10 Best Places To Buy Non-Toxic Candles To Brighten Up Your Life

These therapeutic candles are made by ethical brands

There is nothing more therapeutic than the smell of scented candles. A comforting scent meant to greet you after a long stressful day. There could be jasmine in the candle for an extra boost of energy or sandalwood for meditation that lingers all day long. For those times when any other candle just isn’t enough, these are the eco-friendly candles you should look out for. These ethically made non-toxic candles will have you feeling relaxed in no time; they use all-natural ingredients and follow fair labor practices. 

1. Nightshift Wax Co.

black amber candle
Nightshift Wax Co.

The brand was founded by Samantha, who was determined to create a natural, ethically sourced, and beautiful product. Made with intoxicating all-natural fragrances like blue spruce & cedar, patchouli and tobacco, rose garden, coffee & vanilla, pine & mistletoe, and cranberry marmalade, Nightshift Wax Co.’s ethical candles are perfect for cozy evenings. All of their sustainable candles burn for 72-80 hours, leaving different scents while burning at the candle’s top, middle, and bottom. All the non-toxic candles are made from 100% American grown and organic soy wax, organic oils, and organic cotton wax. 

2. Nomad Noé

dream London candle
Lorena V. /Nomad Noe

Nomad Noé is an NYC-based sustainable candle brand that is dedicated to making handmade, beautiful, vegan, and cruelty-free, non-toxic candles. Each of their sustainable candles is free of phthalates and is made from 100% organic cotton wick. Their candles have different calming scents, and all of those scents tell us a different story. The dreamer in London, with hints of cedarwood and vanilla, smells like an old theatre or library. Visionary in Esfahan has calming, opulent scents of saffron and rose, making it a perfect gift.

3. Itemerie

non-toxic candles

Here is a brand that brings you beautiful, long-lasting, ethically made non-toxic candles that skilled artisans craft. Itemerie collaborates with local manufacturers to lower their carbon footprint. The brand also gives its customers an offer to balance their purchases by donating money to plant a tree. In addition, their sustainable candles are shipped in recycled packaging, even the tape!

4. Simper Goods

non-toxic candles
Simper Good/ Instagram

Founded by Jen Pezzolla, Simper Goods vets self-care with femininity. Their non-toxic candles are made ethically to set your mood, nourish and relax your body and mind, and bring a positive vibe to your home. One of their best-selling eco-friendly candles is the Crushed Mint and Bourbon candle, a non-toxic candle with a divine fragrance. This candle is hand-poured into a violet-black glass jar and has a soothing mix of peppermint, black tea, and vanilla. If you are someone that suffers from chronic cold or seasonal allergies, then this handmade candle is just for you. 

5. Brownlow Bouquet

non-toxic candles brand
Brownlow Bouquet

This UK-based brand caters to premium handmade, vegan, and cruelty-free candles. Each of these candles is made from soy wax and high-quality essential oils. They have a range of 17 candles that smells heavenly, and among them, our favorites are Amber & Sweet Orange and English Pear & Freesia. Also, you can create your own customized candles for any occasion.

6. 2204

2204 sustainable candle brand
2204 candles/ Instagram

2204’s candles are all set to make your mood with their heavenly smell. All of their candles are made using kerasoy wax and are ethically sourced from North America and Brazil. The brand is dedicated to catering candles with natural fragrances with a transparent supply chain. They collaborate with ethical suppliers only, without contributing to deforestation. Also, each of their candles is free from CMR, phthalates, parabens, silicones and is made from organic cotton wicks.

7. P.F. Candle Co.

non-toxic candles brand
PF Candle Co

Once started with a one-woman shop, this LA-based brand is now blooming with 60+ employees. P.F. Candle Co makes mood-setting candles that come in apothecary-inspired jars. Teakwood & Tobacco is one of their best non-toxic and scented candles, which serves the brand’s original scent. This candle has a mixture of leather, teak, and orange that will surely remind you of the fall. Besides, this candle is free of paraben phthalate and is made of cotton wicks. So, you can burn these candles confidently and bring the smell of Autumn into your home. 

8. Made by DWC Candles

half moon bae soy candle
Made by DWC/ Instagram

The brand, Made by DWC, created by Los Angeles’ Downtown Women’s Center, is a handmade candle that is created to provide its employees with skill development training and support services. Their candles are hand-made by the women by using soy wax. Their therapeutic candles are sure to lift your mood and make your home smell good. And if you just love the vanilla scent, then try their Half Moon Bae, which is named after the Californian coastal city- Half Moon Bay. This candle has the scent of cardamom, clove, and vanilla. 

9. Made By Yoke

non toxic candle
Made by Yoke

These Made by Yoke’s candles are poured into hand-forged, brass-plated containers (made by a traditional metalsmith). With names like Intention, Abundance, and Ayurveda-inspired Vata, each provides us with something we can all benefit from. Our favorite is the presence wellness candle, which is also the brand’s best non-toxic and scented candle. Let this candle be a tool for incorporating mindfulness into your daily life and being present. With this candle, you will grow more connected to the moment, the breath, and the now.

10. DANI Naturals

person holding non toxic candle
Dani Naturals

Look no further than DANI Naturals for candles that are both clean-smelling and clean-burning. These candles are created with 100 percent soy wax and packaged in recyclable containers and biodegradable wrapping, lasting longer than typical paraffin candles. We love their Sandalwood Vanilla candle, which has a warm and inviting smell that is wonderful for relaxing afternoons at home or as a kind hostess present. While on the trip, pick up the airplane-friendly travel tin as a gift or for yourself!

Hope we have made your journey of searching for ethical candles easier!

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