6 Natural Grooming Gifts For Your Bearded Friends

Get your hands on these men's grooming essentials!

We’re always looking for unique gift ideas for the guys in the group. How about this time, you gift them some amazing natural grooming products? It will be a safe addition to their self-care routine

Men's Natural Grooming Products
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There may be thousands of brands when it comes to women’s grooming and hygiene; but for our beaded friends i.e. among men’s grooming brands, there aren’t enough. And if we talk about natural grooming products for men, the number drops even lower (exponentially!)

We have shortlisted our favorite natural grooming products from some of the best men’s grooming brands for you to gift your bearded buddies. (And all tried and tested too!)

1. Burt’s Bees Grooming Essentials Kit For Men

Natural Grooming Products For Men
Burt Bees

Burt Bees is probably the most well-known and the best men’s grooming brand in this series. (‘cause of their lip balm, yep!) We strongly recommend their Grooming Essentials Kit. It’s the best introduction gift for the boys in the group who have zero ideas about the existence of good grooming products for men!

2. Brickell Men’s Daily Essential Face Care Routine

Brickell's Mens Natural Grooming Products
Brickell Men

If you’re looking for natural men’s grooming products, you most definitely cannot skip, Brickell Men’s. It is one of the few brands which makes natural, organic, and the best grooming products for men. You will find a wide range of everything from natural skincare for men to hair grooming products for men. But we feel that their Daily Essential Face Care Routine is definitely a must-have for every guy.

3. Oars+Alps Everyday Essentials Kit

Oars + Alps Everyday Essential Kit - Men's Grooming Product

“If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.” says, Oars+Alps, the perfect brand that makes the best products for men, especially the wanderlust kinds. All the products in the Oars+Alps’ Everyday Essentials Kit are 100% natural, and the packaging is Travel TSA-friendly and spillproof. (B’bye to those *shampoo all over my bag* nightmares!)

4. Shea Moisture Core Men’s Essentials

Natural grooming products - core mens essentials
Shea Moisture

While Shea Moisture, a Unilever-acquired grooming giant, is always in talks for its amazing hair cleansers and conditioners; it is also widely known for the best beard grooming kits for men. Their Core Men’s Essentials is the ultimate beard grooming kit for all beard lovers out there. So, it’s for sure the perfect gift for any bearded human, this International Men’s Day!

5. Maapilim Perfect Beard Set

Natural Grooming Products - Maapilim Perfect Beard Set

The men’s grooming from Israel, Maapilim, uses all-natural ingredients obtained from various coastlines of the region. They are our fav and the best beard care brand around. Their Perfect Beard Set has some amazing beard products for men.

6. Scotch Porter Beard Collection

Natural Grooming Products -ScotchPorter - BeardCollection
Scotch Porter

The amazing all-natural men’s grooming brand, Scotch Porter, commits to giving you a premium grooming experience, outside the salon too. And so, they came up with their best-selling Beard Collection. It’s the best short beard grooming kit, as the products are designed to nourish, hydrate, and promote beard growth. (Yes! Finally.)

Those were some amazing men’s brands and even more amazing grooming products. And now that you know about them choose the right grooming gift for the men, already!

Brb! We gotta send invites for a grooming slumber party to the guys (and the girl gang, too!). It’s time to put on the face masks, sit back, relax and say buh-bye to stress altogether. 🙂 

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