12 Upcycling Hacks That Are Game Changers

You never know what you have until you upcycle it.

There is a lot of talk about upcycling these days. It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot in the sustainable lifestyle world. From home decor to fashion accessories, you can literally upcycle anything and make something new out of any old materials or products lying around. Here are 12 such upcycling hacks that are total game-changers.  

1. Turn Your Floppy Disks Into Planters

Next time you see floppy disk coasters lying around your house, do not throw them, instead turn them into planters and get ready for spring. 

2. Cheese Grater Into Earring Organizer

Is your cheese grater at the end of its rope? Repurpose it. Paint it and hang earrings on it.

3. An Upcycled Magazine Art

Transform those glossy magazine pages into art and give them a new life by making them a part of your wall art.

4. Turn An Old Jar Into A Terrarium

We love terrariums! They surely make up a gorgeous decoration piece.

5. DIY Old Coffee Table Into A Comfy Ottoman

Instead of buying a new one, you can turn an old coffee table into a comfy ottoman. Isn’t this an ingenious idea to save loads of money? We agree.

6. Turn Your Old Tin Cans Into Gorgeous Lanterns

tin lantern

Remember those summertime crafts we used to make as kids? Tin can lanterns are one of those favorite summertime crafts. Pull out all the recyclable tin cans, and turn them into gorgeous lanterns. 

7. Turn Pill Bottles Into A Key Hider

key hider

Use an empty pill bottle as a clever key hider. Remove the label, glue a rock to the top of the lid, dry it, and then use it as your key hider.

8. Liquor Bottles Into Citronella Torches

Stop throwing away all those liquor bottles, instead turn them into citronella torches. The whole process is super simple, and in less than 10 minutes, you will have your citronella torches.

9. Use Your Vintage Suitcases As A Storage-Rich Nightstand Or Side Table

Vintage suitcases are more attractive than modern-day suitcases. Plus, they offer lots of hidden storage for things that you rarely use. So turn those vintage suitcases into a nightstand. Just stack them up beside your bed, and voila, there is your vintage storage-cum-nightstand. 

10. Turn Old Plates Into Colorful Dessert Stands

This looks so gorgeous yet super simple to make. All you need is your old plates, glue, and those delicious macaroons. 

11. Repurpose Your Old Sweaters As A Plant Pot Vase

sweater upcycle hack

Keep your kitchen herbs snuggly with your old sweaters. Repurpose it as a plant pot vase. These will make a great decor piece. 

12. Recycle An Old Yoga Mat Into A Bulletin Board

Here is another way to add a little more yoga into your life without having to stretch your body. Instead, upcycle your old yoga mat into a bulletin board and keep yourself organized while maybe reminding yourself to take long breaths.

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