10 Brands That Are Doing Ethical Menswear Just Right!

Everything from sustainable tees, shirts, trousers to lovely button-downs.

Up until a few years ago, there were not as many great sustainable fashion brands for men out there. However today, there’s plenty of ethical menswear brands that have made life easier by offering budget-friendly and stylish clothing. Including basic tees, sustainable trousers, and, of course, plenty of really lovely button-downs to enhance your eco-conscious wardrobe.

It’s time to put your doubts aside and enjoy some amazing fair trade men’s clothing in timeless styles, that are well worth the investment for the conscious gentleman you know.

1. Levi’s

What’s Best? : Denims, Tees, Jumpers & Hoodies

Surprised to see Levi’s here? Well, believe it or not, Levi’s, along with being one of the most favorite men’s denim brands, is here today for being a menswear brand!

With sustainability as the ethical brand’s new category, the brand continues to keep us in awe, with remarkable authenticity and an eco-friendly approach.

2. Prana

What’s Best? Jackets, Shirts

Prana formed their own workshop dedicated solely to revitalizing pre-worn garments, preventing them from ending up in landfills by giving them a fresh start. Noice! 

They also promote sustainable raw materials such as hemp & organic cotton, function out of fair-trade factories, and eliminate plastic in packaging; their Social and Environmental categories are proof of this!

Their men’s Baadwin Bomber Jacket is ultra-warm addition to a conscious gentleman’s wardrobe.

3. Ably

What’s Best?: Everyday Basics, Outdoor Wear

Ably decided to do something different as a great eco-friendly alternative to those everyday sweaty men’s fashion wear. Wearing the same Alby clothes multiple times before adding them to your already overflowing laundry bag is what this brand exists for!

This super bright, cool tee is perfect for men who are into sustainable fashion and want to hit the weights since they don’t need to be washed (as often.) Oh, and did we also mention they have the best-looking ethical menswear for a date, too?

4. Faherty

What’s Best?: Jackets, Pants, Polos, Shirts

Faherty, an ethical menswear line that began as a family business, is committed to producing high-quality clothing with minimal environmental impact. Faherty is the most sustainable clothing brand for men today, blending a little relaxed beachwear with style.

Although we aren’t such big fans of cotton or poly blends for tees, this ethical brand does have a great collection of linen button-downs and pants. They understand the environmental damage caused by the textile industry and go far beyond to produce ethical products like this Sherpa-Lined Shirt Jacket.

5. The Classic T-Shirt Company

What’s Best?: Tees, Tees & More Tees!

This men’s sustainable clothing brand uses 70% less water in its cotton. Quite impressive!

Being incredibly lightweight and comfortable, we’re blown away by their super-cool ethical menswear. Did we also mention that these tees are made in the US with 100% organic cotton?

This extravagantly finished, soft, and breathable tee is by far the best staple for any conscious gentleman’s wardrobe. Kudos, The Classic T-Shirt Company!

6. Patagonia

What’s Best?: Sportswear, Shirts, Jackets & Vests, 

Patagonia, probably one of the brands you expected to see on this list, is without a doubt the best sustainable menswear brand in the market. Patagonia Action Works, their most recent campaign, focuses on community building. Made of lightweight organic cotton fabric. this airy, everyday shirt is available in over 5 colors.

7. Made Trade

What’s Best?: Everyday Basics, Comfortwear & Jackets

Made Trade just has to be included whenever we mention sustainability! The brand is home to hundreds of ethical brands, including tonnes of sustainable men’s clothing brands. 

As a result, we couldn’t help but include these ultra-cool, fair-trade, and vegan pajama pants by Coyuchi. Also, also, they are by a woman-owned brand, too!

8. Outerknown

What’s Best?: Sweatpants & Sweatshirts, Denim, Tees

Outerknown, one of environmental educator Isaias Hernandez’s personal favorite brands, comes highly recommended from GoodGuilt. They use renewable fibers to help fight plastic pollution in the ocean, among other sustainable practices.

With a sustainable menswear brand like Outerknown, it’s clear that they deeply care about the environment. The American ethical brand believes that sustainability and fashion can coexist. Did you check out their S.E.A. JEANS, made from 98% organic cotton and crafted to the highest ethical and environmental standards?

9. Passion Lilie

What’s Best?: Button-down Shirts

Many of you would not have expected to find this cool sustainable menswear brand here. But, they have a really cool collection of men’s fair trade button-downs to go along with their amazing ethical dresses for women!

With this sustainable fashion wear, hope you’re ready to ditch the unethical pieces in your closet and get your hands on this handmade navy Admiral Ikat Men’s Button-Down Shirt. It is the most stylish addition to any ensemble, and it can be dressed up or down, with ease.

10. NAU

What’s Best?: Performance Wear, Coats & Jackets

Nau creates the world’s most eco-friendly performance wear. The American ethical menswear brand also assures that every purchase you make benefits a greater cause. For example, 2% of their income is dedicated to grassroots environmentalism. Their motto is simple: Customers should enjoy high-performance gear that is sustainable.

This Heavy Re: Down® Jacket, made of 100% recycled nylon and insulated with recycled down and feather, can withstand the coldest temperatures!

Happy Shopping, Gentlemen!

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