An Ethical Guide For A Cozy, WFH Winter

The ultimate winter work from home guide to keep you cozy.

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  1. Hun, We've Got You Covered Even If It's Freezing Outside
  2. Winters Call For Some Amazing, Ethical Cozy Clothes
  3. That Space You're Working From Needs To Be Heated!
  4. A Healthy Metabolism Is Calling!
  5. Oh, How Important It Is To Keep Your Feet Warm!
  6. A Li’l Sun, For A Cozy, Cozy Winter
  7. Hand Warmers Are Unquestionably Workable!

With winter approaching, we couldn’t think of a better time to present the ultimate work from home winter survival guide, for chilly weather. But, hey, we believe there’s no such thing as a time-out or a cheat day from an ethical lifestyle for most of you folks. The dedication has to last all year – yes, even during the winters. 

We know that working from home can seem a little tedious while you’re curled up in your cozy winter sweaters and socks. So, we’ve put together an amazing WFH winter guide for an eco-friendly winter! 

For chilly winters, we want to know about everything that can keep us warm while being ethical; and if you’re reading this, we know you feel the same way too!

Hun, We’ve Got You Covered Even If It’s Freezing Outside

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When it’s chilly outdoors, you know you deserve this work from a home survival guide that will help you stay cozy, while also looking your best. Dressing for warmth over style is the first golden rule of surviving in frigid winters! For starters, make sure you’re wearing those ethical thermal clothes as your innermost layer. Then, to keep your body warm, start from the inside out and then layer as much as you want, for a nice cozy winter!

Winters Call For Some Amazing, Ethical Cozy Clothes

ethical clothes winter guide

We’ve rounded up some amazing ethical winter clothes for that perfect cozy winter from brands like Made Trade, Patagonia, and Eileen Fisher. They have the best super stylish and exceptionally curated winter line. In addition, they make for terrific eco-friendly winter wear for a quick, convenient one-stop shop for ethical and sustainable shopping.

And joggers have been ‘the thing’ ever since ‘work from home’ began! The comfort and the warmth of ethical joggers can bring us all we’re looking for, during the colder months. We don’t think they are only lazy outfits; joggers can be really smart (and ethical, too)!

That Space You’re Working From Needs To Be Heated!

heated spaces winter guide
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A chilly desk is the last thing you want on a cold winter morning, before starting your day’s work. Heat up your space by turning on the thermostat, while brewing a hot cup of coffee. You don’t need the thermostat to run all night and all day; an hour is more than enough. Close the windows and shades at night, and you’ll wake up to a warm workstation, making it an eco-friendly winter.

A Healthy Metabolism Is Calling!

Healthy metabolism winter guide
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A work-from-home survival guide simply needs to be there for us when we need it the most. Ironically, we tend to be the most sluggish on cold winter days when we actually need to be the most active. When you keep moving, your body will naturally heat up. Keep in mind that your body burns more calories in the winter to stay warm. 

But honesty, we all know what comes with WFH – it’s not you being active but spending the majority of your time glued to a screen, stuck on your seat. While you’ll need to raise your daily calorie intake to stay warm (and sane), make sure to consume plenty of hot beverages and soups. Getting up to prepare them will automatically keep you active, through a lazy day.

Oh, How Important It Is To Keep Your Feet Warm!

socks & slippers winter guide

Ethical house slippers aren’t something you’d expect to see on a cozy winter guide; but trust us when we say, they do make a world of difference. Warm socks, too? Yes, big time! Warm your feet with a pair of warm socks from an ethical winter brand like Nootkas. Wool or SmartWool slippers also keep your feet from sweating.

Pro Tip: Warm hands and feet help you sleep better, but remember to choose socks from only sustainable brands this eco-friendly winter!

A Li’l Sun, For A Cozy, Cozy Winter

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Open the blinds and drapes on your windows as you begin work, and allow the warm sunlight in. Roller blinds significantly contribute to energy conservation in a cheap and simple way. Also, in the winter, avoid using the thermostat as much as possible; you can save a ton of cash by limiting your electricity usage and choosing eco-friendly winter clothing such as ethical socks, sustainable sweaters, and sustainable scarves.

Hand Warmers Are Unquestionably Workable!

hand warmers winter guide

Try everything ethical this eco-friendly winter, from socks to hand warmers, and prepare to have a guilt-free winter. Hand warmers exist in a variety of sizes and forms, and you can’t go wrong with them unless they’re unethical. Ethical hand warmers, which come in small pouches that fit well in coat pockets are ideal for a toasty winter. 

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We’re sure you’re sick of hearing about how boring & lazy winters maybe since there’s nothing much you can do. However, this winter, do the right thing by choosing eco-friendly winter gear and following this ultimate winter guide. 

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