15 Tips To Save Water In Your Home

Save water. Save the future!

The world’s supply of freshwater is dwindling. We are using more water than the Earth has to offer, and as a result, supplies are depleting rapidly. The world is seeing more and more drought, and we are running low on water. It’s high time we start managing our water resources and rethinking about the way we use water. With the growing world population, it is becoming a challenge to provide safe water for all households. There is an ongoing effort to save water in our daily lives. It’s time we look for easy and effective tips to save water.

If we could only learn to conserve water, pitch in, and do our part, we wouldn’t have to worry about resource shortages anymore. The good thing is that you can use less water for household chores such as brushing your teeth, washing dishes, and taking showers. This is why we, on this World Water Day, are helping you with tips to save water for all your household chores.

How To Use Less Water In Your Washroom

1. Shorten your shower time

If you really love taking long showers, you might have to rethink this and shorten your shower time. Installing a shower clock in your bathroom might help you do that. And if your shower head can fill your bucket with 1 gallon of water in under 20 seconds, then it’s time to replace your shower head. We suggest replacing your regular shower head with NiagaraConservation’s low-flow showerhead series.

2. Check your toilet for leaks

Here is one of the most important tips to save water. Did you know that your toilet bowl might have leaks without you knowing it? Here’s a way to check for the leak. Add food coloring to your toilet tank. If the color appears in the bowl without using the flush, there might be a leak. The leak can end up wasting more than 100 gallons of water per day.

Tips to save water
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3. Avoid unnecessarily flushing the toilet

Avoid flushing your toilet, when not necessary. Most importantly, avoid using the toilet bowl as an ashtray or throwing tissues into it. Flushing away all these can also waste five to seven gallons of water. You can also install a dual flush or low-flow toilet to conserve some water. And Niagara Conservation’s dual flush toilet can help you save water in your washroom.

4. Fill bath tubs partially to save water

Taking a bath requires more water than taking a shower. According to watercalculator.org, “the average bath uses 35 to 50 gallons of water, whereas a 10-minute shower with a low-flow showerhead only uses 25 gallons.” But this doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying your bubble bath. Instead, fill only up to half of your tub to enjoy some me-time!

Bath tips to save water
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5. Turn off the faucets while shaving and brushing

Turning off the faucets while brushing teeth can save you up to three to four gallons of water. Turning off the taps while shaving can save more than two to three gallons of water. Instead, you can fill the bottom of the sink with some water to rinse your razor, while shaving. So, turn off the faucets to avoid water wastage.

Tips To Save Water While Working In The Kitchen

1. Turn off the tap while doing the dishes

If you are cleaning your dishes with your hands, then the best way to save water while doing so is by turning off the tap until they need rinsing. In fact, using less detergent will save your water usage too.

doing dishes
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2. Use the dishwasher for cleaning dishes, if possible

This might sound shocking to you! But a study by Wiley online library showed that “households with dishwashers used on average 50% less water and 28% less energy per cleaned item, compared with households not owning a dishwasher.” So, sit back and let the dishwasher clean the load while saving some water.

dishwasher to save water

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3. Steam veggies instead of boiling them

Did you know that steaming veggies only require an inch or two of water? And if you’re cooking something that needs boiling, like rice or pasta, steam the veggies in a basket over the pot.

tips to save water
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4. Don’t keep the faucet open while cleaning vegetables

Remember to use minimum water while washing your veggies, only as much (or little) as needed. And rinse your vegetables in a bowl full of water, so that you can reuse the same water for your plants.

Kitchen tips to save water
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5. Store water in the refrigerator

If you have a habit of running tap water to cool it for drinking, then do this – keep one or two bottles of drinking water in the refrigerator.

Other Simple Ways To Conserve Water

1. Don’t wash your clothes daily

Stock up your dirty clothes. Washing a machine load full of clothes will use less water (and less energy too). We suggest keeping a day (or two) a week for doing your laundry. Also, repeating clothes should be normalized now. Always do a sniff test before you throw your clothes in the laundry basket. And guess what; you can wear your denim two to three more times before washing them.

Laundry tips to save water
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2. Water your lawn early in the morning

The best time to water the grass and other plants in your garden is during the early morning hours. Watering the lawn when the sun is overhead will evaporate much of it, instead of hydrating your lawn. And we suggest watering your lawn only when really needed. Watering too frequently doesn’t give enough time to cool the space for rainwater. There’s a way to check if your grass needs watering or not. Step on some grass; if it bounces back up when you remove your foot, it doesn’t need water.

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3. Repurpose used water

Reuse grey water (lightly used water, like water from your bath or water used to rinse your veggies) to water your indoor plants, lawn, or to clean your car.

4. Don’t use a hose to clean driveways

Using a broom to clean driveways, steps, and sidewalks can save you hundreds of gallons of water.

5. Use an automatic faucet

Install an automatic faucet in your bathroom and kitchen sink to stop wasting water. This is one of the easiest tips to save water.

Save water by turning off the faucet
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Now that you know these 15 easy tips to save water, you can make a difference by conserving water, starting with your own home. You can even pick up some new skills along the way! And while saving water, if you want to make some eco-friendly home cleaning products, then we have got your back there too.

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