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  1. ENTER, Avant Guard- your reusable sheet mask that fits your face!
  2. Why do we think Avant Guard is a good call?
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Let’s face it – We’ve all been there – you’ve completed your morning routine, and now you’re ready for your weekly facial masking session. But… there’s that nagging feeling in the back of your mind. You know what we’re talking about. The fear of picking up a new single-use facemask that’ll just flop around on your face. Or worse, having the mask slip off due to excessive fluids when you move around too much.
And that’s why, to make your life easier, we went on a hunt for the perfect reusable sheet mask. So now, we present our proud find to you: Avant Guard – The Lime Green Reusable Sheet Mask.

ENTER, Avant Guard- your reusable sheet mask that fits your face!

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Avant Guard is a silicone reusable sheet mask that can be used with any of your favorite moisturizers or serums to create your own masking experience, without creating a load of waste. This reusable sheet mask comes in two different sizes. The hyper stretch ear loops adjust and stretch to form the perfect fit for any face. When you’re done with your skincare sesh, wash the mask with mild soap and water, then hang it to dry.

Why do we think Avant Guard is a good call?

First things first, single-use products suck. By switching to this reusable Avant Guard, you will be saving 7,654 plastic straws and 26,175 charges for your iPhone (with 2 X a week usage).

Avant Guard also produces 93% fewer carbon emissions than single-use sheet masks. This mask utilizes 90% less waste and can be used for a year (that’s a relief on your pocket). And this mask is made from 100% reusable food-grade silicone occlusive and keeps your face ever-hydrated, using the power of occlusion. Occlusion is covering the skin with a material that doesn’t let the water evaporate off the skin. this leads to increased skin hydration.

You can leave this reusable mask on for as long as you like, to get hydrated, glowing skin without the high price, drippy mess, and problematic waste.

How to use the Avant Guard reusable sheet mask?

Oh goodness! Let it all sink in – chill (or don’t chill) for as little as 5 minutes. Then, take the mask off and go on with the rest of your beauty routine.

So, if you’re tired of using a $1 reusable mask that doesn’t stay on your face, and looking for more bang for your buck. But if you’re also a little unsure about shelling out $25 for a luxurious at-home spa kit, every time. Then, consider the Avant Guard facemask. With Avant Guard, you’re getting a mask that fits your face perfectly, doesn’t cost much, and helps you save the planet, too.

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