Most Stylish Ethical Hair Accessories To Go Green This Winter

Perfect little things to complete your everyday look.

Why Are Ethical Hair Accessories Trending?

If not now, then when can you really try all those fun hairstyles and adorn your hair with ethical hair accessories like eco-friendly beanies and ethical headbands, which are ALWAYS in vogue!

As much as we’d like to attempt every single trend, it’s important never to let go of that “eco-friendly lover” in you!

So this winter, it’s time to go green with these gorgeous sustainable hair accessory brands that will help you deal with the frosty cold (and not your hair (*wink)

Why Go For Ethical Hair Accessories In Winters?

During these chilly winter months, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with our hair. But fortunately, we’ve found the perfect solution for anyone lacking options for unmanageable winter tresses: HAIR ACCESSORIES. Accessories, whether it’s the latest trendy hat or a classic pretty bow, can completely transform your outfit. Never underestimate the power of a nice hair accessory, divas.

Today, all we see on our Instagram stories and Facebook feed are gigantic scrunchies and large hair clips donned by our favorite celebrities. Don’t fret, all the gorgeous ladies in need of mid-winter hair, we’ve got you covered.

1. Patagonia

Patagonia has it all, from ethically made headbands to sustainable beanies. Make this winter a green winter by choosing Patagonia’s winter sustainable hair accessories, made entirely of recycled materials that are long-lasting. Patagonia also offers a repair and a buy-back program, where you can trade in your unethical items for eco-friendly hair accessories.

2. Eileen Fisher

These sustainable brands’ ethical winter accessories are curated by using recycled cashmere and organic cotton. Eileen Fisher is by far one of our favorite winter hair accessory brands, producing ultra-soft and eco-friendly headbands and beanies. This cozy cashmere hat is made in Italy from luxury leftovers that have been recycled into this new eco-friendly hair accessory.

3. Ten Thousand Villages

Look no further than Ten Thousand Villages’ ethical winter accessories collection, curated by skilled artisans and weavers. This playful pink beanie is hand-knit in Nepal and has a cozy fleece lining. 

We knew even you’d like this sustainable beanie as this Fair Trade pioneer has a range of other handmade ethical headbands and eco-friendly hair ties on their list.

4. Tentree

For ages, Tentree has been our go-to for ethical winter accessories. Tons of stylish and cool eco-friendly green winter accessories made of 100% organic cotton or a 50/50 recycled polyester blend and merino wool are available with them. This eco-friendly headband with a classic sustainable twist is what we love about Tentree the most. And oh, not to forget that they plant ten trees for every purchase you make.

5. Makwa Studio

This sustainable hair accessories brand, founded by artist Maggie Thompson, is the most interesting sustainable hair brand out there. Indigenous artists put in their heart and soul to make their one-of-a-kind native-designed goods. Also, we cannot get our eyes off this Makwa Studio’s Feather Hoodie Scarf

The fringe is hand-knotted, and the scarf as a whole is loomed by hand on a knitting machine. This ethical winter accessory will unarguably become your favorite, just as it has become ours.

6. Kooshoo

The California-based company is committed to being green all day, every day! Kooshoo makes everything with organic cotton and all-natural materials including their pretty ethical hair accessories to athletic clothes. Keep an eye out for their eco-friendly hair ties and ethically made headbands, perfect for this green winter, and for seasons to come.

7.  Fibershed Marketplace

Fibershed Marketplace features a wide range of regenerative ethical hair accessories. Their pretty sustainable winter hats, gloves, mittens, and scarves are made from climate-friendly wool and locally-harvested dyes. 

This Coyote Scarf, made in Northern California, is the ultimate eco-friendly purchase for this green winter!

8. Krochet Kids

We literally love this eco-friendly hair accessory brand! Each product displays the manufacturer’s name who created it for maximum transparency, to celebrate the goods they curate. The Kylie is the ideal eco-friendly holiday headband for keeping your ears warm and covered on all of your favorite winter days. On even the chilliest days, its thick knit and unique bow pattern maximizes comfort and style.

So, what’s keeping you from getting on that eco-friendly path, starting with your hair? Choose from brands like Krochet Kids, Patagonia, or Koosho and see how your ethical hair game during winters changes in no time!

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