10 Ethical Backpacks, Perfect For Your Next Trek

Backpacks that'd make you want to go trekking, today!

You know the amount of adventure a trek can bring! And you also know the amount of happiness that your contribution to the planet can bring. And that is why you’re here – to find the best ethical backpacks that are great trekking bags and hiking gear for an adventure you’ve been planning for ages!

Let’s face it: A backpack is the most underrated item one can own. It can be used for anything and everything, from a stargazing getaway to a camping trip with pals or a hike to your favorite peak. 

man standing on a mountain with a backpack
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When looking for a backpack, look for ethically made backpacks that are doing wonderful things for the planet, and are about to do great things for your next adventurous trip too. 

Check out this mega list of our most recommended sustainable backpack brands that include not only trekking backpacks but also backpacks that you just can’t say no to ๐Ÿ˜‰

1. 22L Trek Pack By United By Blue

United By Blue has been the finest in the market for a long time now and offers some fantastic sustainably made backpacks. As a B Corp, this trekking bag, like the rest in this list, is also an ethical bag. It is made from sustainable materials like recycled polyester and is extremely durable and functional for your next epic journey. 

The 22L Trekking Bag is a waterproof backpack that is also vegan and stain-resistant. With every purchase, this sustainable backpack brand removes one pound of waste from waterways.

2. Settra Duffel Backpack By Monarc

Before we go any further, you should know Monarc because of its great dual functionality. This is one of the most ethical backpacks you can own. It transforms from a duffel bag to a backpack and back in a flash.

It’s no surprise that the Monarc 2-in-1 Duffel-Backpack trekking bag is the world’s first backpack made entirely of recycled plastic bottles and that the company has been awarded the coveted “plastic negative” certification. This incredible ethically made backpack is not just ideal hiking gear for you, but it’s also worth the $149 price tag!

3. SKARAB 22 By Osprey

With its hiking backpacks and trekking bags in a variety of sizes and colors, we know Osprey belonged here. The Archeon series, from this excellent sustainable backpack brand, was the first line of Osprey backpacks to be produced from Global Recycle Standard certified recycled materials. 

The Skarab 22 is light and stylish while being durable, perfect for any adventure. With a focus on travel and hiking packs, Osprey ethical backpacks are always a good choice.

4. 16L Tasra Backpack By Cotopaxi

This stunning B Corp hiking and trekking bag are all things wonderful from this ethical backpack brand. They exclusively use 100% upcycled textiles and pay their workers fairly. Cotopaxi is the place to go if you’re looking for ethically made backpacks.

The Tasra sustainably made backpack is ideal for any travel away from home, whether it’s a daily commute or a quick weekend getaway. Every Tasra in Cotopaxi’s Del Da Collection is one-of-a-kind, made by staff who have creative control over the final aesthetic of each pack.

5. Trailbreak By REI Co-op

This ethically good backpack is large enough for a weekend and comfy enough for long hikes, with a 60-liter hiking gear capacity. The Trailbreak hiking bag is without a doubt one of the best sustainable backpacks you’ll ever own. 

This ethical backpack’s recycled ballistic nylon base adjusts to almost all body types! And the color? Tumbleweed is just what we’re looking for, on our next hike! So, how about you?

6. Trion Nordwand By Mammut

The Trion Nordwand is the ideal hiking gear for those who want to go high up in the mountains, on their next adventure! 

Made by performers for performers, the Trion Nordwand 38 is a remarkable hiking pack that is adaptable, lightweight, and, of course, quite comfortable! This ethically made backpack is designed for mountaineers and alpine rock climbers and has everything one might need for a long trek.

7. Gregory Paragon 58 By REI

This breathable ethical backpack is literally the best trekking backpack you can own, with a capacity of 58 liters. You might think of Gregory being a trekking backpack? Yes, you read that right. 

The Gregory Paragon 58 is made of high-density recycled polyester. Despite the fact that it is not entirely made of recyclable materials, this ethical bag does fall into this category. Aside from being sustainable, it has a solid design, fit, and good carrying capacity.

8. Jura Jura 24 By Vaude

The ultimate hiking pack for mountain adventures of all sorts! Vaude is an ethically made backpack with ideal space for your hiking gear, and it really has the best heaps of backpack options.

You can’t go wrong with the Jura 24 this holiday season as it’s made from recycled materials and is PFC-free. Although it isn’t particularly light, the design ensures that it is rugged, reliable, and ready to withstand any weather. It’s designed specifically for hiking and trekking and is, of course, a great waterproof backpack too!

9. Lifepack Endeavor By Solgaard

Looking for the best trekking bag? With Solgaard’s Endeavor, you know you’ve got it right! It keeps you organized no matter where youโ€™re going next. This ethical backpack is ideal for everyday use as well as hiking, and it features mobile solar charging capabilities, making it the ultimate backpack for trekking enthusiasts!

It is an ethically made backpack as it is made from upcycled ocean plastic. The solar bank is housed in its own compartment and is exposed to natural light, allowing it to charge while you walk around. Solgaard’s Endeavor gets major ethical brownie points for a variety of reasons.

10. Exos 48 By Osprey

Finally, you’ve found the sturdy outdoor backpack you’ve been hunting for. The Exos 48 is your back-buddy and is ideal for weekend travels that can be extended with its maximum storage capacity.

You already know you can trust this sustainable backpack brand when it comes to good hiking packs with great designs. The fact that it is made entirely of recycled materials is an added bonus.

So, grab any of these sustainable backpacks, put on your trekking gear, and get started on your next trip to the great outdoors! We wish you a great ethical hike for the ultimate adventure.

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