9 Sustainable Travel Tips for Your Next Holiday!

Make memories on your holiday to last for years to come...

Most of us are blessed to have been bitten by the travel bug and are obsessed with the idea of traveling domestically (or internationally). But you also know you can’t let go of the ethical person you are and need to satisfy that urge for sustainable travel, no matter wherever you travel in the world. And when you first visit a hotel that has been on your travel wishlist forever, have you ever noticed the mini-shampoo and conditioner bottles and realized that something’s not right here? All of it would end up in landfills when all you needed to do was travel eco-friendly by bringing your own toiletries!

Given your passion for travel, here are some eco-friendly travel hacks you’ll need for your next sustainable holiday on that long-awaited journey.

1. Carry Your Own Travel Water Bottle Or Coffee Mug!

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Some people are fascinated with the idea of sipping the best-tasting coffees in various parts of the world. We often prefer diehard travelers in a glass with a stunning view. However, going on a hike or moving from one cafe to another may end us using takeaways; and you don’t want to add to the landfills by contributing with more waste. 

So, carry your favorite flask or mug along with you for eco-friendly travel that will benefit you and the local communities as well.

2. Support Local Communities, As An Eco-Conscious Traveler!

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Buying souvenirs from local shops and artisans is one of the most sustainable travel hacks you can use. Let the sustainable traveler in you speak for itself, as, by the end of your exciting eco-friendly travel, you will know you’ve done your bit by rejecting low-quality imported souvenirs. 

Instead, go for souvenirs made by local craftspeople and artists found in local markets. (Of course, this is also a great chance to show off your bargaining skills!)

3. Always Travel Eco-Friendly With Sustainable Tour Companies

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You’re about to have the finest sleep of your life if you’re an eco-conscious traveler who knows that your money will do some good for the planet by traveling eco-friendly. 

Sustainable tour companies like Discover Corps, ROW Adventures, and Kynder make eco-traveling a lot easier and more fun! Making the proper choices from the start will help you achieve green travel!

4. Sustainable Travel Calls For Booking Your Stay Sustainably (And Sensibly)

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This is a sustainable travel hack you didn’t realize you needed! Avoid booking hotels through websites run by corporations since they charge local sellers a high commission. Instead, Google, Google, and Google some more for eco-friendly hotels and destinations that work towards the environment for the best rates and a fantastic sustainable tour and stay.

5. A Sustainable Travel Hack Calls For A Multi-Purpose Plug

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Tired of looking for various outlets that best fit your devices? Not anymore, as you can travel eco-friendly by making life easier – purchase a multi-purpose plug that fits into nearly every socket around the world. A massive difference in money, time, and a big plastic saver. What else do you need for smart, sustainable travel?

6. For Eco-Conscious Travel, Take The Bus Or Train Wherever Possible!

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Using private transport to get around your holiday destination may be convenient, but it costs the environment a lot. If you have to travel from one tourist spot to another (like a picturesque spot or a famous cafe that you’ve wanted to visit for a long time), try to travel by bicycle as a green travel option. Or take public transit like the bus or metro rather than renting a taxi for a short 10-minute trip. You’d be saving up to 80% on your carbon emissions, and we promise it will be worth the experience of traveling like the locals!

7. Do Not Forget Your Toiletries, No Matter What!

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Tyler Nix

Do not leave your toiletries hanging in your home closet if you’re planning an overnight stay. The lesser toiletries you use lower the impact on the environment. 

Instead, carry a compact bag with your toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as a refillable travel pouch of your go-to toiletries, as you don’t want to add more to the landfills. Better yet, we believe a sustainable travel tip should include solid conditioners and shampoo bars too.

8. For A Sustainable Travel, Rewash The Hotel Towels

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Ishan @seefromthesky/Unsplash

Take a break from your sustainable tour, and rethink if there’s anything you’ll be pleased to reuse. For example, according to ACT Government, a typical hotel room with 4kgs of laundry uses roughly 60 liters of water. Look for a sign in the bathroom that explains what they’ll be doing with your towels. 

Today, many hotels rewash towels, and in some cases, even linens, unless you prefer not to reuse them.

9. Look For The Best Sustainable Travel Tips And Eco-Friendly Travel Hacks

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Austin Distel/Unsplash

For starters, look for the best eco-friendly hotels and destinations, and also ask around to know what you can do as an eco-conscious traveler. Look for people and businesses that are dedicated to the environment and assisting others to travel eco-friendly, as well! 

Even if it’s just a casual day out or an overnight stay in the mountains, you can be the change you wish to see.

We appreciate you, eco-conscious travelers! Bon Voyage.

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