20 Trendy Spring Nail Designs That Will Make You Look A Tad More Fashionable

Ready to get your spring on?

Spring is here and it’s already turning the world into a vibrant, blooming flowerbed. So, ladies, it’s time to say goodbye to austere, monotone, and sombre outfits as the new season brings us tons of breezy one-piece dresses, trendy shades, prints, and textures. So why not bring out your style and look fashion-forward with trendy spring nail arts? Believe, you can step out of the routine and try something truly chic and trendy. Here we bring 20 trending nail designs for spring that are certain to make you look a tad more fashionable. They are perfect for anyone who cares about the latest trends and looking this season. Just scroll down and pick your favorite design or get inspired to create something stylish by yourself!

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1. Combine Your Fav Pastels For Trending Nail Designs

Lately, most of Instagram’s aesthetic feed is full of pastel colors. So why not mix and match your favorite pastels and make some fresh and beautiful nail art designs. Or paint your nails into a rainbow of pastel colors by using your fav ones on each nail.

2. Pastel Nail Colors To Put You In The Spotlight

Another way you can flaunt your nails is by coloring them in different pastel nail colors. Trust us, this nail design will put you in the spotlight. If you are someone who loves pastel colors, then these nail colors and designs are definitely something you should go for.

3. Floral Nail Art Designs That You Can Flaunt All Year

Spring is the time when color comes alive. The fresh fragrance of flowers, the new leaves, and the birds chirping all make your mood a lot better. Not just these, floral nail designs with a hint of green will cheer your mood too, plus make you look trendy.

4. Add A Few Gems To Your Flowers

Take your floral nail art to the next level by adding a little bit of glitter or gems. We are sure a beautiful flower art with gems will make such a cute nail art design. Sun shines brighter in spring, and so will your nails. You can either create the below nail art design or make your own flower art with the colors of your choice. Get ready to rock this nail trend.

5. The Cutest Nail Art Design For This Spring

Here we have found you the cutest nail art design for spring that is ever-trendy. The yellow and white colors give spring vibes. And the nail art overall is so minimalistic, that we just can’t stop drooling over it, and so won’t you.

6. This Spring, Go Green

What colors come to your mind when you think of spring? We bet green is one of them and a nail trend too. So how about going green this spring? This olive green nail color looks so classy that it will make you look like a runway model.

7. Turquoise Nail Colors And Designs With A Hint Of Fresh Flowers

We just can’t get over this turquoise floral nail art trend. This nail art is taking us back to the 90s. If you are a big vintage fan, then we say give this nail design a try. Not just the turquoise floral art, this whole series of vintage-inspired nail arts has got our hearts.

8. Splash Of Spring Colors With Some Glitter

Spring colors like blue, green, yellow, and pink make us so happy. With a splash of these colors and a little glitter, you are all set to make a nail art trend and slay the spring fashion.

9. Popping Purple Color That Can Take You Back-To-School

We are sure you will fashionably stand out in your girl gang with this purple nail art design. We say this is one of the trending nail colors for the spring season. And have we mentioned how back-to-school vibes this color is giving us?

10. A Happy Yellow Flower For A Happy Spring

Yellow and flowers, we cannot think of a better combination than this for a spring nail art design. Either you can alternate your nail art with floral art and yellow-tipped french nails, or you can go with happy yellow flowers on all your nails. Either way, this trendy nail art will make you fashionable and spring-ready.

11. Shades Of Green Inspired From Euphoria

We know that Euphoria’s nail art designs are so in trend right now. Especially these shades of green design. We gasped aloud when we saw Alexa Demie‘s epic mod nails. Without a doubt, all our vote goes to this trending nail color design.

12. Dreamy Pink Pastel For Cottagecore Fashion

If your style is more of a cottage core type, then here is one of the perfect trending nail color designs for you. The pastel pink color looks so dreamy (and yummy!). You don’t have to worry about what outfit to match with nail color. Cause girl, everything goes with pink!

13. Artistic French Nails With Orange Hues

Get ready to see a lot of french nail posts on Instagram cause they are trending. We personally loved this idea of giving an abstract touch to classic french nails. In addition, nude and orange colors make the best nail colors for your spring fashion.

14. Dark Colors Paired With A Minimalist Nail Art

We know that black is not a color for spring but look at this chic black design paired with minimalist nail art. This looks so light and airy while being fashionable. So black lover, save this now and thank us later.

15. Best Bright Nail Colors For Spring

There’s nothing we love more than a bright, fresh shade for spring. Shades like vibrant yellow, orange, and blue will look great on your hands and toes. And can be worn with casual and formal looks alike. They also pair well with neutral shades like gray, tan, and white.

16. Red And White Gingham Checks That Screams Spring

Another best nail colors combination is red and white. With these colors, you can make gingham checks or give a swirl design to your nails. Either way, they will make a chic, trendy nail design for your spring picnics. And these are so easy to design that you don’t have to spend dollars by going to a nail salon.

17. All Year Trending Marble Nail Art

Marble nail art is ever-green. Not only in spring, but these trending nail designs also go in every season. Opt for a dreamy, marbleized manicure in complementary spring-appropriate colors to add a spring touch to this design.

18. Very Peri, The Pantone Color Of The Year

A little shade of peri never hurts anyone. Very peri (the Pantone color of the year) nail color is here to stay all year. Are you looking for the best nail color that matches all your outfits, casual or formal? Look no further.

19. Cow Print For The Spring

This spring, your black and white nail designs are getting an upgrade with these awesome cow print nail designs. You can even play around with it and make many animal print designs for the nails.

20. A Rainbow Nail Art To Carry You To The Monsoon

Now, it is time to spice up your basic nail art with rainbow nail art for the days you want to wear bright colors, but the season says no. This nail art design looks so cool!

And that’s a wrap on trending nail designs for spring. From bows to butterflies and from florals to graphic prints, we can say for sure that there is nail art for everyone. Just make sure that you keep the occasions in mind when it comes to picking the right design.

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