxicity involved in the production is even better. So when you choose organic clothing for your baby’s skin, you can relax knowing that you’re doing a good thing for the farmers, and factory workers, too.

7. Organic Fabrics Are Way Too Soft, And Comfortable!

It’s impossible to go wrong with organic cotton – it’s the softest fabric on the market!

Even before your baby’s skin turns red, itchy, and irritated, it’s time you switch to organic fabric. You should maximize your baby’s comfort by ensuring that they are cozy, itch-free, and wrapped in the softest, non-toxic organic bedding possible.

8. Because Your Baby’s Skin Deserves It!

There are moments when you can push yourself to the limit to provide the greatest care for your child. And in this small world, if that means choosing organic fabric since it is mild, safe, and better for your baby’s skin, we say go for it! As a result, you reduce your baby’s risk of developing skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and skin allergies as they grow. BINGO!

Since being wrapped in the most dynamic and soft fabric protects your tot, you know you’re doing things right as a parent! They’re not only fashionable and inexpensive, but they’re also better for your child’s skin and overall health.

Once you’ve done your part, let the organic cotton fabric give your baby a warm, safe hug and take care of your baby’s skin.

If organic cotton has motivated you to do your bit for the planet and for your little angel’s skin, we recommend you browse through these cute sweaters for toddlers that are beyond cute in our opinion!

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