8 Podcasts On Sustainability That Will Inspire You To Live More Consciously

Make every boring task more interesting and informative.

Over the past year, listening to content has gained more traction than viewing it. With broadcast TV views down and mobile phone usage going up, more than 155 million Americans listened to podcasts last year, with 24% of listeners tuning in weekly. Today, you can find a podcast on almost everything from making tea to podcasts on sustainability.

Podcasts On Sustainability

Why are podcasts gaining popularity?

It makes total sense that podcasts have become popular this quickly since they are so easily accessible. All you need is an app on your phone to listen in. Next, there are so many options (over 45 million to be precise) to choose from. And the most crucial factor which makes them so popular is – Podcasts are multi-task friendly! Quite honestly, we don’t know anyone who even listens to a podcast while doing nothing.

If you’re looking to make the most of your commute or your daily routine, we have some fantastic recommendations for podcasts on sustainability. Whether you are looking for sustainable tips or want to learn more about a wide array of topics on sustainable living, these podcasts on sustainability will surely help you. We have compiled a list of the best thought-provoking podcasts that will inspire sustainable living and help you to make conscious changes in your life.

7 Podcasts On Sustainable Living You Should Check Out

Here is a list of the 7 best inspirational podcasts on sustainable living that will help you to make simple conscious changes to your life.

1. The Ethical Conversations Podcast

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For many of us who understand the importance of sustainable living, a zero-waste lifestyle, especially over the last few years – this podcast is a blessing. LITERALLY. The Ethical Conversations Podcast discusses almost everything sustainable, ethical, & environmental. To make a podcast on sustainable living can be extremely difficult, but the host doesn’t make it seem so! You will find that it covers topics from slow fashion to sustainable travel, ethical fashion to affordable veganism, plastic-free periods, sustainability tips, and even female empowerment! 

2. Sustainable Jungle

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Born from the blog ‘Sustainable Jungle,’ this podcast also (you guessed it right!) focuses on sustainable living! Described as a ‘mission-driven show,’ this thought-provoking podcast on sustainability aims to share sustainable tips, tricks, and ideas for those living the said lifestyle. Their solution-focused approach has led to some fantastic shows that deliver engaging conversations with interesting people. It is one of the best inspirational podcasts for those who are looking to live more sustainably.

3. The Slow Home Podcast

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The pandemic taught us to slow down, to take one day at a time – and this podcast on sustainability is just about that! One of Australia’s longest-running health podcasts, The Slow Home Podcast, is about slowing down and focusing on truly important things. It has ranked first under Health Podcasts on iTunes and has been heard over 8 million times. It’s one the best inspirational podcasts to live a healthier life and hence, is definitely worth checking out!

4. A Sustainable Mind

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This insightful podcast on sustainability started as a master’s thesis project. Host Marjorie Alexander found that there weren’t many people of color who would talk about sustainability, and that’s why she started ‘A Sustainable Mind.’ This podcast is now home to some of the most amazing interviews that Majorie had with startups, organizations, and campaigns. You will find some interesting topics (like unique sustainability tips, sustainable filmmaking, and production or sustainable seafood) covered under sustainability, and they might just help you be more planet-friendly!

5. Low Tox Life

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This fantastic podcast by Alex Stuart, is all about health and the planet. You will hear about some of the most informative and intriguing topics, such as how toilet paper is changing the world (literally!), fashion for your health, mental wellness, the food we eat, and much more. It all started with a podcast, but now you can opt to read a blog, take the e-courses, or buy the book. They have got something for everyone!

6. Green Dreamer

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Green Dreamer is one of the best inspirational podcasts on sustainability you can find, and it is filled with informative yet captivating conversations. Each of their episodes features guests who are not only doing their bit for the environment but also influencing environmental change through their careers or platforms. They are either activists, visionaries, or experts, and each of the podcast episodes has simple sustainability tips and actionable steps that you can incorporate into your daily life.

7. Conscious Chatter

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Conscious Chatter is an inclusive audio space committed to discussing sustainable fashion, an essential aspect of sustainable living. Each week, this thought-provoking podcast opens the door to inspiring conversations centered around the garment industry and its environmental issues, from manufacturing to consumption. If you have been wondering about the origin of your clothes or the material used in your clothing items, you should definitely listen to this podcast on sustainability.  

8. The Wardrobe Crisis

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Launched in 2017, The Wardrobe Crisis with Clare Press is the world’s leading sustainable fashion podcast. It has become so popular that this inspirational podcast is shared internationally as a resource by many top fashion schools.

Hope we have made your day a little more interesting and informative with these fantastic podcasts on sustainability.

In case you’re more of a reader than a listener, you should definitely check out these books on a zero-waste lifestyle and vegan lifestyle.

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