Top 12 Trusted Brands That Offer Sustainable Napkins

Napkins worth using for every meal.

Most of us enjoy the aesthetic pleasure of good home decor. And tableware, including napkins, can transform your home decor look, especially at house parties. Whether you have guests coming over or because you use table napkins every day, they’re often thrown out without a second thought. This contributes to waste that the planet does not deserve. So, today, we present 12 brands that offer reusable, durable, or organic cotton and recyclable napkins.

These napkins are sure to change the way you look at your table! 😉

1. Atelier Saucier

sustainable napkins by atelier sauicer
Atelier Saucier

This LA-based brand, Atelier Saucier, brings sustainability to the dinner table through modern tablescape design. With the team using only reclaimed textiles and fabrics for the heirloom quality of your napkins, they’re sure to last very long. Eat well, knowing that a portion of your order will benefit food insecurity organizations in southern California. Don’t forget to personalize or monogram your napkins on your way out!

Our Pick: The sundown linen is bordered by a tangle of fiery colors and patterns. These table napkins are sure to make for a stunning table setting.

2. Bed Threads

sustainable napkins by bed threads
Bed Threads

Not only do Bed Threads make beautiful tableware, but they also make fantastic home decor! Its classic napkins are made from OEKO-TEX French flax linen for a truly sustainable set. You get to choose from 11 gorgeous colors to best suit your home. With their plastic-free packaging, you can get free shipping anywhere in the United States! Setting the table with these napkins looks too much fun!

Our Pick: If you love this brand’s sustainability, these terracotta & rust two-toned classic table napkins will not disappoint you.

3. Made Trade

sustainable napkins by madetrade
Made Trade

This woman-owned brand, Made Trade, believes that upholding a higher ethical standard can help to make the world a better place. You can be sure that they will meet all of your fashion and home needs as they painstakingly hand-select only the best GOTS-certified products, including their sustainable napkins. From artisanal textiles like these eco-friendly napkins to placemats, you name it, and it will have it.

Our Pick: Made with an intricate craft of handloom Ikat weaving, the Tisha ikat napkin set is here to add vibrancy to your tablescape.

4. Coyuchi

sustainable napkins by coyuchi

The sustainable napkin brand Coyuchi is a firm believer in organically grown materials, nature-inspired designs, and a commitment to the people. You probably noticed this brand coming here as they were the first to bring organic cotton to market nearly 30 years ago. We are completely blown away by their sustainable napkins made from cotton grown and woven in India. Your tables would love to host the best napkins by this brand which are made in a factory that recycles 98% of its wastewater!

Our Pick: These 100% organic cotton napkins, designed for use as both a bandana and napkins, are inspired by the brand’s collaboration with the White Buffalo Land Trust.

5. Green Eco Dream

sustainable napkins by green eco dream
Green Eco Dream

This brand was formed with a conscious effort for eco-conscious people who struggle to find effective eco-friendly alternatives! Snezana and Milos, Green Eco Dream’s co-founders, took matters into their own hands and decided to create some great sustainable products, in addition to these fantastic eco-friendly napkins that are reusable, versatile, and stylish!

Our Pick: The reusable linen napkins will last you long and can be used for on-the-go or at-home lunches. Indeed, the best napkins since they help reduce waste generated by single-use paper napkins.

6. Mayamam Weavers

sustainable napkins by mayamam weavers
Mayamam Weavers

Utilizing traditional weaving techniques of Mayan culture, Mayamam Weavers in Guatemala provide fair trade wages to women. In addition, the brand offers a variety of sustainable napkins, such as striped, celebration-centric, luncheon, and sparkle. Along with their beautifully tinted eco-friendly napkins, they also have some pretty napkin ties. While their non-toxic napkins are not organic, they’re already on the way to doing it!

Our Pick: Make your casual table not so ‘casual’ with these celebration runner & placemat table napkins in oranges, reds, and yellow.

7. Passion Lilie

sustainable napkins by passion lilie
Passion Lilie

It’s true; Passion Lilie is one of our favorite brands since they display the entire production process. In addition, the brand stands by the principles of being a zero-waste company with its eco-friendly napkins made from leftover scrap fabrics. Any print-freak would love these organic napkins made with love and creativity in India. With these table napkins, probably it’s time to bid ‘Adieu’ to paper ones! 

Our Pick: Salmon ikat is the best sustainable napkin for making your dinner a little more unique and eco-friendly as they are handwoven and Ikat dyed.

8. Raven + Lily

sustainable napkins by by raven and lily
Raven And Lily

Ethiopian cotton napkins by Raven + Lily are hand-dyed in small batches using ancient weaving techniques. This ensures that each item is made to the highest quality standards while also being eco-friendly. In addition, the brand uses bright and earthy color napkins that are meant to complement any home’s color scheme. Time to let your table speak for itself!

Our Pick: With these vibrant taytu eco-friendly napkins, spruce-up dining rooms, and backyard picnics.

9. Native Organic

sustainable napkins by native organics
Native Organic

Founders of Native Organics Marc & Michele Chase, a brother, and sister, inspired by traditional craftsmanship, undoubtedly make a great duo! The brand is a pioneer because its carbon footprint is the lowest in the industry, and its products, including the sustainable napkins, speak for themselves. Their organic napkins are free of toxins and made without chemical additives.

Our Pick: This organic napkin set is not piece-dyed but yarn-dyed, making it perfect for complementing your organic kitchen offering.


sustainable napkins by minna

A queer-led brand, MINNA collaborates with Mexican and Guatemalan artisans. Their collection of napkins is a visual treat, with a great blend of ethics and modern designs. Thanks to their website, you can literally learn all about the different weavers and where they live. And with an array of options, you can’t help but love their sustainable napkins!

Our Pick: The windows’ napkins are handwoven in Mexico by a family-run workshop and are neutral enough to go with any surface.

11. Plover

sustainable napkins by plover

This woman-owned company, Plover, began by creating organic home textiles with a unique twist. Designed by Marisa and Sheila, evidently, the brand offers more than just neutral colors! Their cloth cocktail napkins will make any at-home happy hour more interesting. So, prepare to spruce up your home with these best napkins made from organic fabrics and produced eco-friendly.

Our Pick: The unfussy and elegant Victorian table napkins come in vibrant blue, purple, and green shades and are made to stand out!

12. Shades Of Green

sustainable napkins by shades of green
Shades Of Green

Each step of the brand’s production process is eco-friendly, with unbleached organic heirloom cotton and plant-based dyes. Each product is rated on a ‘shades of green‘ scale, which they further break down for customers to know precisely how eco-friendly the product is. These are one of the best napkins as they’re shade 5, which means they’re the most sustainable and meet all evaluation criteria. These beauties are made in India and come in recyclable and sustainable packaging!

Our Pick: Meema napkins are made of ultra-soft and light-cotton fabric, intended for daily or occasional use, being the best alternative to single-use paper napkins.

We hope this list of sustainable napkin brands was enough to persuade you to take the sustainable route with style.

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