7 Sustainable Spring Activities That You Can Enjoy Indoors!

Have some fun indoors! 🌿

As we transition out of the chilly winter season and look forward to beach days and popsicles courtesy of summer, we sit in spring waiting for the stormy weather outside to subside. While spring brings strong winds, cold weather, and occasionally snow, staying indoors during this transition period can get boring.

Here’s a list of indoor spring activities or games to play indoors when you’ve run out of ideas that are not only fun but good for the environment.

1. Start Gardening

Spring activities - Gardening
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One of the many fulfilling spring activities is discovering you have a green thumb. As spring is a great time to watch new life breathed into surrounding greenery, jump on the bandwagon and introduce some plant care into your daily routine

The activity can be great for individuals of all ages. Look for summer flowering bulbs, such as Dahlias, Petunias, and Hibiscus. This way, you can hone your gardening skills over the season and watch the reward for the effort flourish in the next. Introduce new sources of oxygen into your environment and once you get the hang of things, why not grow some produce to create a system of self-sustenance. 

If you’re looking for a more low-maintenance planting endeavor, introduce a succulent into the mix. These versatile plants need minimal day-to-day upkeep but are just as fun to take care of.

2. Experiment With Vegan Cooking

Spring Activities - Experiment with vegan cuisine
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One of the more fun and rewarding indoor activities is to head into the kitchen. Whether on your own or with family and friends, the experience of measuring ingredients and following instructions to create something delectable is well worth it. This would be a great time to experiment with new ingredients and recipes. Possibly introduce some vegan items to your menu?

If you have young children around the home, this could be an excellent opportunity to introduce them to a new mentally stimulating activity. The logical process of getting their hands dirty creates an interactive experience bound to have them ask if they can do it again. Additionally, creating yummy and nutritious vegan meals could help introduce more sustainable eating habits.

Now would be a great time to experiment for those not so kitchen adept. Look for quick to finish yet flavorful vegan recipes that offer maximum impact in return for that little bit of your time. You’d be surprised at how easily putting together a fantastic meal can be!

3. How About Some Board Games?

Spring Activities - board games
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Board games are a great way to spend time with family and friends without using a large amount of electricity. Look for fun board games that can be passed down from generation to generation as something fun to do, while we turn off our electronic devices and gather everyone around.

Use this as a great moment to showcase some vegan snacks you’ve been experimenting with and brace yourself for an evening of fun and laughter. Some of our favorite games to play include:

  • The Game of Life
  • Guess Who?
  • Clue
  • Monopoly
  • Battleship
  • Ludo
  • Chess

Playing board games is also a sustainable way to develop logical reasoning skills and stay away from generic video games. Don’t forget to check out the best board games 2022 has to offer for something new.

4. Build A Home Gym

Spring Activities - Home Gym
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Home gyms sound like they’d require thousands of dollars worth of equipment and their own designated space. This may be practical for a small percentage of people; however, if you don’t have the space or budget for a home gym, consider this –

  • Buy pieces of equipment you know you’ll get the most use of, and everyone can share. These include resistance bands, dumbbells, and yoga mats. Additionally, they use no electricity, which can be helpful to minimize your energy consumption.
  • Create a space where you can comfortably lay down the equipment and where you would be comfortable storing them too.
  • Consider introducing more gymnastics-oriented workout equipment if you have small children, including an aerial hoop, gymnastic rings, or even a balance beam.
Spring Activities - Online Apps For Workout
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  • For those who would instead take a class than go to the gym, the internet offers several exciting programs, both paid and free. As the types depend on your fitness level, you can go as straightforward or as hardcore, as you’d like to.
  • The gym equipment could also create fun indoor games depending on what the children, or you as adults, find interesting. Create exercise circuits with a bit of reward for the fastest one who completes it, or just for taking the time and effort to finish the activity.
  • Yoga is a winning indoor activity. Body movement and meditation let individuals of all ages stretch their bodies and breathe better. For younger children, this could be a fun way to teach them how our bodies can move and encourage the building of strength and balance.

Looking for some options for comfy activewear? Here’re some of our favorite eco-conscious activewear brands for you!

5. Create A Terrarium

Spring Activities - Terrariums
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One of our favorite indoor spring activities to add a little life into your day is assembling the terrarium and watching plant life flourish over time. Terrariums are glass jars that contain soil and plants, usually held in sealed containers. The pot could be as big or as small as you’re comfortable with. Sealed terrariums work by creating water vapor around the jar’s walls to create a self-sustaining hydration system, allowing the plants to grow with little intervention.

Terrariums can be a fun activity for individuals of all ages. Much like the peace of having a plant to take care of, teaching responsibility, and the importance of life, terrariums can be an excellent option for anyone looking for low-maintenance solutions with a bit of green in their lives.

6. Spring Cleaning!

Spring Activities - Spring Cleaning
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While this may not fall under the category of fun indoor activities, depending on how you approach spring cleaning, this could be an enjoyable activity. Spring cleaning allows you to reorganize and recenter for the new year. This is a great time to take stock of everything in your home or living space and downsize.

Downsizing is not necessarily a bad thing; understanding the items you no longer need and possibly donating them is not only something nice to do for the community but gives you more space to fill with new purchases for the year. Especially when trying to introduce more sustainability into your life, this is a great time to substitute products you use frequently for more ethically sourced items. Or you can donate/ upcycle/ recycle items instead of purchasing new things.

Take this spring activity slowly, move from one room to another or one area to another. In fact, if you’re looking for help, make sure to check our article on spring cleaning tips.

7. Dance, Dance!

Spring Activities - Dance it out
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One of our favorite indoor spring activities has to be a house party! Hear us out; after spending days looking for indoor activities that engage all current residents of your living space, this has to be the most fun and dynamic one.

All you need is some good music and gather up the troops. Keeping everyone active is not only better for their health but creates a more dynamic activity to do that doesn’t require everyone glued to a screen. Solo dance parties are equally fun, allowing you to belt out your favorite tunes into a hairbrush while you release any of that pent-up aggression.

So, for anyone spending an abundant amount of time indoors during this season, fret not; there are several games to play indoors and spring activities to keep you busy until the weather gets better. Especially when adopting more ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable practices, this could be a great challenge to take on to prepare yourself for a lifetime of better quality living.

Time indoors is a great moment to pick up a new hobby, finish reading a book, or watch that movie you’ve been putting off. The time is now! You can check out this list of Empowering Mental Health Books to read and Netflix Documentaries to watch this season!

Here’s to having fun with these spring activities, this season! 🌻

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