Amazing Sustainable Home Decor Brands To Give Your Home A New Look

Let this stunning home decor do all the talking!

Home decor is one of those things that you can never get enough of! Even if you believe you have it all, there is always space in your home that needs a little more! Some beautiful home decor items stand out like no other, from an accent rug to a good luck turtle planter! Today, we bring you some of the most luxurious, satisfying home decor products you’d love, with this list of sustainable home decor brands! But first, let’s understand why you should opt for ‘sustainable home products?’

Why Choose Sustainable Home Decor Products?

Sustainable home decor involves choosing products made from recycled, repurposed, or responsibly sourced materials. From vintage art collectors to modern aesthetic pieces, sustainable home decor brands have surpassed traditional ones.

And perhaps it’s time for you to switch to these sustainable brands as well, not only for the sake of the environment but also for your home, which deserves some stunning home decor!

1. Prospertiy Candle

prosperity candles - sustainable home decor brands
Prosperity Candles

What better way to start with beautiful home decor than with candles? Prosperity Candle was founded with the goal of empowering female artisans to thrive as bosses in their respective spaces. This sustainable home decor brand creates beautiful candles and vessels that can be refilled or repurposed for a lifetime of satisfaction! Their home decor items truly enhance your space like no other, with the proper blend of all-natural soy and coconut wax pure cotton wick without any dyes or enhancers!

Candle Lovers Alert!

Spend hours with your friends and family with a glass of wine and in the warmth of Prosperity Candle, with over 50 candles to choose from.

2. Viva Terra

Viva Terra -  sustainable home decor brands
Viva Terra

When we talk about sustainable home decor brands; we can’t help but think of Viva Terra! You surely can’t resist purchasing sustainable home products from this brand; it is the ultimate one-stop-shop for recycled and sustainable kitchenware. Browse through heaven with their enormous collections of handcrafted artisan items or recycled pieces, proudly made in the United States!

Calling Home Decor Enthusiasts!

You name it, and Viva Terra has it – from artisanal tabletops to wall decor, kitchen and dining accessories to furniture and bed & bath.

3. Coyuchi

Coyuchi -  sustainable home decor brands

Talk about a luxirous and sustainable home products brand, and Coyuchi pops right up! This one of the most beautiful sustainable home decor brands prioritizes the Earth at every step. With each of the home decor items designed with intent, committed to the artisans, and organically grown materials, Coyuchi is a green home decor brand, you’d love. With their sustainable home decor products, get ready to indulge in luxury.

For Aesthetic Bedrooms!

There are so many quilts, sheets, duvet covers, bath rugs, and curtains that we couldn’t decide which was the best! With Coyuchi, you can transform your home into the aesthetically pleasing space you’ve always wanted!
And we have curated many more affordable yet sustainable home decor items for your bedroom. So, check them out here.

4. Obakki

a solid colored rug by obakki

With modern home textiles being rooted in tradition, all of Obakki‘s sustainable home decor products have a story to tell. Being one of the most anticipated sustainable home decor brands on this list, their pieces are both authentic and trendy, giving your space that desired edge. Everything curated by Obakki – a classy interior decor brand, is handcrafted and produced in collaboration with a network of world-class artisans.

The Eye For Detail Corner

With their quintessential craftsmanship on a mission, Obakki – an exclusive beautiful home decor brand, is on a mission to provide us with the most visually appealing pieces of pillows, rugs, wall art, and much more.

5. Itemerie

itemerie - sustainable home decor brands

Find the right blend of luxury and sustainable home decor for you and your family with Itemerie. This green home decor brand works around the clock to make your home a sustainable space you can breathe guilt-free in by sourcing great products! From a handcrafted ceramic planter to an organic linen mist, these accents are designed to make your space feel fresh, organized, and outstanding!

Durability That Your Home Needs!

Let the stunning pieces that will last you years speak for you and your home with one of the best sustainable home decor brands – Itemerie. You no longer have to choose between quality and ethical products; each home decor item is lovingly made by skilled artisans using responsible methods.

6. Made Trade

made trade - sustainable home decor brands
Made Trade

The brand boasts that their designs will look stunning in your kitchen and dining room, and as a breathtakingly beautiful wall decor pieces. Mix and match Made Trade‘s wall decor with planter + vases and their unique scented candles for a striking aesthetic enhancement of your home. This beautiful home decor brand has made a name for itself in the interior decor game as a woman-owned, family-run business! The brand’s goal is to design one ethical piece at a time, using sustainable practices throughout.

Today’s Best Steal Deal!

Made Trade never ceases to amaze us with their home decor items your space will thank you for, with affordable prices for their rugs, planters, baskets, throw pillows, and blankets.

7. Parachute

cups on a dining table with table napkins

One of our beloved sustainable home decor brands, Parachute has a fantastic collection of limited-edition home decor products. Their luxurious decor is a treat for both your home and your eyes, with a perfect blend of style and comfort! In addition, since artisans slowly handcraft their products responsibly, you feel that you’re getting a one-of-a-kind item.

For The Material Conscious Folks!

We love that for every Venice bedding set sold, one is donated! Parachute is responsibly produced in Portugal, Turkey, Italy, and the United States, with 100% Egyptian cotton or Turkish cotton.

8. Ten Thousand Villages

ten thousand villages - sustainable home decor brands
Ten Thousand Villages

One of the best sustainable home decor brands in the business, Ten Thousand Villages offers purposeful goods and gifts crafted by hand for home and life! For more than 70 years, it has prioritized people and the environment. We can’t thank this sustainable home products brand enough for introducing us to some of the world’s most talented artisans. So don’t forget to look at their frames, wall art, rugs, baskets, lamps, and other pieces on your way out.

Blend Of Vintage Art & Modern Choice

What we love about Ten Thousand Villages is that they mentioned the country of origin below each stunning product on their list. You won’t be able to choose one between their vast options – the perfect mix of vintage and modern art.

9. The Citizenry

the citizenry- sustainable home decor brands
The Citizenry

You won’t believe what we’re going to bring you with this; it’s one of the best in the aesthetic space of sustainable home decor brands! The Citizenry team personally travels to each country where their goods are made; they ensure that only local materials are used by establishing sustainable relationships with these artisans. Since they do this themselves and cut out the middleman, you can choose from their high-quality, handmade goods at prices lower than traditional luxury boutiques.

Inspired Modern Art Pieces

Even with their wall hangings and statement baskets, all of this US-based brand‘s home decor items are masterpieces in their own right, that you’ll definitely want to adorn your home with.

10. Uncommon Goods

uncommon goods- sustainable home decor brands
Uncommon Goods

We don’t know about you, but we’ve had our eye on Uncommon Goods for quite some time. We can rightfully say that this brand has a myriad of fun and unique items for your home’s cozy corners. Like Etsy, many of the items on Uncommon Goods are handmade by independent makers, using recycled or unusual materials. This B-Corp isn’t just about stunning home decor items; it’s also a fashionista’s dream! Their sustainable home products also make great personalized housewarming gifts!

Home Decor Pieces Your Space Would ❤️

From decorative accents, vases, lighting, to candles, Uncommon Goods is a haven for anyone looking to make their home exude love and elegance!

Hope you enjoyed every beautiful home decor item here, in appreciation of skilled artisans who worked hard to create them. Let us know which green home decor you plan to buy, right now?

Also, if you’d want to check some home decor items from Etsy, make sure to check our curated list!

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