14 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas To Impress Your Man

Valentine's gifts that he'll cherish, FOREVER!

Thinking of the most romantic and sustainable gift ideas for him on Valentine’s day can be tricky! It’s like looking for a needle in the haystack, especially if your guy’s recent pastimes have been limited to the confines of his home!

With the new year comes many more reasons to celebrate. It’s that romantic time again to show your love for your partner, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner! But pretty red roses, polyester teddy bears, and gifts wrapped in plastic are doing more harm to the planet, that’s for sure. So, we’re here to guide you with sustainable gift ideas for your man this Valentine’s Day!

Amazing Sustainable Gift Ideas That Can Be The Best Valentine’s Gifts For Men

Fortunately, our list of sustainable gift ideas will satisfy even the pickiest man this February. Also, this list of Valentine’s gifts for him will benefit the environment while making his heart grow fonder of you. Here are the best Valentine’s Day Gifts for men that are not only unique but also sustainable 🙂

1. Something Strong Coffee Mug

This reusable coffee cup is endlessly useful and will be handy for your partner every morning. This coffee mug by the brand Bustle is one of the most practical sustainable gifts for men. The NYC bodega inspires this cool Valentine’s day gift idea for him. Not to forget, it is also the most stylish way to drink coffee on the go. This is one of our best sustainable gifts as it carries up to 16 ounces of your favorite beverage while also being dishwasher safe. It’s adorable, practical, and about to turn into a daily morning essential for him!

2. Personalized Horseshoe Heart Trivet

A horseshoe is a classic good luck charm and a reflection of valuable times. The personalized horseshoe heart trivet is one of the most romantic Valentine’s gift ideas for him. Made with an actually repurposed horseshoe; the trivet can be engraved with a special date, like your anniversary or his birth-date! As each trivet is one-of-a-kind, we think these eco-friendly sustainable gifts for men are a sure win for him this Valentine’s Day. The trivets are hand forged by Alexandra Paliwoda. It covers your table and counters while also looking elegant when not in use for a touch of rustic romance!

3. Nordgreen Pioneer Watch

Nordgreen collaborates with award-winning Scandinavian designer Jakob Wagner to create modern, timely, and sustainable timepieces. The Copenhagen office is carbon neutral, as all of its electricity is generated by wind power. To reduce waste, they offer vegan leather straps, FSC-certified packaging, and refurbished timepieces. This Unika beauty – one of the most sustainable gifts for men comes with interchangeable straps for versatility. And ethical packaging for a sustainable tomorrow making one of the finest Valentine’s gifts for men.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men Who Loves Some Cheers And Bit Of Grocery Shopping!

These Valentine’s day gift ideas for him will make him want to shop for groceries and loves chilling with his friends; all the while being planet-friendly; so don’t miss out!

1. Deluxe Grocery Bag

Looking for some eco-friendly gift ideas for your man? These deluxe reusable grocery bags with bottle sleeves can be used in place of plastic or paper shopping bags, making it one of the most practical and sustainable gifts for men. Made of organic cotton and ideal for running errands, this bag makes for one of the best sustainable gifts for men. If your guy lives by himself or needs to pack a quick lunch before heading to work, this bag is the ultimate solution. The bag features six interior bottle sleeves, allowing tall goods to stand straight and stay put, even when on the move. Daily homemade lunches for your sweetheart (aka the coolest Valentine’s gifts for him) have never looked so adorable!

2. Organic Tea Sampler 

A great set of new flavors for any tea lover can be an exciting gift, as organic tea with low environmental impact is something he can’t say no to! This organic tea sampler includes six of The Tea Spot’s single-estate, sustainable teas – green, white, and black. Rest assured knowing you’re doing good by purchasing such Valentine’s day gifts for men as 10% of all profits are donated to community health groups. The aromas and flavors your partner will enjoy with these tea samples will surely make him think, “this is one of the best sustainable gifts ever!”

3. Drink Chiller Six Pack

With the Black Onyx, Drink Chiller Set, hanging out with your Valentine or him with his friend just got a whole lot cooler! During game day, outdoor BBQs, and everyday life, keep your crew’s favorite canned or bottled drinks cold (up to 6 hours) with this drink chiller. This six-pack is perfect for keeping your cold brews, craft beers, rosé wines, and more — chilled until the last drop. So, your man has to simply just slide the drink in and start sipping this Feb onwards! Unlike using foam koozies, this eco-friendly gift idea is composed of high-grade stainless steel that will last for years.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him For His Ultimate Pampering Sessions

These Valentine’s day gift ideas for men that will make them feel great and be guilt-free, are a safe bet!

1. Eau De Parfum 

Why do we adore such presents, you ask? Get ready as your man is about to love this good sensory gift for Valentine’s day, as this aromatic and a tad bit naughty just fits the bill! The squeaky clean nature of lemons gives a unique twist to Heretic’s – The Dirty Lemon. Cold-pressed lemon, Italian bergamot, lime, and bitter citrus leaves are expertly blended to create one of the best sustainable gifts. Enjoy yourself as well, as you’re about to get lost in his unique scent when he wears this Eau De Parfum 😉

2. Eco Friendly Gift Box

Surprise your partner with one of the best Valentine’s gifts for men to show him you care. This eco-friendly box includes essentials like a 100% biodegradable soap bag and natural handmade soap for him. Simply place your favorite soap in the pouch, pull the drawstring, and you’re good to go with this Valentine’s day gift for him! But, hold on, we aren’t done yet! The best part about this present is that you can customize the scent and the box it comes in.

3. Organic Beard Grooming Kit

This organic beard grooming set is the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for your bearded guy. This kit has all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and omega-three fatty acids to soften and strengthen his facial hair and skin. It encourages hair development to soften and tame it while keeping your man’s face and beard clean and itch-free. Wrapped in an eco-friendly gift box and fastened with cloth ribbon in a bow, you can also include a personalized handwritten gift card for your guy this Valentine’s day.

4. B CLEAN Bamboo Bottle

Valentine’s Day gifts for him couldn’t get any better than this! BHUMAN™ creates men’s cleansers that don’t harm the environment or take up too much time and money. This enzyme powder cleanser is made entirely of plant-based enzymes and has no water footprint, making it a perfect buddy for your man who wants a fuss-free but effective cleanser. It’s all about pampering, and it’s vegan, alcohol-free, gluten-free, and silicone-free! They come in two: an aluminum bottle and a bamboo bottle, both of which may be sent to the company to be refilled once they’ve been used up. All your bae has to do is rub his hands together to turn the powder into a mild lather. Isn’t this one of the best Valentine’s gifts for men?

WAIT! Your Search For The Most Sustainable Gift Ideas Is Still On…

We’re sure these super cool organic and eco friendly gift ideas will do the trick by being the best Valentine’s day gifts for him!

1. Stretch Organic Jeans

This pair of denim, which are the right fit for Valentine’s day gifts for men, have been wash-tested 50 times to ensure fabric strength, stretch recovery, and fading. The organic denim stretches four ways in the warp and weft for maximum motion confidence. The cotton in the denim is organically farmed and milled in Turkey, where Indigo Flow dyeing methods minimize water consumption by 55%. And, of course, Everlane is a brand you can trust for your mate. And if this isn’t enough to convince you that these smart eco friendly gift ideas are the best for your Valentine, we don’t know what will!

2. Black Hole® Duffel Bag

Planning a trip to the place you’ve always wanted to visit with your partner this Valentine’s day? This Patagonia Duffel Bag is one of the most useful Valentine’s day gift ideas for him! The Black Hole® duffel 70L is perfect for gearheads since it easily accommodates a week’s worth of stuff. It is made entirely of recycled body fabric, lining, and webbing. The Hot Ember is available in four different sizes: 40L, 55L, 70L, and 100L. Patagonia makes its products out of recycled polyester, which is why we couldn’t resist including these eco friendly gift ideas here!

3. Zeus Beard Oil

Choosing good skincare products like sustainable gift ideas for your guy is enough to prove your love for him. The beard oil can be used after a beard shampoo and conditioner. It helps with healthy hair growth and gives dry facial hair a subtle shine without feeling oily or greasy. An ethical US brand, Zeus goes to great lengths to ensure that all its products are carefully curated. Did we mention that this beard oil is made entirely of natural ingredients, free of parabens and sulfates, and cruelty-free? We can’t help but remind you this is one of the best Valentine’s day gifts for him, ever!

4. Portable Campire

The portable campfire burns for 3-5 hours and is made from recycled soy wax and paper. There’s no mess, no wood embers, and your man can put it out by just closing the lid and relighting it at any time. So enjoy this Valentine’s Day gift for men this February, and spend time with your boo sitting around a bonfire anywhere! UncommonGoods, a Certified B Corporation that has donated over two million dollars through its Better to Give program, is here with one of the most eco friendly gift ideas – the Portable Campfire.

Heat things up with these Valentine’s gift ideas for him, and show him how much you love him (and care for the planet, as well!)

This Valentine’s Day, if you’re also looking for some amazing ethical menswear brands for your guy, then we’ve got you (and your man’s back!) covered 😉

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