5 Places That Make Cute Eco-Friendly Scrunchies


Recent trends have brought back a lot of the early 2000’s style as well as the 80’s. One of the biggest fashion trends that bounced back was big fluffy scrunchies. If you’re someone who’s always up-to-date with their fashion game and has it on point, you already own a few scrunchies, and if not, we have curated a few brands that do eco-friendly hair accessories alternatives for it. Here are 5 of them that caught our attention.

1. Room Shop Vintage

These scrunchies are made out of unused, recycled, deadstock scrap ends of fabrics. These giant scrunchies sure do bring back a lot of the 80s. Want to go with a minimalist neutral color tone for your outfit? Just add a pop of color to it with these scrunchies.

2. The Good Tee

The soft fabric that you see being used on this set of three scrunchies is from a lot of leftover fabric of Good t-shirts and all those orders that were once canceled. The material of the scrunchie is organic cotton which has eco-friendly dyes on it. The scrunchies are also fair-trade certified and incredibly soft on the hair.

3. Kooshoo

There are many reasons to love the eco-friendly scrunchies that Kooshoo makes. We’ll lay down a few. The scrunchies are 100% fair trade, and they’re made of biodegradable fabric that’s plastic-free! The feel of Kooshoo scrunchies is not just soft to touch but also breathable in one’s hair. You can wear them all day long as it gives the right amount of bounce to make your hair look more voluminous. It also has plastic-free packaging, so there’s a brownie point right there!

4. Hara

One of a kind, a Hara scrunchie has a touch of sophistication to it. What sets this elegant scrunchie apart is the fact that it’s made of 100% approved organic bamboo fabric made from OEKO-TEX. It’s simple, has a sturdy feel, and is available in various colors.

5. Los Angeles Apparel

Los Angeles Apparel is winning when it comes to their scrunchies game because not only are they so cute and available in many different colors, but they have fair labor pay. They’re made by experienced sewers who earn more than $20 an hour in the USA. Hear hear! We’re all for the scrunchies by Los Angeles Apparel.

You can never have enough scrunchies. So while you’re buying a few for yourself, get a few for your friends and sisters! Happy scrunchie shopping!

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