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Happy good buys at Goodbuy!

Goodbuy, featured on Forbes and PopSugar is a sustainable shopping app featuring products that range from American-made and cruelty-free to Blac-owned. You name any small biz in between, and Goodbuy will seamlessly integrate it into your existing shopping habits, providing the exact product from that small business you’ve been eyeing!

This ethical shopping app also helps eco-conscious customers in finding products, including —

goodbuy is a sustainable shopping app

So, in a nutshell, Goodbuy, one of the best sustainable apps, is a haven for ethical shoppers! Let’s understand how?

“We built Goodbuy as a response to an undeniable need from a growing group of conscious consumers,” says Cary Fortin, co-founder of Goodbuy. According to Cara Oppenheimer, another co-founder of Goodbuy, “More and more shoppers are looking to divert their dollars to businesses they believe in, but the time-consuming task of battling SEO-driven results on Google is prohibitive. Our browser extension is a clear solve to a shopping pain point.”  

What is Goodbuy?

Goodbuy is one of the best shopping apps created by two working moms, trying to solve the small businesses’ problems with a unique blend of empathy and aggression.

So, welcome to the world of the small business revolution. With over 185,000+ small businesses under one roof, ready to take on the ethical market, Goodbuy is keen to bring on anything ethical you ask!

Goodbuy is one of the best eco-friendly apps on the web — it’s a place for consumers who care to learn about the communities they want to support, the products they want to buy, and the people behind the URLs.

goodbuy is a sustainable shopping app

GTK (Good To Know) – the blog page by this ethical shopping app is a guide that provides consistent learning. It includes simple tips, important resources, inspiring stories, tutorials, news, and much more!

How does Goodbuy work?

With shoppers constantly on the lookout for only the best and ethical products, Goodbuy lets you search for it all in one place. For example, if you wanted a soy candle, you’d research the brand, follow influencers to get product reviews, and then subscribe to those emails (you’re probably tired of receiving!)

However, at Goodbuy, one of the best one-stop-shop sustainable shopping apps, time-consuming barriers are removed at every step to have your product delivered from the business you want to support.

That being said, here’s a soy candle from Goodbuy. (Thank us later!)

A step-by-step guide to this ethical shopping app:

To begin, shop wherever and whenever you typically shop. Then;

Step 1: Install Goodbuy:

A stylish tab will pop up when the brand finds a match, revealing some great product recommendations.

Step 2: Choose your product

Now that you’ve found your recommendations of the same or similar product from a small, value-aligned business, the Goodbuy widget will appear. Then, select any match that appeals to you. Following that, you will be directed to the small business’s product page.

Step 3: Add to cart

Voila! You have just completed a purchase from one of the best sustainable shopping apps, Goodbuy! Now pat yourself on the back for supporting a small business.

How can small business owners join the club?

The Goodbuy app is an affiliated community and a browser extension that is here to help small businesses improve their SEO game! Shoppers have redirected over $75,000+ back to small businesses at this one of the best shopping apps! You may wonder how you will benefit. This eco-friendly shopping app will increase your visibility by providing an excellent matchmaking tool for small businesses and customers.

shoppers using goodbuy have

The objective of this sustainable shopping app

The overall goal of Goodbuy is to divert more opportunities to small businesses that are constantly struggling to compete with the big guys in terms of marketing budget, SEO, and name recognition. Striving to be one of the best sustainable apps, it works hard each day to bring the small business community to light.

The mission of this eco-friendly shopping app

Goodbuy, one of the best shopping apps for your eco-conscious-self, is designed to;

  • Making shopping feel good by making conscious shopping simple.
  • Bringing next-level visibility to the small business community to unite it
  • Letting customers see where their money goes while also supporting a community
  • Finally, helping with a tool like Goodbuy to meet the moment and the movement

Goodbuy – an app you need today!

goodbuy is a sustainable shopping app
trygoodbuy / Instagram

With some of the best shopping apps available today, Goodbuy checks its database of over 19 million products to provide you with the best! Goodbuy is by far our favorite sustainable shopping app that combines what you need with the small businesses you want to support.

Did we just hear you say “Add To Cart?” Happy good buys at Goodbuy.

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