9 Sustainable Denim Brands To Be Worn And Loved For Years To Come

Sustainable denim to pull off any look!

When it comes to denim, there is a difference between the way one buys jeans and how they buy any other clothes. And if you’re someone looking to buy a good pair of sustainable jeans (someone like us!), then you will probably spend some time researching about a few things before committing to a purchase. This research will mainly include learning about all there is about sustainable denim brands, the fabrics used, who makes the sustainable jeans, and most importantly, if or not the fit and color are the right matches for you.

It’s because many of us fall in love with our eco-friendly jeans (at least we do!) as it is undeniably the most versatile pair of clothing one can ever own. We love it so much that parting ways with it is just as difficult as giving up on the last slice of pizza!

9 Sustainable Denim Brands To Consider Before You Buy Your Next Pair

That said, if you’re a long-time denim lover or are considering your first purchase, we hope this list of sustainable denim brands will help you find the right pair of eco-friendly jeans you will love for the years to come. Oh, and remember, no matter how fantastic a brand is, the most sustainable denim is always the one you already own.

1. Reformation

Reformation Denim Brands

Sizing Available
0 – 24

Starting At

Reformation is a go-to brand for fashion-forward women in cities like LA and NYC—and for good reasons. The brand makes both classic and on-trend pieces in various styles, colors, and pattern options, and each of them is made to last. The brand is also dedicated to sustainability, so their sustainable jeans, like the name suggests, are made with sustainable material, including a mix of Tencel (a fabric derived from cellulose in trees), organic cotton, and recycled cotton. They even use FibreTrace to track the entire material lifecycle so you can feel good wearing your favorite new pair of sustainable jeans.

2. Warp + Weft

Wrap + Weft Denim Brands
WrapWeftworld / Instagram

Sizing Available
00 – 24

Starting At

Warp + Weft is among the few sustainable denim brands that make jeans look good and do good. We love them for their commitment to fair labor practices, eco-friendly factories, and sustainable materials. To add to the list, they also save and recycle 98 percent of the water they use, thanks to their vertical manufacturing operation. And it doesn’t hurt that they also offer a wide range of sizes—including options up to women’s size 24 and 48″ waists for their Big and Tall collection. Warp + Weft is working hard to make sure you can find the perfect pair of jeans for your body type—and feel good about the whole process from start to finish.

3. Levi’s

Levi's sustainable denim brand
Levis / Instagram

Sizing Available
000 – 26

Starting At

Levi’s, as a brand, has demonstrated great efforts to improve sustainability by reducing new production’s water use and carbon footprint. But it is still more planet-friendly to buy preloved jeans. Now you can find a cozy pair of preowned Levi’s easily as the brand has created an easy-to-shop interface for secondhand Levi’s jeans and jackets. In addition, the prices are super affordable so that you can get a great deal on a pair of long-lasting, eco-friendly jeans. The only thing that might be a bit of trouble is that each style doesn’t have every size available all the time.

4. Boyish

Boyish sustainable denim

Sizing Available
00 – 12

Starting At

We love Boyish‘s eco-friendly jeans! Period. And if you are looking for sustainable denim options, we’re confident you’ll love these. The brand offers a great selection of luxury styles and fits. However, the best attribute of this sustainable denim brand is using; materials that are Oeko-Tex certified, fabrics such as regenerated cellulose fibers, and certified organic cotton. It also offers a unique preowned program that allows customers to buy, wear, and sell Boyish jeans — plus, you get a rebate if you return a pair based on the preowned checklist.

5. DL1961

DL1961 / Instagram

Sizing Available
00 – 12

Starting At

DL1961 is so much more than a fashionable, sustainable jeans brand (that sounds like a contradiction, but it isn’t). This LA-based brand is currently a leader when it comes to an innovative ECOS system: an eco-system consisting of vertically integrated materials (supply chain), environmentally-friendly production, recycling of fibers, and water conservation measures. So, DL1961 jeans are not only deliciously spot-on-trend and incredibly versatile but also ethically made without being wasteful or harmful to the environment and making DL1961 one of the best sustainable denim brands out there!

6. Everlane

Everlane sustainable denim brands
Everlane / Instagram

Sizing Available
000 – 20

Starting At

If you’re looking for sleek and professional basics, look no further than Everlane. Available in sizes 23-35 and ankle, regular, and tall inseam lengths, this must-have brand has thousands of online reviews saying their jeans are comfy with “just the right amount of stretch.” So, no matter who you are or how tall you are, there’s definitely a pair for you. Plus, these sustainable jeans are made at LEED-certified factories that recycle 98% of the water used and are powered by renewable energy. The air-drying process ensures that the CO2 emissions are reduced by 80%. These factories are also audited to ensure fair wages and working hours for employees. It’s like being able to wear your guilt-free conscience on your legs.

7. Afends

Afends denim
Afends / Instagram

Sizing Available
2 – 10

Starting At

Afends makes sustainability a central point of its business. The brand uses sustainable fabrics, including innovative hemp along with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, to make its sustainable jeans. This helps to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint and positions them as an environmentally-conscious label. When it comes to jeans, the classic styles paired with funky, trendy designs are surely a perfect steal! In addition, the brand uses straps rather than extra buttons to avoid excess waste. Even the fabric scraps are repurposed to make scrunchies, wallets, and other small products. Now, isn’t that something to feel good about!


Able sustainable denim
Able / Instagram

Sizing Available
00 – 14

Starting At

Thanks to ABLE, getting that perfect pair of sustainable jeans has never been easier. Let’s start with how fantastic the company name is! It rolls off the tongue so well, and it’s even got a nice acronym (Absolutely Beautiful Loves Everyone). We love the modern and casual spin on the classic high-rise, distressed wash skinny jeans. Plus, for such an affordable price, you really can’t beat the quality of these jeans. Moving on to how these jeans are made, the answer only makes us happier. The sustainable denim brand uses materials from renewable forests and recycled water bottles. These jeans aren’t just designed for your comfort but also for the planet! And with every pair of jeans sold, Able also gives back by providing women with sustainable employment in developing countries.

9. Citizens of Humanity

Citizens Of Humanity

Sizing Available
00 – 14

Starting At

Low-waste processes, sustainable & recycled fabrics like organic cotton and recycled cotton, ethically made goods — these are just some of the unique aspects of the sustainable denim brand, Citizens Of Humanity. They pride themselves on manufacturing jeans in Los Angeles, CA, where they can see the effects of drought on their supply chain. In addition, the denim brand is vertically integrated, meaning everything in-house, from design to washing and cutting. This also means they can control each step of the process and produce high-end garments that are still good for the planet. And with all of this, the brand makes sure to offer everything from premium denim to contemporary designs that are easy to wear and flattering on all body types; the brand has something for everyone.

With this, our quest to introduce you to the best sustainable denim brands comes to an end. With a little bit of digging, you’ll likely find a pair of sustainable jeans that speaks to your values and favorite styles. Also, you can help reduce your environmental impact by washing your jeans less often, donating the ones you don’t want to wear anymore, and perhaps most importantly, recycling them when they’re done.

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