Why Is Everyone Switching To Organic Skincare?

Conscious skincare that will leave you feeling refreshed

Who doesn’t want to be able to sleep like a baby, wake up without a single zit, and even glow from the inside out? Organic skincare does this and much more. It’s all about natural ingredients proven to all the magic.

Here, let’s take a closer look at organic skincare, and why switching to natural organic skincare is a good idea.

What is organic skincare?

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Organic skincare refers to skincare products that are made with organically-farmed ingredients. This means skincare products do not use synthetic substances like chemical fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, GMOs, sulfates, etc. According to the USDA’s guidelines, an organic product must have at least 95% organically produced ingredients to be labeled as “organic” or “certified organic.”

Why switch to organic skincare?

Here is why many conscious skincare and beauty enthusiasts are switching to organic, vegan skincare products today.

1. Organic skincare products are safe to use

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Non-organic skin care products have synthetic and harsh chemicals like mineral oils and Laureth sulfates. They also contain many toxins that can be pesticide residuals. However, the best luxury organic skincare products are free of toxic ingredients. The ingredients mainly used in organic skincare are derived from plants or harvested organically, without synthetic fertilizers or GMOs.

2. Organic skincare is allergy-friendly

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Do you have sensitive skin, or do some beauty products trouble you by causing allergic reactions? Then, organic skincare products are your savior. The best organic skincare products are less likely to cause inflammation or allergic reactions without questionable ingredients.

3. Organic products work much better on your skin

Synthetic ingredients may give you quick results, but they also cause harm. However, plant-based ingredients usually have a higher level of vital antioxidant vitamins. Organic skincare products will ensure you get nutritional benefits while penetrating deep into the skin. Organic skincare will also give you long-term benefits.

4. By switching to organic skincare, you’re helping the planet

Organic products are made of naturally grown ingredients that are free from toxic pesticides and fertilizers and don’t leave a negative footprint on the planet. Growing ingredients organically is also better for wildlife as it causes low pollution from pesticide and fertilizer sprays.

The process also produces less carbon dioxide and less dangerous waste. So, switching to organic products means you are also minimizing your environmental impact.

5. Organic skincare products are cruelty-free

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It’s no secret that the beauty industry conducts animal testing for their products to ensure they are safe to put onto our skin. However, organic products don’t need to test on animals. With natural and organic ingredients, they are safe to use.

Organic skincare is the better option. It is healthier, feels better on your skin, and is better for the environment. But, of course, going organic isn’t an automatic recipe for clear, beautiful skin. But, you can be confident that you’re doing your part to care for your skin with products that are safer and less likely to cause damage or irritation.

We hope the benefits of organic skincare listed above have given you enough reasons to make the switch. What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is organic skincare popular?

Organic and natural skincare products are free of harmful ingredients. According to statista, 72 percent of natural and organic skincare consumers claimed that these products work better on their skin.

2. What are the best organic skincare brands?

100% Pure, Juice Beauty, Tata Harper, and Weleda are some of the best, certified organic skincare brands.

3. What is the difference between organic and all-natural skincare products?

“All-natural” and “organic” are different. An all-natural product is made of ingredients that were produced by nature, but that doesn’t mean those ingredients are safe to use. But that’s not the case in organic skincare range. Organic skincare ingredients are strictly made without pesticides, chemicals, or artificial fertilizers. And it is non-GMO.

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