15 Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men Who Love The Planet

We found planet-friendly gifts for him from Amazon & Etsy

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate love. Not just the romantic kind of love, but every kind of love no matter who you’re celebrating it with – yourself, your best friend, the guy you love, the guy you just met, the guy you’re only friends with, or the guy who’s your partner in crime for every adventure.

That being said, you don’t really need to gift the traditional roses and cards; they might end up in the trash after a couple of days. Instead, there are several thoughtful ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So here, we’re sharing a list of sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts for men to celebrate love, consciously!

1. Oct17 Bamboo Wireless Optical Mouse – For The Workoholic Guy

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts Oct17 Bamboo Wireless Optical Mouse
Oct17 Store / Amazon

For the men in your life who can not let go of work and are always in front of a computer screen, we have one of the best sustainable gift ideas from Amazon that will be a total surprise! Check out this Oct 17 Bamboo Wireless Optical Mouse, which is not just a sustainable gift but also healthy as it absorbs computer radiation. It’s made with biodegradable bamboo, and the comfortable design offers a unique natural touch and an anti-static effect. Now, how great is that?

2. Vintage Faux Leather Journal – So He Can Document Every Moment With You

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts Faux Leather Journal
MJA / Amazon

If he is someone who keeps a journal, we have the perfect eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift for him. Surprise him with a handmade Vintage Faux Leather Journal. This ideal gift from Amazon is a journal made with 100% recycled cotton, chemical-free, acid-free paper, and faux leather (i.e., no animals were involved while making this leather.) It’s a fantastic way for him to pen down all the memories you make together!

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3. Mystery Book Gift – Send Him On A Blind Date With A Book

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts 
Mystery Book Gift
Paragon Gifts GB / Etsy

Yep, it’s time for him to go on a blind date, only this time, with a book! The Mystery Book Gift from Etsy is an amazing initiative to keep books out of landfills. All you got to do is choose a genre that he prefers and a mystery book will be delivered to him. This thoughtful and sustainable Valentine’s Day gift comes in eco-friendly packaging and includes secondhand books in great condition. It also comes along with signature paperclip bookmarks, handpainted in acrylic on wood with a design specific to the book or genre you’ve chosen.

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4. Vodka Infusion Cocktail Kit – Add Extra Love To His Drinks

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts Vodka Infusion Cocktail Kit
Craft Connections Co / Etsy

Alcohol can make any occasion fun, and what if we told you that you could DIY it! Try out one of the most fantastic gifts from Etsy, the Vodka Infusion Cocktail Kit. This gift set comes with complete equipment, including an Infusion Jar with Lid, Liquor Bottle with Cork Top, Funnel & Strainer with Fine Mesh Filter, Chalkboard Tag to Label Creation & A Recipe Book with over 70 simple recipes to make your own infused vodka in just 24 hours!

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5. Beer Chiller Sticks – For The Beer Lover

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts 
Beer Chilling Sticks
Woondulla Store / Amazon

If he loves his beer as much as he loves you, then these Beer Chiller Sticks will make a perfect sustainable Valentine’s Day gift for him. These eco-friendly sticks are made with FDA-grade stainless steel that comes in a sustainably sourced, FSC approved pinewood box along with a bottle opener. Enjoy the pure taste of chilled beer with this fantastic sustainable gift. All he needs to do is pop these sticks in the freezer for three hours and they will keep his beer chilled for longer!

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6. Man Gift Box – For The Adernaline Junkie In Him

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts Man Gift Box
Boxzie / Amazon

If your man is the adventurous, outdoorsy kind who never misses an opportunity to go camping, then we found this fantastic sustainable Valentine’s Day gift for him from Amazon. The Man Gift Box includes Ferro Rod with Jumbo Jute Fire-Starting Rope, Rambo Knife with Sheath & Mini Ferro Rod, All Natural Coffee Grit Soap, Green BPA-Free Double Insulated Coffee Mug with Lid, Charcoal Cedar & Sandalwood Soy Candle and a Personalized Card. This sustainable gift set has got all the camping essentials he needs when he is out in the wild!

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7. Tree Tribe Water Bottle – An Eco-Friendly Reminder For Him To Stay Hydrated

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts Tree Tribe Water Bottle
Tree Tribe Store / Amazon

The Tree Tribe Water Bottle is the best sustainable Valentine’s Day gift for him. This reusable, plastic-free bottle comes with a bamboo lid and double wall insulation, which keeps cold water cold for the entire day, and hot liquids remain super hot for 6+ hours. The great part, however, is the lifetime warranty; if something goes wrong, you can get a free replacement anytime. Gift him this eco-friendly reminder to always stay hydrated.

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8. Beetlemax No-Waste Gift Set – The Perfect Plastic-Free Starter Kit For Him

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts Beetlemax No Waste Gift Set
Beetlemax Store / Amazon

For planet lovers like him, zero waste and plastic-free gifts are always a great and mindful choice! If you are looking for a sustainable gift set, don’t forget to check out the Beetlemax No-Waste Gift Set. It has sustainable and reusable Bamboo Straws, Bamboo Toothbrushes, Dental Floss, Bamboo Cotton Face Pads, Bamboo Swabs, and Mesh Produce Bags. It’s a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for men who are conscious of their impact on the planet.

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9. Cork Glasses Flexcase – To Keep His Sunglasses Protected

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts Cork Flexcase

This recyclable Cork Glasses Flexcase is great for properly storing sunglasses, along with his keys and his phone too. This case is made with high-quality natural cork that’s ethically and sustainably sourced in Portugal and is super lightweight and durable. It comes with a soft lining on the inside, an easy-to-close zipper, and a waterproof design, which makes it a great sustainable Valentine’s Day gift for him.

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10. Burt’s Bees Classic Gift Set – For A Nourishing Skincare Routine

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts Burt's Bees Classic 6-Piece Gift Set
Burt’s Bees Store / Amazon

Skin care is a great way to pamper your loved ones, whether it’s a simple skincare routine or a complete body care routine. So, shower him with extra love by giving him Burt’s Bees Classic 6-Piece Gift Set from Amazon. This sustainable Valentine’s Day gift set includes Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Coconut Foot Cream, Beeswax Lip Balm, Classic Hand Salve & Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream, and a tin of Res-Q Ointment to hydrate, moisturize and nourish dry cuticles, feet, and the skin. One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for men to include in their daily skincare routine.

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11. Beard Grooming Set – For An All-Natural Beard Care Routine

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts Beard Grooming Kit
XIKEZAN Store / Amazon

This luxury Beard Grooming Set makes the perfect sustainable Valentine’s Day gift for men who are particular about their beard care routine. The grooming kit comes with 9 beard care essentials – Beard Conditioner, Beard Shampoo, Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Beard Brush, Beard Comb, Beard Scissors, Storage Bag, and E-Book. The beard conditioner, shampoo, balm, and oil are all made with natural ingredients like Argan oil and Jojoba oil which make his beard soft and smooth and also promote beard growth. How great is that!

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12. Build Your Own Eco Gift Box – Test How Well You Know Him

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts Eco Gift Box
Things of Nature Co UK / Amazon

This Eco Gift Box is an amazing opportunity to test how well you really know him. All you got to do is, choose self-care products from the seller’s page to make a sustainable Valentine’s Day gift for him. Once he receives your gift box, ask which products he loved the most. Another good thing about this gift box is that all products are organic and planet-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals or their impact on the environment.

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13. Vegan Keto Snack Box – For A Healthy & Vegan Valentine’s Day

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts Vegan Keto Snack Box
Edge by Body Code Store / Amazon

It’s often difficult to find vegan gifts; but don’t you worry ’cause we’ve got you covered. We have one of the perfect Valentine’s day gifts for men who are vegan. So, whether you plan to binge-watch shows or go for a long drive together, this Vegan Keto Snack Box is full of healthy and finger-licking good Vegan munchables you can pick and choose from, for your health-conscious and fitness-loving man.

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14. Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit – For His Kitchen Garden

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts Indoor Herb Gardening Starter Kit
Spade To Fork Store / Amazon

If he loves the planet, we are sure he loves plants too. You can never go wrong with a set of herbs around the house. These herb plants will bring his kitchen to life and add a fresh pinch of gourmet flavor to everything he cooks. You can get this excellent Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit as a gift from Amazon. The USDA organic certified gift set is GMO-free and has five herb seeds – Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Sage, and Thyme.

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15. Eco Warrior Challenge Dispenser – Encourage Him On A Low Impact Journey

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts Eco Warrior Challenge Dispenser
Oakdene Designs / Etsy

This is the perfect sustainable Valentine’s Day gift for planet lovers. The Eco-Warrior Challenge Dispenser is a set of 20 sustainability challenges and swaps to shift towards a low-impact lifestyle. Customize challenges as per your wishes for him and help him achieve a more planet-friendly lifestyle.

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We hope you have zeroed in on a sustainable gift from this list of Valentine’s Day gifts for men who love the planet. And if you’re looking for gift recommendations for women, make sure to check out our blog on sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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