10 Non-Toxic Cookware Brands That Are Safe For Your Kitchen And The Planet

Cookware that will make you love your kitchen.

With most of us trying to live a non-toxic life, an innocent bystander is lurking right under your nose (in your kitchen cabinet), the cookware. While many pots, utensils, and pans appear the same and do not appear to be toxic, they most probably are. So, now that you’ve made some conscious lifestyle changes, it’s time to switch to sustainable cookware brands. Why? Because the cookware you use should be just as important as the food you eat. There, we said it!

Toxic-Free Cookware That Stands Out

Take a look at ten non-toxic cookware brands that will take your kitchen to a whole new level!

1. Caraway

Caraway, orange colored sustainable cookware dutch oven

When it comes to non-toxic cookware, starting with Caraway is a no-brainer because it is by far the best brand on the market in terms of sustainability! Designed in New York, this sustainable cookware brand is all about clean cooking with its ceramic coating. They use a mineral-based coating that is non-toxic and does not leach toxic materials. It’s easy to get carried away with Caraway when you have toxic-free cookware like nonstick pans, saute and frying pans, Dutch ovens, or some fantastic non-toxic cookware.

Our Pick: Get ready to use Caraway’s ceramic Dutch Oven Pot, the safest nonstick cookware that adds a splash of color to any kitchen and makes cooking more enjoyable than ever!

2. Milo Cookware

Kana Goods by Milo Cookware is a sustainable cookware brand

Milo Cookware comes from the Kana brand. The sustainable cookware brand reigns supreme with a commitment to improving the things we use around the house! Milo’s beautiful designs and responsible making will want you to transform your kitchen with the best non-toxic cookware companions. This toxin-free cookware brand has some eco-friendly Dutch ovens, large skillets, and cookware sets that you and your kitchen will enjoy.

Our Pick: This non-toxic cookware set, designed in California, includes the Classic Dutch Oven and the Ultimate Skillet. You also get a lifetime warranty on their cast iron cookware, which means that if it breaks down due to everyday use, they will replace it for free.

3. Great Jones

Great jones pink holy sheet with desserts

Two food enthusiasts founded Great Jones, so you know you’ll be doing your kitchen good by including its products. The only motive of this sustainable cookware brand was to offer modern, heirloom-quality kitchen products like Dutch ovens, stockpots, sauté pans, warming dishes, bread pans, skillets, sauciers, and sets. These beauties make for the best non-toxic cookware as they’re produced using stainless steel, cast iron, and ceramic.

Our Pick: Holy Sheet, a half-sized sheet pan, is a kitchen superhero; it comes in three electric colors and has a custom nonstick ceramic coating for easy cleanup. And elegant enough to take straight to your table!

4. Finex

Finex grill pan cookware, a sustainable cookware brand

Anyone who is a passionate home chef or enjoys cooking will agree that cast iron is a delight to cook with! Despite its weight, cast iron has a lot of sustainable benefits. Finex is one of the best sustainable cookware brands on this list as their cast iron is free of toxins, and six artisans handcraft each item in the US. So, pick from a griddle, a dutch oven, a grill, and a skillet for your kitchen from this non-toxic cookware brand.

Our Pick: Great for steaks, salmon, and chops with perfect cast-iron grilling results—indoors and out, use this Finex Grill Pan for a BBQ to remember!

5. Our Place

Our Place perfect pot set, a sustainable cookware brand

Enhance your cooking space with Our Place’s beautiful and minimalistic designed non-toxic nonstick pans and dinnerware. With the belief that “connections are made across the kitchen table,” we couldn’t agree more with the brand. The brand’s kitchen staples include bundles and essentials, with bestsellers including the Always Pan, Perfect Pot, and Home Duo.

Our Pick: Perfect Pot is a well-thought-out design available in seven vibrant colors. And from boiling to baking, crisping to steaming, it does it all.

6. Field Company

field company field skillet set
FieldCompany / Instagram

Based in the US, Field Company makes some really pocket-friendly and kitchen-pleasing eco-cast iron cookware. After inheriting a few vintage cast iron pans from their granny, two brothers have successfully made Field to this list of the best sustainable cookware brands. The products are skillfully handcrafted in the USA, where they have perfected them. So choose from their skillets, griddles, dutch ovens, and 5-piece cookware sets for those relishing meals!

Our Pick: The No.10 Field Skillet, including the skillet, lid, and knob, is made entirely of cast iron in the States. The best part is that the vintage-style lid has self-basting ridges for better steaming for stovetop and oven cooking.

7. Made In Cookware

red colored dutch oven by madein
MadeIn / Instagram

We’re blown away by the superior quality of this family-owned brand’s non-toxic cookware, which has been around for over a century. Made In’s toxic-free cookware is of such high quality that 3-Michelin-star chef Grant Achatz (also a proud investor) uses it at his eatery Alinea. In addition to stainless steel and cast iron, the brand recycles unused metal to produce non-toxic nonstick pans and other cookware.

Our Pick: The Dutch Oven, sustainable cookware has been perfecting for you every day for simmering stews, braising short ribs, and just about every bread baking trend the world throws at you.

8. Emile Henry

colorful rectangular tart dishes
Emile_Henry / Instagram

Bread bakers, home chefs, and fondue lovers, this one is for you! Emile Henry is a French family-owned sustainable cookware brand. The company’s classics, which include clay ceramic products that are heat resistant, durable, and free of harmful chemicals, are about to become kitchen staples! Clearly, the durability, quality, and nobility of natural raw materials are at the heart of this toxic-free cookware brand!

Our Pick: Tarts and pies are about to be your new cooking go-to, with Emile Henry’s Rectangular Tart Dish!

9. Xtrema

xtrema black colored saute pan
Xtrema_Cookware / Instagram

Made of pure ceramic to lock in total heat, Xtrema allows you to cook on lower and slower settings. Sustainable cookware is the only pure ceramic cookware on the market that can go on the stovetop, the oven, and the microwave. Unlike PTFE nonstick cookware, Xtrema is PFAS and PFOA free but without the same nonstick qualities. But what we absolutely love about this non-toxic cookware brand is it offers a 10-year warranty and is oven, microwave, grill, and dishwasher safe.

Our Pick: If you cook a lot of sauce-based meals or need to cover your food while it cooks, the Traditions Saute Pan is a must-have. With a scratch-resistant high gloss ceramic finish, you can be confident that it will look new for many years to come.

10. Lodge Cast Iron

food on lodge cast iron
LodgeCastIron / Instagram

Last but not least on this list of non-toxic cookware brands is Lodge Cast Iron. Since 1896, Lodge Cast Iron has been producing heirloom-quality cookware and accessories. Each piece of their safest nonstick cookware is crafted for durability and versatility, backed by over 120 years of experience. A true cooking enthusiast will love this toxic-free cookware heaven, which includes everything from cookware, bakeware, and cast iron to accessories and cookbooks.

Our Pick: This Cast Iron Skillet has been a kitchen staple in kitchens worldwide for over 125 years. Handcrafted in America with iron and oil, its naturally seasoned cooking surface will transform your meals into unforgettable moments.

Let us know which of these non-toxic cookware brands in our list above prompted you to invest right away.

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