10 Ways To Shop For Ethical And Sustainable Gifts

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“The best gift to future generations is a sustainable gift.

While ordering gifts online is convenient, it is not the most eco-friendly choice. Instead, choosing sustainable gift ideas from brands that curate the best products that your closest friend or sustainability enthusiasts need seems easier. 

Want to give your conscious friend a gift they’ll remember for its thoughtfulness and for which they’ll be eternally grateful to you? Giving your best friend a thoughtful, eco-friendly present is a great way to support their decision if you’re already on the lookout for sustainable gifting ideas. So, don’t fret as you’re about to discover the best-curated list of sustainable gift ideas from GoodGuilt!

Here’s The Best Gifts For Sustainability Lovers, To Choose From

We’ve highlighted 10 sustainable gift ideas for you to shop for, and we’re positive you’ll find the best gifts for sustainability enthusiasts, whether it’s for your best friend’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas! Join us in discovering incredible luxurious to affordable gift ideas that are beyond amazing.

1. Syrup Making Kit From DoneGood

With its platform, DoneGood makes shopping for sustainable gift ideas easier than ever before. Find ethical and sustainable products from over 200 brands, often with DoneGood coupons! Best of all, this syrup-making kit is one of the most amazing sustainable birthday gifts available at DoneGood. An antioxidant-rich kit that naturally enhances your immune system, your friend, family, or partner will remember for the rest of their life. What we love about these sustainable birthday gifts is that you can make your own medicine, making it an excellent present for health-conscious people.  Above all, it’s delicious, too!

2. Handwoven Cushion Covers From Tonlé

A splash of great eco-friendly home decor! Tonlé offers one of the finest sustainable gift ideas; not only because they design attractive zero-waste garments, but they also use all fabric scraps to make their beautiful pieces. Your buddy who is as obsessed with decorating their homes with some aesthetic home decor pieces as we are, Tonlé, had to be included in this list! These cushion covers make great sustainable birthday gifts for people who’ve recently got married, moving into their dream home, or looking for sustainable gift ideas for their cozy corner. Made ethically, they look for the best materials to make the best gift for environment lovers.

3. Recycled Rubber Trivet Set From MadeTrade

Who knew finding ethical and sustainable gifts could be so much fun? The company was founded by a couple who recognized the needs of conscious consumers. Today, they offer some of the best sustainable gift options you’ll ever see come across. They have a wide variety of gifts for environment lovers, including one of the most sustainable gift ideas for your best friend – these gorgeous coasters. Whether it’s your friend’s birthday or just a small expression of love, they’ll treasure this lovely recycled rubber trivet set. Get such gifts for environment lovers from MadeTrade and make your best friend’s year!

4. The Weekender Duffle Bag From Etsy

You really thought we’d be talking about sustainable birthday gifts and not mention Etsy? We already knew you’re shopping for gifts for environment lovers, and so, Etsy is the natural pick. It’s an ideal place to go for ethical and sustainable gifts as they have everything from jewelry to accessories, home and lifestyle, and creative gifts for environment lovers. However, if you were looking for a bag, you’ve come to the right place. This birthday season, the Weekender duffel bag is exactly what you’re looking for! If your pal you enjoy intense treks or quick getaways, it is unquestionably one of the best sustainable gift ideas for your best friend.

5. Coconut Vanilla Body Lotion From Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a marketplace where you can shop for everyday necessities and essential luxuries without feeling guilty. Thrive Market is a one-stop shop for sustainable birthday gifts that are affordable to all! If your friend enjoys natural wines or taking care of their skin, sign up at Thrive today to get the best gifts for environment lovers and self-care devotees on your list! So go out and load your shelves with everything you’ll need to flourish, from superfoods to this amazing clean body lotion that your skin deserves. And also a whole lot more that’d make unique, sustainable gift ideas for best friend or lover.

6. Handcrafted Fringe Belt From Chic Made Consciously

Do you know someone who loves a statement piece? Then check out these sustainable birthday gifts from the brand, like this handcrafted fringe belt, to make your pal stand out and feel influential. It is entirely made of reclaimed materials, making it one of the boldest statement pieces, EVER! They’ll feel good knowing you shopped ethically and helped the environment! These kinds of sustainable gift ideas for your best friend, in our opinion, would make be great for someone trendy or who enjoys fashion.

7. Organic Raw Chocolate Bars From Rêve En Vert

Rêve En Vert is dedicated to bettering the earth through its fashion and lifestyle marketplace; also known for its luxurious sustainable gifts for environment lovers. What we love about this brand is that they exclusively work with designers who respect people and the planet. Organic, re-made, local, and fair trade apparel, jewelry, and accessories are among the best sustainable gift ideas for best friends you’ll find here. These unique, raw chocolate bars are handcrafted and responsibly sourced. They’re vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and, above all, the best gifts for sustainability lovers.

8. Cedar & Tobacco Reed Diffuser From Fair Trade Winds

Fair Trade Winds is an online and offline leader in the fair trade movement. The family-owned company has some fantastic, sustainable birthday gifts not only for friends and family but also for your coworkers. They have special categories for the best gifts for sustainability lovers, ranging from clothing to gifts to home decor. The reed diffuser, which is one of the best gifts for environment lovers, is made in Chicago by young moms and at-risk women. The diffuser fills the air with a long-lasting, non-toxic scent. Also, the clear apothecary bottle and natural rattan reeds provide a touch of luxury to the comfort of home.

9. Atmosphere Protection Cream From Petit Vour

Make room for Petit Vour, everyone! Petit Vour has curated the best cruelty-free fashion, cosmetics, and home goods from your favorite beauty brands. Since it’s dedicated to offering only the best products, it’s the ideal place to shop for ethical and sustainable gifts. This lightweight moisturizer moisturizes while also acting as a barrier against pollutants. It is one of the best gifts for sustainability lovers who value ethical beauty goods. Use the moisturizer before applying sunscreen or as a primer for flawless makeup application. Here’s a fantastic makeup base that is completely undetectable!

10. Garden Beds By EarthEasy

EarthEasy is very easy to understand. They prioritize a higher quality of life, meaning – more time with family and friends, a cheaper cost of living, and a house and yard free of toxins. These natural cedar-raised garden beds are one of the most sustainable gift ideas for a best friend or a nature-loving couple. They are long-lasting garden beds for vegetables and flowers; can be put together in minutes without the use of any tools. What’s the best part? The wood is protected with a non-toxic waterproof sealer and can be disassembled just as quickly. Hands down one of the best gifts for sustainability lovers.

Once you find a shop you trust, you can turn to them for anything on your list, whether it’s fashion, home decor, or beauty products!

On your way out, don’t forget to check out some amazing, ethical, and sustainable clothing brands you’ll definitely love!

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