Go Stylish With These Ethical Shoe & Sneaker Brands, Today!

Join the walk towards sustainability!

If you’ve thought about going eco-friendly and beginning (or ending) with shoes, we already like ya! 

As shoe production accounts for one-fifth of the fashion industry’s environmental impact, many titans of the footwear industry have made the industry stink up the place, real bad! But most folks today have begun their walk towards sustainability and we couldn’t be happier!

Why Ethical Shoes Should Be Your Next Purchase?

An eco-friendly shoe is valuable for more than just walking. It’s a product that’s good for the planet, reduces CO2 emissions, and doesn’t add to the heaps of waste that already exists on the planet.

These are products created entirely of natural fibers and materials, with no animal components used. On the other hand, ethical shoes are made with sustainable technologies and recyclable materials like plastic and rubber to prevent pollution. When you buy an ecological shoe, you’re helping to protect the environment, respect animals, and improve your overall health.

Ethical Shoe Brands That Have Actually Stood Out

Allbirds have been everywhere when it comes to ethically made shoes, and we can’t blame them since they prioritize comfort and sustainability over everything else!

Walking the sustainable street while wearing ethical shoes sounds doable, right? With giants like Allbirds, Adidas, and Converse putting their best eco foot forward, we know life’s about to get much easier!

1. Adidas x Parley

Adidas x Parley – an eco-collaboration for sustainable shoes, which is here to stay!

It’s an amazing ongoing collaboration between the king of sportswear shoe brands – Adidas, and Parley For The Oceans – a project focused on ocean conservation and awareness. 
With more and more shoe brands becoming ethical, we know that trusting Adidas is never a bad idea, and these Ultraboost DNA Prime Shoes are proof. It’s where a stretchy, comfortable fit meets sustainability. The yarn used in these eco-friendly shoes is created in collaboration with Parley. Remote islands, shorelines, and beaches are cleaned to promote plastic prevention by transforming them into these high-performing, sustainable shoes.

2. Nothing New

After learning about the negatives of the footwear industry, Nothing New, an ethical sneaker brand, decided to revolutionize sneakers by using what the name suggests – NOTHING NEW!

BetterCanvas™ may be a new technology with high tensile strength, bold colors, and a crisp aesthetic, but there’s nothing new in it. Don’t forget to add these Navy-colored sustainable sneakers to your shoe collection, which come in recycled packaging.

3. 8000 Kicks

8000 Kicks is a vegan and eco-friendly shoe brand that uses only plant-based materials and has carbon-neutral shipping. What we also adore about these sustainable shoes is that they are waterproof! (Did I hear someone say trekking and camping?) 

The sustainable sneaker brand is reinventing sustainable sneakers by making waterproof kicks. Got to own these incredibly supportive and comfortable shoes, we say! Created by 8000 Kicks, the Explorer is the first hemp shoe model. Minimalist, yet stylish enough for any indoor or outdoor activity.

4. Allbirds

Didn’t you just see this ethical shoe brand coming up on this list? A San Francisco-based, Allbirds offers an ethical sneaker brand for men, women, and even your little birds.

The sustainably styled The Tree Pipers are an Evolution Of A Classic. Probably the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn, which explains why Allbirds has been dubbed “the world’s most comfortable shoe” and has reached cult status in less than ten years. If that wasn’t enough to convince you to buy these adorable ethical shoes, Allbirds goes above and beyond by donating used and returned Allbirds to communities around the world in need of shoes.

5. Thousand Fell

Thousand Fell designs minimalist, stylish sneakers like lace-ups or slip-on. The ethical sneaker brand is entirely vegan, made from recycled rubber, sugarcane, coconut, and recycled plastic bottles.
These women’s slip-on is your new day-in, day-out, ride-or-die sneakers; they’re comfortable, breathable, stain and odor resistant, and they’re designed with life in mind. So, wear them all the time, live your life in them, and do it guilt-free. Then, simply return them to Thousand Fell for recycling when you’re over them.

6. Baabuk

Authentic to the past. Respectful to the future. Distinct designs for all seasons and situations.

That’s the simple motto of this ethical shoe brand which has also been featured on Business Insider, Refinery29, The Guardian, and Bloomberg. The founders once found the most comfortable shoes ever, began designing their own, and have been unstoppable since. It is one of the most stylish, ethical sneaker brands on the market. So, get ready to receive your eco-friendly shoes in 2-3 weeks, custom-made to your specs with everything you’ve always loved about Baabuk, a pocket-friendly, and planet-friendly sneaker brand!

7. Veja

Made from vegan leather, Veja, an ethical shoe brandy is literally the perfect vegan alternative to Nike!

When you see that signature “V” logo on their ethically made shoes, you know it’s Veja. In addition to creating a range of vegan ethical sneakers that are cruelty-free, they’re also the most stylish shoes you’ll ever own. VEJA x VIBRAM collaborated to create a look that combines VEJA’s running technology with VIBRAM’s expertise. The inspiration for the name comes from the Dekkan lava plateau in India.


The most ethical shoe brand you’ll ever come across! You can never go wrong with CARIUMA, which comes in a variety of stylish everyday sneakers for both men and women. With their eco-friendly shoes, you know comfort isn’t far away, and the website’s 1000+ customer reviews prove it!

The shoe brand uses bamboo, GOTS certified cotton, recycled PET, cork, and manola oil – a natural alternative to petroleum – to create the best vegan shoes you’ll ever need. These trendy shoes also feature a high-performance vegan suede that is 2.5X more resistant than animal suede.

9. Atoms

Atoms’ ethical shoes deserve kudos for reducing cardboard usage by 44% by customizing their shoebox design, eliminating receipt waste, and using BPA-free shipping labels. Being 100% vegan and 99% recyclable, they’re definitely something you must have in your shoe closet.

Atoms is a game-changer in the shoe market as it is one of the first ethical shoe brands to offer quarter sizes for optimal fit. Noice!

These simple black and white sneakers with a cushioned insole adapt to your feet throughout the day, making them an everyday sustainable shoe.

Thanks to these ethical shoe brands, we know ‘our walk’ towards sustainability is taking a step in the right direction!

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