5 Things You Must Know Before Going On A Plant-Based Diet

Switching to a plant-based diet? Here are a few things to expect.

Going on a plant-based diet is a huge step to take. When it comes to food, you are giving up quite a lot of things. It’s a big change for the body and mind. There can be a myriad of reasons why you might want to shift to a plant-based diet. It could be for health reasons, the planet, or perhaps animal welfare.

So, to make your transition easier, here are a few things you must know before you make the switch.

1. You might need some vitamin supplements

Switching to plant-based diet - include vitamins
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As with any diet plan, it’s important to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs. When it comes to a plant-based diet, you might need to include vitamin supplements in your diet, including Vitamin B12, D, and long-chain omega-3s. Most foods containing these vitamins are naturally found in animal products. However, it is always best to speak to your healthcare provider before including any of these supplements in your diet.

2. Do not replace animal products with junk food

Skip the junk foods - plant-based diet
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If you want to go on a plant-based diet, then do it right. Replacing all your animal products with processed foods won’t do anything positive for your body or your health. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables while replacing animal products with healthier alternatives such as beans, legumes, and nuts. This will not only keep you full but will also keep you energetic and in a good mood.

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3. Add protein sources to your plate

protein sources - plant-based diet
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Ensure you’re getting enough protein in your diet if you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast (or just an active person). If you don’t consume enough protein from plants, it could lead to muscle loss over time because plant sources aren’t as complete as animal sources when it comes to amino acids (protein building blocks). Some of the best protein sources that you can add to your diet include tofu, lentils, quinoa, seitan, chickpeas, almonds, etc.

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4. Buy fresh instead of frozen foods

shop locally produced - plant-based diet
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The frozen food aisle is a great place to find ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables, which are convenient for busy plant-based eaters. But no matter how easy to prep and cook it is, fresh ingredients are always a better choice. This is because they do not have added sodium or preservatives to make them last longer. In addition, it’s best to choose locally grown ingredients because they are sourced straight from the farms without any added processing.

5. Always read the label before buying

plant-based diet - read the label
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Reading labels before buying any food item off the shelf is especially important when shopping for plant-based foods. This is because there are so many different labels out there claiming different things about their products. Most packaged foods — even those labeled as vegan or plant-based — contain some kind of animal product. So be sure to check the ingredients list on everything from cereal boxes to salad dressings. Even if you’re buying pre-made meals at restaurants or grocery stores, be sure they’re free of animal products.

If you’re ready to give the plant-based diet a try, you don’t have to go cold turkey (so to speak). Make sure to slowly introduce more plants into your diet one at a time and allow your body to adjust. We hope through this article we have helped you make a more informed choice.

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