What Is Ocean-Friendly Skincare? Our 5 Favorite Ocean-Friendly Skincare Brands

Skincare products that are good for your skin and the ocean.

70% of the Earth is covered with oceans. Despite being huge and unfathomable, oceans are not invulnerable. Our lifestyle and activities have managed to impact our beautiful, vast oceans, too, from oil spills to microplastics.

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We have put oceans worldwide in serious trouble. But what if we told you there’s a way you can save oceans with small changes, for example, switching to ocean-friendly beauty products. Don’t believe us? Then continue reading to find out more about this blue beauty.

Why ocean-friendly skincare?

When you wash your skin, the ingredients in your skincare products get washed away and find their way to the waterways. So, if you have toxic ingredients in your skincare (like parabens, oxybenzone, silicones, microplastic, etc.), those toxins, which are increasing over the last few years, harm marine life.

Not only the ingredients but the packaging of your beauty product can harm the ocean too. There are now 5.25 trillion macro and micro pieces of plastic in our ocean. These pieces end up killing marine life.

What is ocean-friendly skincare?

So, now we know how our beauty products are harming the oceans and aquatic life. It is high time we choose ocean-friendly skincare products to save marine life. Ocean-friendly skincare products avoid certain toxic ingredients and are packaged sustainably so as not to impact our oceans further.

5 ocean-friendly skincare brands


ocean-friendly skincare
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Let’s break down the brand’s name first. Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere – OSEA, where everything is connected. OSEA is a Malibu-based organic, vegan, and sustainable skincare brand committed to treating our skin, ourselves, and the planet with kindness. This brand is climate-neutral certified and supports many causes like Surfrider Foundation, SeaTrees, and Mission Blue to help protect our oceans.

2. Biossance

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Known for its squalane-infused formulas, Biossance is a cleanical skincare brand that gives back to the ocean. So how are they saving marine life? Biossance scientists created a renewable, sugarcane-derived version called squalane that saves 2 million of these critical members of the ocean ecosystem every year. This ethical, vegan hydrator is at the heart of every one of its products.

3. La Mer

ocean-friendly skincare brands
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This ocean-friendly skincare brand started from a miraculous moisturizer – Créme de la Mer. This moisturizer is famous for its transformative powers and is proven to help heal dryness, infusing skin with all-day moisture. To protect the very thing they are named after, La Mer has launched their Blue Heart Oceans Fund to support ocean conservation projects all around the globe. This fund has helped the brand preserve and enriches the seas, from planting 400,000 mangroves in the Caribbean to supporting the Oceano Azul Foundation in creating a Marine-protected area.


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COOLA is well-known for its eco-friendly sunscreens. However, sunscreens and SPF have adverse effects on coral reefs, which cause bleaching and stun growth. So to protect yourself and the ocean, COOLA is the best ocean-friendly sunscreen. It is reef-compliant and free of harmful ingredients such as Oxybenzone and Octinocate.

5. One Ocean Beauty

ocean-friendly skincare
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One Ocean Beauty is a clean beauty brand that utilizes formulas with the highest concentration of rich marine ingredients from the world’s oceans. It is sustainably produced with Blue Biotechnology to help conserve our oceans. This brand has a long-term partnership with Oceana and has donated $250,000 to the foundation even before selling a single product.

Making small changes can help us prolong the beauty of our skin. Unlike other beauty products that will put your skin in danger, ocean-friendly skincare aims at helping your skin become cleaner and healthier. By switching to ocean-friendly skincare, you are not just giving your skin a fresh and clean life but helping oceans from becoming polluted by other potentially dangerous chemicals from beauty products. The good thing about being a conscious buyer is that you can find quality skincare options online. So get out there, surf around, and find that ocean-friendly beauty product that’s best for you!

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