5 Out Of The Box Planet-Friendly Christmas Gifting Ideas

Precious Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

When it’s Christmas, we want to be known as the one person in the clan who gives the best Christmas gifts year after year. (It’s like an unannounced competition, isn’t it?) So, this holiday season, we decided to go beyond the traditional holiday gifting and brought you some out-of-the-box yet planet-friendly Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones.

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Sounds shocking, doesn’t it?

So, when we say planet-friendly gifts, we mean gifts that will make your loved ones happy, and at the same time be kind to the planet as well. And here, we bring to you great gift ideas that will not require a gift wrap, (and wanted wrapping paper) but will definitely bring loads of joy and fun memories for you and your loved ones. After all, that’s what holidays are all about, right?

1. Take A Trip To An Eco-Getaway Destination

Holidays equals long weekends, and long weekends equals quality time with family (or friends)! We all wish for some fun getaways with our loved ones and holidays are the best time to put your plans into action. Oh and yes, here are a few quick tips to make your holidays planet-friendly and pocket-friendly. 

Go for an eco-friendly destination like Hawaii or California. (Yes! There are so many of them now.) Ecotourism is on the rise these days. Plan the whole trip in advance and make the bookings way early. Pre-bookings during various sales or on offer days can get you great discounts on travel, stay, and activities. (Woohoo!)

2. Go Wine-Tasting To A Sustainable Vineyard

Soak up the sun with a glass of fine wine and amazing views of an exotic wine county! Now, isn’t that something to live for? And, that is precisely why we suggest you go check out some fantastic and sustainable vineyards like Niner Wine Estate or Opolo Vineyards in Paso Robles, CA.

The main attraction is of course the wine and the vineyard. But there are other activities to enjoy as well like adventure sports, miniature golf, long walks, wildlife tours, etc. Most of these places have a fabulous set of activities to try out. All you got to do is book a session for you and your fav people as a Christmas gift!

Learn more about various Sustainable Vineyards here.

3. Get Them Gift Cards To Thrift Stores

Not sure about what style or color someone likes? (We know the pain!) A simple solution to this problem is a gift card. And you know what’s even better? Thrift stores. Imagine spending a ton of money on a dress you will wear just once or mostly twice. After that, it will just be a trophy tucked away in your closet.

We believe that thrift stores are the best. You rent what you want for the special occasion or thrift something at a way lower cost. And yes, give gift cards as Christmas gifts because then you don’t have to choose anything. This way, you’re doing two good deeds at once – introducing them to thrifting and giving them the choice of what to buy. (Yay!)

4. Join A Sport Or Hobby Class Together

Our busy schedules barely permit enough family time, let alone the time to pursue interests or hobbies like playing chess or stargazing. So, why not club both of them? It could be a special culinary skill you wanted to polish or a sport like swimming or squash that you wanted to learn. You can go for anything, just pick your partner in crime!

If you are worried about not being able to continue it once work resumes, go for workshops like baking, or dancing that last for a week or two. Try something fun with your whole squad or family. Go for group activities like rafting or volleyball. The entire point of it is to have fun and spend some good quality time together!

5. Get Them Subscriptions To Apps

Ok, this last one is an absolute stunner because who would say ‘No’ to a Netflix membership. For this one, you got to put in some effort to learn what they love the most and think of apps that are most suited to them.

For example, if a person loves fitness, you can gift them an annual subscription to a fitness app for Christmas. Likewise, for someone who has a stressful job, a Calm app membership is a thoughtful Christmas gift. So, if you know what interests them the most (which you should know by now), you’re good to go!

No matter what you buy, in the end, the intention behind any gift makes it stand out, if it’s out of the box. So, put an effort into learning what makes your loved ones happy. For some, it will just be your time; for others, some flowers might work wonders. 

So, choose your gifts wisely and live consciously.

Happy Holidays!

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