10 Sustainable Chocolate Brands That Make Delicious Treats For Your Sweet Tooth

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Anyone with a sweet tooth will understand the bliss of biting into a chocolate bar. Chocolate cravings will undoubtedly strike at some point, most likely soon. (Read all the way to the end before it does!) Any true chocolate connoisseur knows that the chocolate aisles are practically bursting at the seams, with so many options now. And, like most foods, it’s time to think about where these sweet treats come from. So let’s go through the ten best sustainable chocolate brands that offer the ultimate indulgence! But first…

What Do Sustainable Chocolates Mean?


Sustainable chocolates, also known as sustainable cacao chains, aim to preserve and ensure long-term supply. Ethically sourced chocolate means that the chocolate was grown, farmed, and produced with the planet in mind, and ensures that the company treated the cocoa growers and farmers fairly.

So, are you ready to sink your teeth into some delectable aka best chocolates? Here we go!


Unreal dark chocolate peanut butter cups; sustainable chocolate brand
Unreal.Snacks / Instagram

You aren’t a true chocolate lover if you don’t know Unreal, the sustainable chocolate brand! Unreal, on a mission to dejunk the world, is reimagining America’s favorite foods. This sweetmeat brand is responsible for redesigning the famous M&Ms® and Reese’s® with less sugar but better taste. All Unreal candy options are made with non-GMO, non-artificial ingredients that do not contain gluten, corn, or soy. From peanut & almond butter cups to coconut bars and peanut gems, these chocolates are created with a luxurious touch.

Our Pick: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups – a flavorful fusion of creamy peanut butter and melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate that creates a truly delectable treat.

2. Beyond Good

Beyond Good; sustainable chocolate brand
EatBeyondGood / Instagram

Madécasse chocolate isn’t just good; it’s Beyond Good, as the company recently rebranded itself. This name change, in fact, accurately describes the overall ethos, operations, and products of this sustainable chocolate brand. There’s no shortage of ways to satisfy your sweet tooth, from delectable vanilla bars, bundles, and melts to flavorful chocolate. In addition, the brand sells the best vegan chocolates that are organic and made from cocoa beans grown by small-scale farmers who are paid more than a fair trade price.

Our Pick: Single Origin Madagascar, a 70% pure dark chocolate bar, is an introduction to the flavors of Madagascar cocoa, bringing the bright, fruity flavors that we love to the core.

3. Theo

Theo; sustainable chocolate brand

When it first opened its doors in 2005, Seattle-based Theo Chocolate was one of the country’s first organic and fair trade chocolate factories. The best chocolate brand we know, Theo is regarded not only for its tastes but also because its ingredients are organic, kosher certified, and soy-free. In addition, the sustainable chocolate brand offers mouthwatering bits of confectionery like raspberry, sea salt, mint, salted almond, coffee, and orange!

Our Pick: Theo Orange with 70% dark chocolate will make you brighter with the light, citrus flavor of orange essential oil blended into their smooth dark chocolate.

4. Vosges Chocolate

Vosges Chocolates Manchego & Cherry; sustainable chocolate brand

If you’re looking for the best vegan milk chocolate, look no further than Vosges, which now has an entire vegan collection. Many of the vegan offerings from Vosges, right from vegan truffles to vegan chocolate bars, are made with cacao, coconut oil, and sea salt. We particularly love the green tea matcha variety; we also recommend that you look into their gluten-free chocolate selection and incredibly creamy truffle collection.

Our Pick: Manchego and Cherry is a rare blend of cheese and chocolate! A worthy surprise by combining Manchego cheese with tart-dried Montmorency cherries in proprietary bittersweet chocolate.

5. Alter Eco

Alter Eco's truffle thins; sustainable chocolate brand
AlterEco_Foods / Instagram

Since its inception in 2005, Alter Eco’s mission has been to create high-quality chocolates that are good for the environment, cacao farmers, and your chocolate cravings! As a result, the sustainable chocolate brand offers the best vegan chocolates, chocolate bars and truffles, granola, quinoa, and butter bombs that are to die for! Psst, letting you in on a secret; don’t forget to try Alter’s Chocolate Truffles and Chocolate Nut Butter Bombs, two of the brand’s must-tries.

Our Pick: Ecuadorian cacao, coconut oil, and milk combine to make the smooth and creamy center of their must-have Silk Velvet Truffle Thins! It is one of the best milk chocolates you’d ever taste.

6. Lily’s

lily's salted caramel; sustainable chocolate brand
Lilys_Sweets / Instagram

Dark chocolate fanatics, take note! Lily’s is the ultimate destination for those looking for botanically sweetened, gluten-free, fair-trade chocolates with no added sugar! This is one of the best chocolate brands that offers 85% extremely dark chocolate bars sweetened with Stevia, made with love, and free of dairy. A word of caution: these chocolates are made on the same equipment that processes milk, peanuts, and tree nuts; so anyone with a dairy or nut allergy should avoid them.

Our Pick: The Salted Caramel Bar has the buttery goodness of rich caramel flavors plus that secret sea salt weapon. Less Sugar. Sweet Life.

7. Equal Exchange

Coconut milk bar by Equal Exchange; sustainable chocolate brand

The worker-owned company Equal Exchange is a pioneer in the fair trade chocolate movement. It is one of the best sustainable chocolate brands as its chocolates and cocoas are made with USDA-certified organic ingredients. With the best vegan chocolates your tastebuds could have ever known, you can enjoy the ultimate sweetness with the brand’s best milk chocolates, bars, minis, chips, and cocoa.

Our Pick: The Coconut Milk Bar is a rich and creamy indulgence made with coconut sugar and coconut milk instead of dairy, with heavy notes of caramel and toasted coconut, and just a hint of coconut tang.

8. Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony's Chocolonely is a sustainable chocolate brand
TonysChocolonely_us/ Instagram

On this list of the best chocolates, we love Tony’s Chocolonely as it fights to end slavery. The Amsterdam-based brand sells slave-free, bean-to-bar chocolates, proving to the world that using Tony’s slave-free cocoa recipe, chocolates can be made differently. Milk chocolate, hazelnut, almond honey, and extra-dark chocolate from this sustainable chocolate brand are luscious and, ultimately, delicious!

Our Pick: Your tastebuds will want more of the Caramel Sea Salt, one of the best vegan chocolates, filled with crunchy caramel and a hint of sea salt.

9. Divine Chocolate

Smooth dark chocolate bar by Divine Chocolate is a sustainable chocolate brand
DivineChocolateusa / Instagram

Get ready to break a bar of chocolate with a satisfying snap that will please your ears, and, most definitely, your palate. Divine Chocolate has been aptly named and often described as heavenly! Be proud to indulge in their milk, white, and dark chocolates, as the brand is the world’s first and only cocoa farmer-owned fair trade and B-Corp chocolate brand. Divine is the ultimate umbrella for everything luscious, from small bars to sharing bars and chocolate hampers to the best vegan chocolates!

Our Pick: A bar for the bold! Smooth Dark Chocolate bar is made with 60% cocoa and sprinkled with pink Himalayan salt, which adds a satiating blend of saltiness to its flavor.

10. ChocZero

keto bark by ChocZero is a sustainable chocolate brand
ChocZero / Instagram

Mmmhhh! If you’re looking for a gluten-free, sugar-free, and fair trade chocolatey treat, look no further than ChocZero. It is a family-owned chocolate factory in Southern California. This sustainable chocolate brand carefully selects premium ingredients to provide a higher standard of sweetness. As a result, these keto-friendly treats are just as decadent as conventional chocolates. Thanks to their unique monk-fruit formula, natural Madagascar vanilla, and fair trade cocoa beans!

Our Pick: This Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Keto Bark contains no artificial sweeteners and is delightfully gluten-free. It is rich in buttery filberts and low in net carbs.

We hope your quest with us for the best sustainable chocolates has been ‘sweet!’ Whatever the occasion, you’re sure to find the perfect dark chocolate or the best milk chocolates at these brands that care about the environment and you! So, which of these chocolates from our list above will you indulge in next?

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