14 Pride Accessories To Style Your Perfect Pride Parade Outfit 🌈

Style Up, You Deserve It.

One month isn’t enough to show our support to the LGBTQ community, so we want to leave no stone unturned in support of the pride month. Pride month is known for its vibrant and empowering Gay Pride Parades that began after the historic events of the Stonewall riots that occurred in Manhattan in 1969. Today, these parades continue to color the world in rainbow love, celebrating the message that love is beyond labels. So for the grand Pride Parades coming up in June, we’ve got you covered with the LGBT accessories to flash this Pride Month. Feel your best with these must-have LGBTQ Pride accessories to wear to the many parades and celebrations, this month and beyond.

LGBT Accessories Curated With Pride For You

LGBTQ pride parade
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Check out our list of the most fun LGBT accessories to make your Pride event the most fabulous one We’ve curated lots of stuff from pride pins to rainbow shoelaces to colorful phone cases, all to show your support for love.

1. Lesbian Pride Rainbow Cloud + Heart Dangles

LGBTQ pride earrings

Hello and welcome to the world of adorable gay pride accessories! These handmade earrings are made with polymer clay and resin and make the perfect LGBT accessories to style up your outfit this month. They’re super light and easy to wear, so you can go all out with your rainbow outfits this Pride Month! ArtByJESlon, the owner of this Etsy shop also mentions that all the earrings are nickel-free.

2. Queer Resistance Shirt

queer resistance shirt
LoveIsLove / Etsy

This handmade cotton tee is the best choice if you want to be out in the scorching sun for the Pride Parade day! This classic-fit casual piece of elegance is about to become your go-to wardrobe staple even post the celebrations, as it just fits true to size. In addition, the Etsy shop uses water-based inks that are organic, non-hazardous, toxin-free, and completely vegan-friendly with no animal by-products, making it too ‘GOOD’ for our list of sustainable cotton T-shirts. So are you ready to make a statement with this classic Pride Parade merchandise?

3. Pronoun Button Pins

LGBTQ pride accessories
Pocalyptic / Etsy

Made by a queer trans artist themselves, these cute pronoun button pins come in ten different colors for you to shine with your Pride Parade accessories! These hand-pressed LGBT Pride accessories can be personalized into options like he/him, she/her, she/they, they/she, he/they. Time to wear your heart on your sleeves and be proud of who you are.

4. Queer Rainbow Shoelaces

pride shoelaces
QueerFame / Etsy

QueerFame, one of the best LGBT clothing and accessories shops on Etsy, has these statement Queer rainbow shoelaces. They are digitally printed in full color and come in two sizes: 110mm and 150mm. The LGBTQ pride accessories brand also donates 25% of its profits to Human Rights charities, brownie points for the extra good.

5. Queer Pride Snapback Hat

LGBTQ pride hat
QueerestGear / Etsy

A hat is probably one of the most important LGBTQ pride accessories. QueerestGear comes bold, outgoing, and popping accessories to add to your pride wardrobe! This snapback hat fits perfectly and will protect you from the sun while you support LGBTQ rights at your local Pride parade. The PRIDE print is etched with permanent vinyl letters that are here to stay, just like our limitless support for LGBTQ.

6. The Future Needs You In It Enamel Pin

LGBTQ accessories
Abprallen / Etsy

The LGBTQ community has given the world so much art, creativity, revolution, friendship, love, compassion, and so much more that it’s time to look into the crystal ball and hear it loud and clear: The Future Needs You. We absolutely adore this cute enamel pin from this Etsy shop that also houses many more extraordinary gay pride accessories.

7. Customizable Pride Crystal Necklace

LGBTQ pride accessories necklace
SjSadel / Etsy

Not just June but forever calls for some fun LGBT clothing and accessories. And these customizable, handmade Pride crystal necklaces perfectly tick that box as they best represent you! We love that these LGBT accessories are inclusive of all queer identities. This Pride necklace is available in silver, gold, and rose gold finish as well.

8. Phone Case With Chain

LGBTQ pride accessories phone case with chain
ThatGayCreation / Etsy

If you can think of nothing, your LGBTQ pride accessories are about to get cuter- ThatGayCreation’s fully customizable handmade phone cases come with chains so that you don’t lose them in the crowd, just the right LGBT accessory for the Pride parade. The shop also plants trees for every purchase you make!

9. Big Gay Bag Pride Tote Bag

LGBTQ pride accessories tote bag
BeyondVintageShopCA / Etsy

BeyondVintageShopCA makes these super bright Pride Parade accessories to help you up to your style game this month! We have picked this big gay tote bag to carry all of your bits and bobs to the many pride and equality events you’d be attending this year and beyond. The thick handmade bag is sturdy, with a black stitched lining and black cotton handles. Just FYI, it’s made of polyester, which is kind of a bummer for us.

10. Gay Pride Face Mask

LGBTQ pride accessories mask
RoyGBivandCO / Etsy

The Pride Parade isn’t just about impressive LGBTQ clothing and accessories; you support the community along with thousands of people. So, keep your safe distance with this 100% cotton gay pride fabric face mask without compromising on your pride parade outfits style game! We loved the Pride colors on these three pleated reusable masks, which you can wear even after the parade with pride, of course.

11. Thick Thighs Save Lives Holographic Hippie Earrings

LGBTQ pride accessories earrings
NosloArt / Etsy

We couldn’t agree more on these, right? These LGBTQ accessories will add that oomph factor to your Pride Parade, club nights, or basically whenever you feel like a bad b*#!h. The handmade acrylic earrings are hand-drawn by Noslo Art, who aims to break down barriers to bringing fun and accessibility to all! The statement earrings are the epitome of self-love, body positivity, and magic, allowing you to love your curves while marching confidently in the Pride Parade.

12. Rainbow Velvet Scrunchies

LGBTQ pride accessories
SocialScrunchies / Etsy

Love is love; as rightly as it said, we know you got to look your best (like you always do) with great LGBT headbands and scrunchies. As a result, we present the most colorful, soft velvet LGBTQ pride accessories that come in an organza gift bag. You also support the LGBT Youth Scotland by purchasing this scrunchie, with 50% of the profit going to the community.

13. 120 Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette

LGBTQ pride accessories
LurlinesCollections / Etsy

June is all about the color and glitter. What’s a Pride Parade without fluttering your eyelashes with an eye make-up that doesn’t make the sun blush? This 120 handmade eyeshadow set will become your favorite go-to makeup set, with matte and shimmer colors that go with almost everything. So, maybe it’s time to Pinterest some Pride Parade makeup look, fellas!

14. Rainbow Fan Brush Face Paint

LGBTQ pride accessories
FestivalMerch / Etsy

If full-fledged make-up is not your thang, celebrate your Pride parades in style with this LGBT flag face brush. You can create your rainbow in one simple application with this non-toxic face painting tool that is simple to use and can be used multiple times. The handy applicator fits easily into your pocket and can be taken to a festival or parade to decorate friends and fellow partygoers with pride colors. Isn’t this one of the handiest handmade LGBT accessories you could ask for?

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of fun, exciting, and colorful LGBTQ pride accessories, as much as we did putting it together. Get yourself with these stunning LGBT accessories and, as always, stand out with your boldness, self-love, and pride this Pride Month.

Also, if you’re looking for more LGBTQ+ owned sustainable brands, adding these products to your shopping list is the best decision you will ever make.

14 Pride Accessories To Style Your Perfect Pride Parade Outfit
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14 Pride Accessories To Style Your Perfect Pride Parade Outfit
Check these must-have LGBTQ pride accessories to make your event the most fabulous one with these enamel pins, queer badges, and much more.
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