15 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Your Mom Will Really Love & Appreciate

Thoughtful gifts every mum deserves!

Your ma deserves to be showered with love 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But when it comes to Mother’s Day, it’s time to go all-out! Although mothers can be difficult to shop for (humbly whispering “I do not need anything“), we can safely say she’ll love these Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Sustainable Gifts Every Mother Deserves!

mother's day gift idea

As you go through this list of the 15 best gifts, consider what she’s been eyeing or dropping not-so-subtle hints about, and go from there. If nothing certain comes to mind, opt for a more thoughtful route and gift her one (or ten) of these!

For Moms Who Treasure Jewelry

From a custom engraved necklace to personalized bracelets, give your mother these perfectly sentimental Mother’s Day gifts.

1. Personalized Gemstone Beads Bracelet

personalized gemstone beads bracelet is a mother's day gift idea

Every year on Mother’s Day, wracking your brains to come up with an ideal gift for your mum can be tricky! But we’re sure gifting her this personalized gemstone beads bracelet will be a good call. Whatever message you’d like to convey to her, have it engraved on this thoughtful Mother’s day gift by Mima Natural Color.

2. Custom Engraved Necklace

custom engraved necklace; mother's day gift idea

Mothers find ways to keep their kids close as they grow up — literally and metaphorically. And as a unique Mother’s Day gift, a custom engraved necklace should meet this maternal need. Personalize this GeoPersonalized recyclable chain, available in gold, rose gold, silver, or stainless steel, with her choice of birthstones or initials.

3. Personalized Birthstone Bangle

personalized brithstone bangle is a mother's day gift idea

If you believe jewelry is the perfect gift for your mom, consider having it custom-made. Personalize her birthstone or initials on this handcrafted, hypoallergenic, and tarnish-resistant bangle. The personalized birthstone bangle is definitely a unique and special Mother’s Day gift idea that your mom will wear and cherish for years. The brand, Geominimalist, offers this beauty in rose gold, silver, and gold too.

For Moms Who Love Getting Pampered

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that every mom deserves to be pampered. So spoil your mom with these self-care must-haves to win the favorite child award this year.

4. Aromatherapy Spa Gift Box

aromatherapy spa gift box; mother's day gift ideas

Your mother deserves to be treated like a queen this May (and even after it!). Start Mother’s Day by waking her up to this lovely aromatherapy spa gift box. This bundle of goodness comes packed with self-care gifts, skin & health care products, and beauty must-haves! Win her heart with this spa gift box, one of the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts she could have ever thought of for your mom.

5. Handmade Coffee Soap

handmade coffee soap; mother's day gift idea

This coffee soap bar can be one of the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for minimalist mothers who love handmade beauties! This soap bar features moisturizing plant oils and gritty along with exfoliating coffee grounds to stimulate new cell growth. The Bestowed Essentials brand surely carries us back to our roots with their non-toxic soaps made with solar power and love!

6. Moment Of Bliss Gift Box

mother's day gift idea

This year, give your mum this Moment of bliss gift box from EarthHero to show her how much you care. This sustainable gift includes:

  • A pair of conscious step socks that prevent breast cancer
  • Crystal hydration facial toner by Earth Harbor Tidal Rose
  • Dusk beeswax lip stain by Fat and The Moon
  • Soy candle by P.F. Candle’s Co.
  • Sateen eye mask by Ettitude Bamboo
  • Clay face mask sample by Bell Mountain Naturals Pink Theory

This box is the perfect gift for moms who deserve some ‘Me time’ and self-love.

For Moms Who Love Home Decor

When you gift your mom a home decor piece for Mother’s Day, she’ll think of you every time she sees it. So check out these one-of-a-kind gifts she’ll be proud to add to her home and heart.

7. Greta Vegan Soy Candle + Planter

greta vegan soy candle planter

Candles make for a popular Mother’s Day gift. While there are different scents to choose from, switching to soy candles is a more sustainable gift alternative. Hyggelight’s Greta vegan soy candle + planter has a longer burn time and a better fragrance. It comes in a handmade, reusable ceramic plant pot. Once the candle wax is burnt and cleaned, fill the ceramic container with soil and grow some wildflowers!

8. Personalized Charcuterie Boards

personalized charcuterie boards for one of the best mother's day gift ideas

What better gift than a personalized charcuterie board for Mother’s Day for mums who enjoy cheeses and crackers on a board. Handcrafted from FSC-sustainably sourced architectural bamboo and wood, don’t forget to engrave it with a custom design or phrase for her. Great for parties, use them to serve fruits, crackers, bread, nuts, cold meats, and elaborate spreads.

9. Mother’s Day Planters

mother's day planters is one of the best mother's day gift ideas

These cute-looking planters will make a unique Mother’s day gift idea for plant-loving moms. While your mother will love almost anything you gift her, she will appreciate this ceramic, bamboo, hand-painted planter even more. The Mother’s Day planters are a thoughtful gift because, unlike stem-cut blossoms, these potted plants will survive and thrive much longer.

10. Personalized Artwork

personalized art from photo print is a mother's day gift idea

Personalized art from photo prints is one of the most evergreen Mother’s Days gift ideas! Personalize this photo frame to highlight a priceless moment in your mama’s life. Besides, to make this her most heartfelt and favorite gift ever, include a sweet message to let her know how much you appreciate her.

Beauty & Wellness Gift For Moms

Your mom gives so much, so give back with these gifts focused on skincare or wellness to help her stay healthy.

11. Orthopedic Neck Pillow

mother's day gift idea

Eager to show your mum how much you care but can’t think of a unique Mother’s Day gift? This orthopedic neck pillow can be a thoughtful present as it will help her unwind after a hectic day at work or home. Handcrafted in the US, the pillow is designed in collaboration with a chiropractor to ensure the spine’s proper alignment. Also, natural and sustainably harvested wool with an organic cotton shell is used to ensure the neck is adequately supported.

12. Active Hydration Serum

Activist skincare hydration serum is a useful mother's day gift idea

With everyday commitments and activities, it isn’t easy for your mum to look after her skin and its needs. So, with the hydration serum, give your mom the joy of hydrated, supple, and fresh skin. Help her set a skincare routine with this beauty bundle, which leaves no sticky residue and is made from natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and panthenol.

Comfy Fashion Gifts For The Chic Mom

Most moms in your orbit would love to get fashionable and comfortable clothing as Mother’s Day gifts (or even after!). So check these chic fits.

13. Organic Cotton Robe Cardigan

organic cotton robe cardigan; mother's day gift idea

Since this Peru handcrafted organic cotton robe cardigan is incredibly cozy and weather-friendly, it is the perfect, thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. This clothing piece is undeniably one-of-a-kind, as it provides luxurious comfort to your mama while also being non-toxic and made with natural plant-based dyes.

14. Just Mom It Shirt

just mom it shirt; mother's day gift ideas

Every mother appreciates it when her kids add a personal touch by picking handcrafted gifts for her. The Just mom it shirt is an excellent example of how well a handcrafted item can be used to create a unique present. Your mom can show off this shirt at Mother’s Day brunch or on a warm sunny day!

For Moms Who Love To Plan Ahead

Even the superwoman in your life needs a reliable buddy from time to time. And that’s exactly what this planner does; it reminds her of everything worthy and sweet!

15. Worthwhile Recycled Paper Planner

worthwhile recycled paper planner is a mother's day gift idea

Moms are always on the go and love keeping things organized. So this Mother’s Day, gift your mum this practical recycled paper planner she’d cherish for months to come! This thoughtful Mother’s Day gift’s paper is sourced from a Michigan paper mill powered by hydropower. This handy planner will help her keep track of habits, and weekly plans, take notes or even doodle her favorite characters.

Talking about plans, check these thoughtful Mother’s Day plans for your mum and you.

Sometimes even a small gesture, like choosing a thoughtful gift, can mean a great deal to the woman who pours her heart out to you. So this May, let your gift do the talking for you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the supermoms! (And kudos to the super-thoughtful kids out there.)

If your mom is a handmade products enthusiast, these gifts will do the trick this Mother’s Day.

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