7 Organic Tampons For A Healthy Period

Tampon brands that can change your 'that time of the month.'

While shopping at Walmart or Costco, you may discover organic alternatives to anything from deodorants to produce to even tampons! While there isn’t a cure for your torturous period cramps, you can, fortunately, switch to products that can help you feel better down there. Since many women have been hooked to the same feminine products since their first-period drip, they may be hesitant to switch to new products. 

However, if you’re thinking about converting from conventional sanitary pads to tampons, now is the time. Organic cotton can change how you look at your shark week.

Difference Between Regular Tampons And Organic Tampons

When it comes to how much you’d want to offer to your thingy and the planet, considering what you use is important. Firstly, unlike normal tampons, organic tampons are often produced entirely of organic cotton. As regular tampons are made of rayon and non-organic cotton, they can be a big no-no. 

The key difference is that organic tampons are bleached with peroxide, whilst ordinary tampons are bleached with chlorine. And, remember bleached products are bad for your delicate blossom.

1. Veeda Tampons

These eco-friendly tampons are as great as they can get! In addition to being our fave, Veeda tampons are made with 100% organic cotton. Many reviewers have loved it even during their heavy flow as it’s biodegradable and free of scents, chemicals, and dyes. These tampons come without applicators, meaning less waste and plastic. Great job, Veeda!

2. Organyc Organic Tampons

With over 3,000 5-star ratings from ethical feminine product lovers, Organyc tampons are an Amazon favorite. These cuties feature twisted organic cotton fibers for added absorbency for your Code Red. Shoppers rave about this product as it is free of dyes, colors, perfumes, chlorine but full of everything sustainable and eco-friendly! Made from 100% organic cotton, they are soft as cotton balls and very breathable.

3. Just Tampons

While there are plenty of tampons you can probably find in every drugstore in the States, Just’s tampons always stand out. Not only for being eco-friendly but also for being incredibly pocket-friendly. The brand’s feminine care goods are chlorine, fragrance, and dye-free, with a 100% cotton core. Hundreds of satisfied Walmart shoppers have given Just tampons a near-perfect rating for the level of comfort they provide downstairs.

4. Rael Organic Cotton Tampons

Undoubtedly, the best for beginners- Rael’s organic cotton tampons have great ratings on Amazon, thanks to their leak-locking technology. The ultra-slim applicator on these insanely wonderful organic tampons slips in smoothly in your flower. Say goodbye to leaks when you have Rael, your ultimate go-to for chums.

5. Tampax Tampons

TAMPAX Radiant tampons bring you confidence and freedom. These tampons protect you against leaks and odors up to 100% of the time. Tampax Radiant is a perfect way to start if you’ve never used a tampon before. However, we do not quite appreciate the fact that it includes a plastic applicator. But the applicator on these organic cotton tampons gives a grip for easy insertion. Undoubtedly, a life savior during your shark week.

6. Blume Tampons

Blume tampons are newer, but they’re worth adding to your shopping list. Blume’s packaging is 100% recyclable, and the applicators have a rounded tip for more comfortable insertion. These fantastic environmentally friendly tampons are made entirely of organic cotton. No mystery ingredients. They are the ideal feminine care product for you since these tampons have a beautiful combo of a silky outer layer and an absorbent inner layer.

7. Cora Organic Cotton Tampons

Cora tampons are not only lovely but also ethical, as they are 100% organic certified and fragrance-free. These ethical beauties are also available in light absorbency, and the best part is that every purchased box is matched with a one-month donation of menstruation supplies and education to schools with girls in need.

Be it Rael, Veeda, or Just, now is the time to treat your body and delicate flower with the tampons these amazing brands have worked on. Do share with us some of your favorite organic brands too. After all, we all need some support during that time of the month, don’t we?

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