Get Trip Ready With These 12 Sustainable Bags From The Best Luggage Brands!

Make plans for your next eco-friendly trip, now!

Planning a trip soon to that Hawaiian island that has always been on your checklist? Or, are just about to leave for a quick weekend getaway to the mountains with your special folks? Don’t fret when these sustainable bags are all you need to have the time of your life this holiday season. They’re definitely worth taking a look at since they’re built to last (in case you wish to extend your trip) and are committed to eco-friendly practices.

1. Everlane

Most of you are probably aware of Everlane as the top sustainable fashion brand, but their ReNew Transit range of ethical travel luggage is, without a doubt, our favorite. Based in San Francisco, Everlane has many backpacks for a day out or an impromptu overnight stay—the ReNew Transit Weekender is an ideal bag for almost everything. The bag has a back slot for a rolling baggage handle, quite handy if you’re running late for your flight!

On your way out, don’t forget to check their incredible range of sustainable men’s and women’s collections. They are the perfect ethical clothing pieces curated for the eco-conscious traveler in you.

2. Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek is a sustainable luggage brand that is so committed to ethical and eco-conscious travel that you’d want to travel only with them. Several of their designs are made using a big chunk of recycled materials. The best part is that the ultra-cool luggage brand has an in-house repair center to keep your bags out of landfills.

If you want to go greener, you can even choose preloved second-hand bags by Eagle Creek at REI shop.

With this Tarmac XE 4-Wheel 95 L luggage bag (with plenty of space inside), we’re ready to pack our bags for our dream destination. And you?

3. Paravel

Paravel, a New York-based brand, has you covered for the pain of packing. They have a great selection of luggage bags and duffels, totes, packing cubes, and some fantastic travel kits. Their TSA-approved sustainable collection includes amazingly smooth carbon steel bearing wheels plus lots of efficient, space-saving features for the ultimate sustainable packing. This recycled hardshell luggage is environmentally friendly and highly durable, allowing it to bear most of that extra weight.

4. Patagonia

Looking for the perfect sustainable bags for that trip you’ve been dreaming about with your pals or family? Patagonia is the go-to for you. Their eco-friendly Black Hole duffel collection is to die for, and their sustainable bags perfectly function as outdoor adventure bags! The baggage is available in a variety of sizes and colors and has wheel choices for those who prefer gliding or sliding their luggage. 

As a renowned environmental conservation brand, Patagonia’s Black Hole Duffel is made with a Zero-Wastewater Discharging System, ensuring that local waterways are not polluted with toxins.

5. Pakt

Malcolm Fontier, the founder of Pakt, had been packing unsustainable travel products before the company was formed. But that’s all changed now! Pakt now offers a wide choice of sustainable bags for eco-conscious travelers, including the Pakt One Bag, which will not let you down on your next trip with your beau! The best feature is the briefcase design. It allows you to unzip the bag in the middle and unfold it to access both side compartments, making the packing and unpacking easy-breezy.

6. Lo & Sons

Helene Lo saw the need for improved backpacks and luggage, so she worked with her sons to form Lo & Sons. When possible, the company uses organic and recycled materials, and it aspires to be 100% sustainable in the future. Pick the Catalina Deluxe Tote from Lo & Sons, which is as elegant and eco-friendly as it is practical. This tote is made of organic canvas and is so natural that you can see some seeds.

It’s perfect for weekend vacations and short business trips. This sustainable bag is spacious and strong, with a bottom compartment for shoes or underwear, a suitcase handle, a messenger strap, and plenty of pockets. So it’s no surprise that it’s one of the brand’s most popular bags.

7. Roam

This is one of the top sustainable bag brands when it comes to personalized luggage. Roam creates the world’s best customizable suitcases responsibly in the United States. The luggage bags can be customized from top to bottom, just like your favorite Subway sandwiches. 😉 

Roam’s luggage line is so fun and exciting! They are designed to suit each traveler’s preferences, from monograms to the bag’s stitching color. Every Roam bag is designed, made to order, and handcrafted in a California workshop. They so beautifully exhibit the brand’s commitment to supporting local businesses and creating jobs within the States.

8. United By Blue

Sustainable bags from United By Blue is ideal for carry-on luggage; they are created ethically with sustainable materials and conservation initiatives. The eco-friendly brand removes one pound of trash from the oceans’ waterways with every product sold.

Their oh-so-perfect bags are the best if you’re seeking a bold bag for traveling by plane or van. One of the many amazing sustainable bags in United By Blue’s collection, the 55L Carry-on Duffle is worth checking out! It comes with a lifetime warranty, making it the brand’s best seller!

9. Cuyana

Not only luggage bags, but Cuyana has any type of travel bag you could need for your next adventure or weekend getaway! They have fantastic sustainable bags like clutches, purses, totes, and weekend and travel bags that are worth every penny. Cuyana’s Triple Zipper Weekender is made from GOTS Certified Cotton which is sourced sustainably. You can choose any of classic collection and rest assured that no hazardous chemicals were used in the making.

10. Solo New York

Solo New York is a bag brand based in the United States that is known for its eco-friendly and elegant bags, luggage, laptop cases, and tablet covers.

Concerned about non-recyclable packaging? The brand has eliminated 100% of its plastic packaging in-store and via delivery. We literally love the brand as it opts for certified, recyclable, and biodegradable alternatives. So relax, knowing that everything on your new piece of baggage, including the ropes and clips on the hang-tags, is all ecologically safe! Also, don’t forget to check out the All-Star Backpack Duffel.

11. Adventurist Backpack Co.

Adventurist Backpack Co. brand is worth a look before your next mini trip or big-budget vacation. It’s a small business that makes minimalist vegan backpacks and sells them at great affordable prices. Through their partnerships with the national nonprofit organization Feeding America, the company distributes 25 meals to families across the United States for every bag sold. Most of their sustainable bags are so good that you’d buy one (or ten) of them. Our favorite is the pine-colored Weekender bag, as it’s elegant and practical, made of vegan leather, and completely eco-friendly!

12. Solgaard

Solgaard is a sustainable bag brand with a four-year goal of reducing ocean trash by half. It eliminated 229 plastic bottles from each item sold in collaboration with the Plastic Bank. They also upcycle them into a number of products, ranging from carry-on rolling bags to checked baggage, wallets, briefcases, and more!

The limited suitcase collection in Venetian Red is what we are currently drooling over!

Who wouldn’t love the scent of a fresh new backpack or suitcase? When you decide to go on a sustainable journey, begin with thrifting or preloved bags, or at the least, end with them. Try visiting your local or online thrift stores like Poshmark.

On your next vacay, don’t forget to walk eco-friendly with our ethical shoes and sneakers.

Time to travel guilt-free!

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