7 Sustainable Centerpieces To Try This Thanksgiving

Add stylish flair to your Thanksgiving table!

November is all about the delicious feasts, fresh from the oven, set on a beautifully decorated table with an amazing centerpiece sitting on the table. Yes, we are talking about thanksgiving. Talking about centerpieces, have you decided on the theme and decor for this year’s thanksgiving. If not, well, you are lucky. Here we have taken a little burden off your shoulder by listing out these awesome sustainable table centerpiece ideas that will perfectly blend with your Thanksgiving table decoration. You can either buy them or make your own centerpieces.

1. Macrame Table Runner

Are boho and vintage more like your style? Then add this macrame table runner to your cart. This will perfectly blend in with your boho style, and add elegance to your table. If you have an antique wooden dining table, then the knots on this macrame table runner will elegantly show off the table beneath it. Your guests are just going to love this table runner.

antique wooden dining table, then the knots on this macrame table runner will elegantly show off the table beneath it. Your guests are just going to love this table runner. 

2. Mason Jar with Lights

Mason jar with fairy lights in it and some flowers will make gorgeous centerpieces for your table. And these will especially light up the table for thanksgiving dinner. You can set this centerpiece all by yourself. Re-use the old mason jars you have in the house, put fairy lights into them, and pull out some fresh flowers from your garden. 

3. Candles As Centerpiece

Want a pottery barn-inspired decor piece? It’s simple, make one at home. Take glassware (any glass will do), a candle holder or a tall bowl, and a candle. You can add some acorns to the glass to give a fall touch to it. 

4. Edibles As Centerpiece

Sustainable table centerpiece
Nicole Michalou/Pexels

Your centerpieces don’t have to be only flowers or candles, It can be just some edibles. Fruits go better as centerpieces and are perfect for thanksgiving themes. Just take out a vintage platter and add some pears, berries, grapes, or whatever other fruits you have at home. 

5. DIY Fall Paper Leaf Centerpiece

This one needs your crafty brain. Gather some twigs from your yard, and take out some scrapbook paper. Draw small leaves on scrap paper and cut them out. With the help of glue, paste those leaves to the twigs that you’ve collected. You can even write some thankful msgs on those twigs or ask your guests to write the one thing they are thankful for on those leaves. 

6. Pumpkin Candles

There might be a lot of pumpkin decorations left from Halloween. This is the perfect time to re-use those left decors. If you have some leftover pumpkins, then just carve them out a little and stick candles on them. There you go, your fall table piece center is ready. 

7. Use Veggies As The Centerpiece

Go green. Scatter some green veggies like green gourds and acorn squash and some decorative candles around them. You can even add some dried leaves from your garden too. 

We are sure your guests are going to love these sustainable centerpiece ideas.

Let’s celebrate this Thanksgiving sustainably!

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