9 Sustainable Winter Wear To Keep You Warm & Cozy

Winter wear that'd make you want to snuggle.

Change in season brings in glee to the ladies and most men too. After all, why not? Speaking about the winters, the folks get the chance to buy new warm darlings and dress up in their best winter outfits. But, as much as you want to look trendy this winter in the best winter coats and outfits, dealing with the guilt that comes with wearing unethical clothing isn’t easy.

Since sustainable winter wear can come with a slight overpricing but with guilt-free and high-quality winter darlings, we think now is the time to switch to ethical winter outfits.

We’ve compiled a list of exceptional sustainable winter wear that brings warmth and coziness, not at the cost of the planet. Let’s go!

1. Nau’s Ethical Winter Coat

Nau, a fantastic clothing brand, has a range of vests, WINTER coats, and jackets created from recycled fabrics. The brand, located in the United States, hosts this exceptionally warm sustainable winter coat with an insulated detachable hood. It also has a matte texture, which allows you to work in comfort as the temperature drops. The sizes available are XS – L. Quite impressive, Nau!

2. CHNGE’s Sustainable Winter Wear Hoodie

Not only because of its print but also for its warmth, this snugly and cozy tie-dye hoodie, made of 100% organic cotton, has made it to this list of sustainable winter wear. Their winter outfits are made in a Fairtrade factory, ensuring that workers have access to social insurance and health care.

However, what the brand can avoid is wrapping its products in recycled plastic poly bags.

3. Patagonia’s Sustainable Winter Wear

Patagonia’s winter coats and wear are so warm and comfortable that you’ll want to wear it all year. It’s made from 100% recycled polyester and has a sweater-knit aesthetic to it. Dyed with the low-impact process, energy, and water, we knew Patagonia’s winter outfits had to be mentioned here. Their cute winter clothes also include a variety of sustainable winter coats that are all fair trade certified! Yay!

4. Kotn’s Sustainable Winter Wear

This ethical brand, based in the United States, uses only organic and natural materials in their clothing. (We already like!) As a sustainable fashion label, they prioritize people and the planet; thus, they work in certified facilities with safe working conditions and fair wages. For enhanced comfort and warmth, this adorable pair of socks is still breathable enough to wear all year. To keep their shape, they’ve been pre-shrunk.

5. Eileen Fisher’s Sustainable Winter Wear

Eileen Fisher is a brand that has created a name for itself when it comes to ethical fashion, albeit being slightly overpriced. These luxurious winter outfits are made from leftovers of the finest clothes and recycled into new yarn. This Recycled Cashmere Wool Pocket Wrap will go with all of your cute winter outfits this winter and for many more to come. Also, we don’t think you’ll find a more cozy poncho than this one!

6. Everlane’s Ethical Winter Sweatpants

This winter wear is probably all your wardrobe needs right now, as it’s as warm as a blanket and as supple as yoga pants. Made of a quality blend of responsibly sourced wool, recycled nylon, yak, and a touch of spandex, the Cozy-Stretch Wide-Leg Sweatpant is cozy and warm. The Responsible Wool Standard certifies the wool in this sweatpant, ensuring the welfare of the sheep and the land they graze on. And Everlane’s goal is to move towards 100% organic cotton by 2023. Need we say more? 

However, they use animal-derived materials like silk, wool, cashmere, and leather, which we don’t really appreciate.

7. Bhava – K2 Winter Platform

Here’s presenting winter tested and approved even in the coldest of temperatures- the K2 Winter Platform. They are so stylish, incredibly comfortable, and well made that you’re sure to get obsessed with these premium sustainable winter wear just like how we are with this ethical brand. Generations of artisans craft these winter boots and feature Italian vegan and organic cotton shearling insoles.

8. Tentree’s Sustainable Winter Scaf

This ethical brand, which includes some amazing winter outfits, is based in the United States and exclusively uses organic and natural materials. Tentree creates eco-friendly, comfortable essentials. They use eco-friendly fabrics like recycled polyester and organic cotton in their clothing which are worth taking a look, at today. Enhance your outfit with this plaid wool scarf, made of 100% RWS certified wool in an oversized, woven plaid. This winter, get ready to pair super cute clothes with this scarf.

9. Wear Pact’s Sustainable Winter Sweatshirt

As always, our favorite sustainable brand is quite impactful! Everything Pact creates starts with organic cotton, which saves a lot of water and energy. For safe working conditions, the brand connects with Fair Trade CertifiedTM factories. This warm and cozy sweater proves that casual and cute go together well. This cute sustainable winter wear, made without toxic chemicals, is what we’re eyeing in this chilly weather!

The only drawback to this brand is that it is relatively pricey, despite the simple yet elegant designs.

We hope this article helps you in making a more eco-sustainable winter choice of clothing. As with all of the brand roundups on this site, we’ll update if we come across any more, or do share your favorite brands or recommendations with us.

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