SANE – The New Generation Of Certification For Sustainable Fashion Products

The Label You Need.

SANE literally means ‘reasonable or sensible.’ And what SANE certification really wants is that a SANE product must be healthy for the planet and the people. So, when we came across this new certification, we knew the planet deserves it, and people deserve to know all about it it.

SANE – the new generation certification for sustainable fashion products – is here to make you look and feel good by maintaining the highest degree of sustainability. This is ensured throughout the creation of an item, from the fiber to the final button. But what exactly is it? Let’s find out more.

What is SANE certification?

SANE is a holistic certification for sustainable fashion products, and for a product to be labeled SANE, it must guarantee extreme sustainability as well as equal respect for:

  • Environment
  • Consumer’s health
  • Worker’s rights

There’s good news for consumers looking for ethical and sustainable practices and products that come with this certification: you just need to focus on one label – SANE. The SANE certification focuses on environmental, social, and consumer safety concerns.

Browse through this article to learn how to discover sustainable products with just one label.

How did SANE certification come into being?

Since the fashion industry is the second-most polluting sector in the world (let alone fast fashion, which has several issues of its own), SANE had to enter the fray. This certification is based on the idea that; fashion can be magical and a means of expressing oneself and the world’s vision. And according to SANE, ‘insane’ means ‘too fast, too toxic, and too cheap.’

In other words, SANE certification believes that beauty does not need the beast; that fashion does not have to come at a cost. And definitely not at the expense of the planet and its people.

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Benefits of SANE certification

With the number of initiatives they’ve taken, their services, and sustainable products under one roof, we’re in awe of SANE certification. So, here are some benefits to adopting it into your sustainable lifestyle and ethical wardrobe.

  • They offer ethically made products instantly recognizable to consumers and demonstrate their positive impact on the planet.
  • The certification also strongly encourages fashion brands by highlighting their dedication to a better sustainable future in the best way possible!

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What distinguishes SANE from other certifications?

SANE enables brands to take a holistic approach. They can simply display the iconic SANE logo on certified products. It further reflects that SANE certification does not single out the planet, consumer safety, or people; together, the SANE STANDARD safeguards them all.

However, we’ll now explain why it’s essential to look for this label when sustainably shopping next.

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What is SANE STANDARD, and why is it the new must-have?

The meaning of this term is self-explanatory. For a product to be certified, it must meet several characteristics and specifications known as the SANE STANDARD. In addition, since SANE is a third-party certification, independent auditors inspect the factories and the materials to ensure their credibility and transparency.

We know we’re getting some amazing sustainable brands ready to overtake fast fashion brands with certifications like SANE. And, thanks to SANE’s global scope, which includes clothing, fashion accessories, footwear, and home textiles, sustainable purchasing has never been easier!


Shop sustainably with SANE

The best thing about SANE is that they only support something they sincerely believe in, i.e., what is truly sustainable! From assuring that garments are created in factories that respect workers’ rights and pay fair wages, SANE certification does it all! You can now shop responsibly with SANE country-wise, in:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Asia

However, some of their favorite US brands include Outerknown, Boody, PACT, MadeTrade, and many more! So, you can now shop for all certified SANE products in one place by knowing where to buy them and how they were created.

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One thing is certain about SANE certification: it is a great new initiative. It is now up to you to choose SANE-certified products to show you care for the environment and the people who create your garments. And let the fashion industry’s bright new future begin again!

Along with looking for a SANE label on your garments, having a minimalist lifestyle or a capsule wardrobe are the best ways to start your sustainable fashion journey!

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