Trendy And Eco-Friendly Phone Cases To Amp Up Your Device Look!

Trendy phone cases your device would love to wear!📱

Over one billion plastic phone cases are sold each yearMedium.
With a phone case becoming our favorite accessory, it has undoubtedly evolved into a fashion statement that should be coordinated with our outfit or the occasion. Unfortunately, this simply means that each person buys multiple phone cases to keep up with ‘trends.’ Unlike a cell phone, which typically lasts for years, your phone accessories could end up in landfills. This waste involves older, cliché, or not-so-favorite (anymore) phone cases that are discarded once used. But, thankfully, you can avoid this by getting sustainable and eco-friendly phone cases.

Trendy Phone Case Brands That’d Make Your Phone Stand Out

Fortunately, many high-end accessory brands offer great protective cases made from responsibly sourced materials. It includes plant-based composites, ocean-based plastic, and even recycled bottles.

We’ve compiled a list of the best biodegradable and eco-friendly phone cases that are nothing short of trendy, to make your phone your next cool fashion accessory!

1. Pela Case

Pela Case has become the biggest name in the world of eco-friendly phone cases, for all the right reasons. They have literally made a case for the environment. The makers of the ‘world’s first 100% compostable phone case’ are determined to reverse the tide of plastic waste. With elegant, durable, and compostable designs, covers like Stormy Blue Case are proof of the best phone cases for your device! In addition, 100% happiness is guaranteed with free shipping worldwide with Pela—a proud member of 1% for the planet.

2. Peak Designs

Welcome to the world of the perfect balance of eco-friendly phone cases – slimness, smart aesthetics, and protection! Yes, we’re talking about Peak Designs, one of the best trendy phone case brands in the market today. One of our favorite makers of tech bags and pouches, Peak’s sustainable phone cases have a stylish exterior with excellent material. Moreover, it’s a no-compromise case—and you don’t have to take their word for it. “We don’t say this often, but there aren’t any flaws,” admits The Wirecutter (a product review website owned by The New York Times Company).

3. ZWM

For ZWM, sustainability isn’t just a goal; it means Zero Waste Movement. The Landscape Cover has been meticulously designed to protect your phone while retaining its original design and feel. So, protect your iPhone with the most precise phone case it ever needed for uncompromising sustainability and utmost care for the planet. Enjoy your phone with this brand’s sustainable phone cases made of renewable organic materials, that are naturally biodegradable!

4. Najture

Najture cordially invites you to personalize your name or statement with their compostable phone cases, giving it both functional and sentimental value. Customers can also customize their eco-friendly phone cases by selecting from a standard signature, statement, picture, or art back design (where you just have to upload an image.) They have also launched an initiative to keep old phone cases out of landfills. It’s called Renajture, wherein you have to send any old phone case, and they will either recycle or compost it. In addition, participants receive a 15% discount on their next purchase.

In collaboration with One Tree Planted, the brand plants a tree for every product sold.

5. Casetify

Casetify is at the top of the best phone cases game for many reasons. This includes recycled plastic, eco-friendly ink, and production with rainwater. In addition, the stylish cover brand begs you to drop your phone to put it to the test with their innovative shockproof material, qìtech™. Every detail has been fine-tuned in an ultra-sleek and slim phone case to provide optimal protection and superior impact resistance. Like the Below 30 Degrees design on the cover? You can look through the artist’s gallery and purchase similarly designed accessories from Casetify’s website!

6. Nimble

What better than knowing that a trendy phone case like the Spotlight Case has no plastic or harmful chemicals? Some of Nimble’s eco-friendly phone cases are made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles and organic hemp for a grippy fabric texture. Others are made from recycled plastic, like recycled C.D.s, which explains why Backstreet Boys will never go out of style. ‘Designed in California for good’ pretty much sums up why this trendy phone cases brand had to be here!

7. Reveal

There are no two designs alike! The brand’s Nature Fusion Series is a creative blend of nature made from beautiful tree burls and knots mixed with brightly colored resin. Reveal, one of the best phone case brands founded by Terry Omata offers some trendy designs to keep you in the loop of the modern world and style. For every biodegradable phone case and accessory sold from the Nature Collection, the brand’s rePlant Program plants a tree! Good job, Reveal!

8. A Good Company

The eco-friendly phone cases from A Good Company will undoubtedly be your Good Company! The brand works around the clock to transform mindless consumption into conscious decisions, presenting us with the best phone cases like Frosty Morning! These “farm to case” eco-friendly phone cases are 100% plant-based, Vegan Society-certified, and created through collaborations with local artists! At 1.2mm thick, they’re slim yet protective; they are by far the best trendy phone case you can get your hands on!

9. Tech21

Welcome to the world of Tech21, where eco-friendliness meets the work of art. The brand’s biodegradable phone cases leave no trace of microplastic, chemicals, or any residue behind. And this seriously beautiful Eco Art Case is enough to justify the brand’s beautiful designs. So what makes this compostable phone case brand unique, you may wonder? With independent designers collaborating and drawing inspiration from the modern world for aesthetic designs, Tech21 deserves to be here! This 100%  biodegradable phone case protects your phone from drops of up to 10 feet while also serving as a gorgeous phone cover.


This world’s first organic Lavender phone case takes your phone a long way, with unique styles, good grips, and organic materials. With their best phone cases for an ultimate experience, these sustainable phone cases give you a little reminder of nature, wherever you go. Real plants are used to meticulously handcraft MMORE’s trendy phone cases (and believe us, they smell exactly like them.) P.S., we’ll now let the Organic Lavender Phone Case transport you to a freshly bloomed lavender field.

Eco-friendly smartphones do not exist yet. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot protect your phone, while protecting the planet with eco-friendly phone cases!

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