10 Best Vegan Footwear Brands That Are Comfy & Will Fit All Your Looks

Footwear that's guilt-free and sexy on your feet!

When you hear the word ‘vegan,’ you probably think of people who don’t eat meat or drink dairy. So, you may assume that all shoes are vegan. However, that is not the case!
Vegan shoes have become a fashionista favorite as vegan fashion has been rapidly progressing, with new vegan footwear brands launching every year. Whether they’re sneakers, hiking boots, or stilettos, vegan footwear is what’s on the feet of most eco-conscious folks today! So, if you want to put together a vegan wardrobe, vegan shoes are what you should be ending (if not starting) with.

The One-Stop-Shoe-Shop For Vegan Footwear Brands

There’s something here for all the fashionistas – the modern, classy, chic, casual, or trendy type – who value sustainable fashion above all else! So let’s jump right in.

1. Bhava

One of the most known vegan footwear brands on our list, Bhava, features some of the most stunning footwear ever! They use sustainable and organic materials to create their shoes, including vegan leather, organic cotton, and cork. It is based out of NYC and recognizes what comfortable shoes mean to modern women who are always on the go. They have some fantastic summer footwear, such as these summer sandals, that aren’t cruelty-free. These are the ideal summer sandals to pair with jeans for all-day comfort and elegance! The slides are finished with a beautiful artisan-crafted solid wood heel.

2. Clae Bradley

Clae’s vegan footwear is elegant, stylish, and, of course, cruelty-free. They are PETA-approved, USDA Certified Organic, and made from an innovative 100% organic cactus material. Their Jnyon California shoes are unisex with striking colors, like white, brown, black, navy, red, and olive green. The brand has some fantastic spring footwear in its collection as well. Clae’s footwear is long-lasting, versatile, and comfortable. They’ve already won us over. What do you like about this vegan footwear brand’s shoes?

3. Rothy’s

Rothy’s, one of the coolest vegan shoe brands, makes all of its vegan footwear from recycled materials. Their collections include ballet flats, slip-on sneakers, and sleek, sexy toe flats. If you want your shoe closet to be ultimately elegant and vegan, choose from their range of summer footwear or some stunning spring footwear. Comfort and versatility are combined in this sleek pointed-toe flat in a warm beige and dark brown leopard design. We’re in awe of these knitted plastic bottles!
Um, their price tags may be a bit high, but of course, totally worth it!

4. Rungg

Runng is one of the unique brands on this list, and their website is proof of it! All of their vegan footwear is handcrafted and embroidered by hand. They are PETA-approved, and the materials used are all eco-friendly, as you might expect. Rungg, one of the prettiest vegan footwear brands, is the one to go for if you want to stand out! You’ll be crushing in no time with the Candy Crush mules. Pair these seamlessly with your outfits for a touch of femininity and a lot of fun — a perfect match for grand social events.

5. Ethical Wares

This vegan footwear is the ultimate ballroom dance sandal, ideal for parties. These aren’t just any summer sandals; they’re also cruelty-free. Aside from these stunning pieces, Ethical Wares also offers vegan leather-free footwear and accessories. It is a family-owned company that sells everything from shoes to boots, and from trainers to clothes and belts. They are a PETA-approved vegan brand that ships internationally. On their website, you can find some amazing and affordable picks too!

6. Keep

Every pair of the Hunter’s Moon low-top Homer is a one-of-a-kind work of art created in collaboration with Paige Cleveland and her Rule of Three Studio. Each shoe was meticulously prepped, marbled, and finished by hand, displaying the skill of the artisans that worked on each piece. Keep could be described as one of the classiest “vegan footwear brands with personality,” if we had to sum it up in a few words. The brand’s simple designs and vibrant patterns are adored by everyone from Complex to Refinery29, and we couldn’t agree more.

7. Taylor And Thomas

The DEBBIE is a stunning but versatile pointed-toe boot inspired by the legendary Debbie Harry. Taylor + Thomas is a stylish vegan footwear brand that debuted in 2018. These gorgeous pieces are crafted with eco-friendly materials sourced from Japan and Italy. Artisans lovingly handcraft them, and every step of the production chain is sustainable. Although they’re a high-end alternative, finding a vegan shoe brand that matches Taylor + Thomas’ blend of elegance and attention to detail is challenging.

8. Will’s Vegan Store

Will’s Vegan Store has everything terrific, from exquisite purses to sneakers. While looking at this spring footwear, you will realize that sustainability comes at a price! But do you want to know what the best part is? In the United States, shipping, refunds, and exchanges are all Free for 365 days with no additional shipping charges! The Rio Trainers are exceptionally stylish, with a padded collar and tongue for enhanced support and comfort. In addition, these perfect summer vegan shoes are breathable, gentle to the touch, and can be worn with or without socks.

9. Sydney Brown

One of the most exquisite vegan footwear brands for women, Sydney Brown, has some incredible options. The brand was created with the sole goal of making beautiful, premium vegan footwear, including some attractive spring footwear. They may be more expensive than the rest of the list since they are ultimately stylish and appropriate shoes for every occasion. Do you want to know what the nicest part is? You get stunning, exquisite footwear like the Clog Brown made with ethically supplied materials. Natural variances in the cork and wood are expected to make each pair distinctive.

10. Cult Of Coquette

Introducing ‘Bianca Black Vegan Satin’ pumps, part of Cult Of Coquette’s Extreme Collection. This pair of heels is not for the faint-hearted. We’d go so far as to say that the sexiest footwear you’ll ever own, is a pair of these perfect stilettos. This vegan footwear brand is on a mission to create vegan shoes that are both ethical and chic, with rhinestone fringe in the front and pure glamour on the back. Even though they’re a relatively new brand, they’ve amassed a devoted fanbase ready to grab their new designs as soon as they’re available. Cult of Coquette could be the brand for you if you’re looking for a pair of unusual, high-end vegan shoes.

There ought to be a vegan shoe or two for everyone here, with the wide range of styles, price tags, and footwear brands listed.
Do you have any vegan shoe brands that you think should be included on this list? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll definitely look into them.
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