15 Useful Gardening Gifts To Surprise Your Favorite Plant Parents

From gardening tools & accessories to decor we've got it all! ☘️

We all know someone who is a gardening expert. Their house is filled with beautiful herbs, indoor plants, and spectacular flower beds; they might even grow some veggies. They are intensely passionate about gardening and are ready to talk about their plants for hours. If you know someone like this, lost in the world of green, then here are some amazing gifts for gardeners in your life. 

15 Best Gifts For Gardeners In Your Life 🪴

We have curated a list of eco-friendly gifts for gardeners who just cannot stop worrying about their plants.  We have found some fantastic gardening tools, accessories, mini-herb gardens, and so much more on this gifting list.

1. Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

gifts for gardeners - mason jar herb garden
Uncommon goods

Herbs are actually beginner-friendly. So, this one makes a perfect gift for someone who has just recently become a plant parent. And the best part about this gift is that it supports a circular design. The garden lover can use the herb for food; any wastage can be composted and again re-grown. These tinted jars not only look aesthetic but also have a passive hydroponic system. It brings nutrients up to the plants’ roots while regulating moisture. All your gardening friend/loved one has to do is place them in a sunny spot!

2. Custom Garden Trowel

gifts for gardeners - trowel
Hazel Grove Customs / Etsy

Who doesn’t like personalized gifts? And unlike other hobbies, even the most seasoned gardening enthusiasts would like to have their tools personalized. This will definitely bring a smile to their faces as it will be their new favorite garden trowel.

3. Herbal Tea Garden Collection + Mini Greenhouse

gifts for gardeners - herbal tea garden kit
Garden Outside The Box / Etsy

If your plant-loving pals love sipping on tea and relaxing, then what’s a better gift than giving them an option to grow their own teas! They are simply herbal bliss! In this kit, your friend will get seeds that they can grow and, along with that, a mini-greenhouse too. So now, they can grow their favorite teas at home! 

4. Floral Garden Gloves

gifts for gardeners - flower gloves
Shop Terrain

A gardening toolset is a must for anyone who is interested in this segment. And aren’t they the prettiest garden gloves? These extra-long gloves will protect your loved one’s arms and are also adjustable. In addition, they can easily be tossed into the washer to clean them right up!

5. Gardener’s Harvest Basket

gifts for gardeners - harvest basket
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If your friend or loved one has a beautiful garden where they grow amazing produce, then they will definitely appreciate a harvest basket. Inspired by vintage style, this harvest basket is a beautiful gift for gardeners in your life. They can easily carry decent-sized produce back to their house. And as this basket has mesh at the bottom, it becomes easier to hose down fruits and veggies.

6. Gardening Hacks: 300+ Time and Money Saving Hacks

gifts for gardeners - book on gardening hacks
Jon VanZile / Amazon

Even the most experienced gardeners love to know and learn some new tricks. This book is a perfect gift for gardeners as it contains inexpensive, easy hacks that will help plants grow and blossom. 

7. Gardener’s Tool Seat

gifts for gardeners - garden tools seat
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So, if your loved one is an avid gardener, they will truly cherish this gift. They would know a thing or two about back pain, first-hand. And this gardening seat not only helps with the pain but also works as a gardening tool bag.

8. Smart Garden 3 Indoor Herb Garden

gifts for gardeners - indoor herb garden
click and grow

Oh man, what should we say about this one? This is an amazing and new way to grow herbs. With energy-efficient LED lights, these pre-seeded pods grow into beautiful plants. This indoor plant is a pretty good gift for the gardeners in your life. They only need to pour water into the reservoir, and the plants will grow!

9. Canvas Garden Apron

gifts for gardeners - garden apron
Shop Terrain

Any serious gardener would appreciate and admire this apron; it’s high on utility and actually looks pretty dope. They can use the pockets for all sorts of tools they might need while gardening or tending to their beloved plants.

10. Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

gifts for gardeners - levitating bonsai pot
3D Crystal Memories / Etsy

Okay, we got to admit – this one is pretty amazing! In fact, it is one of the best gifts for gardeners. An amazing combination of nature and technology, this Air-Pot allows you to cultivate your favorite plants, mid-air! It can make anyone’s garden area look super fancy – it’s that gorgeous!

11. OMYSA Mid-Century Plant Stand With Pot

gifts for gardeners - plant stands with pots
OMYSA / Amazon

This planter stand set will definitely add charm to your home. The hardwood stand gives off a mid-century modern vibe, and your friend or loved ones can display their favorite indoor houseplants in style. 

12. Herb Garden Labels

gifts for gardeners - herb garden labels
Clay Hive Co / Etsy

These beautiful ceramic labels are great for both indoor and outdoor gardens. They will add a pretty pop of color to the planters; at the same time, they will help the non-gardeners identify the vast collection of herbs and plants! Now, isn’t that great?

13. Terra Cotta Pots

gifts for gardeners - terracota pots
D’vine Dev / Amazon

Ask any plant parent out there, and they will have one standard response – no one can have enough terracotta pots! These cool pots come in various sizes and have lovely designs, making them a good choice for household plants. Also, this can be your safest bet; you can’t go wrong with this amazing gift for gardeners.

14. Keter Urban Bloomer 1.2 ft x 3 ft Raised Garden

gifts for gardeners - raised garden
Keter / Overstock

The raised-bed planter is a good gift for someone who wants to take gardening to the next level. If they have limited access to outdoor spaces but want to grow veggies or herbs, then this planter is the answer! And the best part? This planter is self-watering, so your plants will be fine, even if your loved one goes out of town for a few days. 

15. Pennington Blue Cedar Platform Bird Feeder

gifts for gardeners - 2 in 1 bird feeder and bath
Pennington / Lowe’s

If your friend or loved one has a nice backyard that they take care of, this gift will be appreciated by them. Ask the most seasoned gardeners; insects, bees, and birds are essential in maintaining a good ecosystem. This open platform bird feeder will attract more birds and make their garden look blissful.

So, what are you waiting for? Surprise your loved ones with these amazing gifts for garden lovers and see their faces light up in joy!

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