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For those interested in knowing more about sustainability, but don’t have much time to read up on the latest news and developments, newsletters are the best alternative. Although, with so much information out there, it can be challenging to know where to start. So, here is a list of the best newsletters that are worth subscribing to right now. They can actually help you foster meaningful conversations about our impact on the environment.

1. Sustainability Magazine

Newsletters on sustainability - sustainability magazine
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About Sustainability Magazine

Sustainability Magazine is a digital community in the global sustainability space that connects the most sustainable brands and projects to senior executives. The magazine publishes interviews with CEOs and C-Suite leaders of green companies. In addition, it offers an insight into the latest trends as the sustainability market pivots towards technology and digital transformation.

What to look forward to in their newsletter?

The weekly newsletter offers updates on sustainable supply chain, ESG, net-zero initiatives, and renewable energy by industry-leading organizations. It also features articles that explore sustainability issues in areas like transportation, architecture, and politics.

2. Sustainability Times

Newsletters on sustainability - Sustainability times
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About Sustainability Times

Sustainability Times is an online home for the latest updates, debates, and research on everything that affects our environment, human health, and the economy. You’ll find the information required to make better decisions; including how to reduce your impact, what products are harmful to your health or the planet, and which companies are leading the way in sustainability, on this platform.

What to look forward to in their newsletter?

This free newsletter is delivered to your inbox every Monday morning. You will find the latest sustainability news, top features from around the world, and a curated selection of articles on sustainability topics of your interest.

3. B The Change

Newsletters on sustainability - B The Change
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About B The Change

B the Change is a global media company powered by B Lab, the non-profit organization behind the B Corp certification. They are committed to telling the stories of people using business as a force for good. The goal is to inspire, inform and connect people to change the world through award-winning journalism, podcasts, and other digital content about businesses doing good for the people and the planet.

What to look forward to in their newsletter?

B The Change Weekly pops up in your inbox every Friday. It showcases stories from the past week about the efforts and impact of existing and upcoming B Corps, pushing us closer to a more inclusive and sustainable economy. You also get insights and context about the stories they share and a weekly note from the B The Change team.

4. GreenBiz

Newsletter on Sustainability GreenBiz
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About GreenBiz

GreenBiz Group delivers resources and expertise to help businesses, the government, and other organizations accelerate progress within the sustainability industry. For over 20 years, they have been at the forefront of defining and advancing the green economy by working with companies, non-profits, governments, universities, and other partners to build a future where people, and the planet, can thrive.

What to look forward to in their newsletter

GreenBiz has 3 different newsletters dedicated to specific niches from the sustainability spectrum, including:

  • GreenBuzz Weekly, where you can find the latest sustainable business news, trends & analysis.
  • GreenFin Weekly, which explores ESG and sustainable finance news and trends.
  • Climate Tech Weekly talks about the technologies & trends accelerating the clean economy.

5. Grist

newsletters on sustainability - Grist
Grist / Instagram

About Grist

Grist is a non-profit, independent media organization with a mission to build a planet that doesn’t burn, and a future that doesn’t suck! They publish solution-focused journalism for a general audience, to equip readers with tools for leading change in their own communities. Their stories cover climate change, energy, and environmental issues from a progressive perspective.

What to look forward to in their newsletter

Grist publishes 2 newsletters, both of which are free to subscribe to:

  • The Daily to get a daily roundup of their top stories.
  • The Beacon brings you a happy dose of good environmental news and solution-driven stories from the Grist every day.

Here are some more sustainability newsletters you can subscribe to:

We hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of sustainability-focused newsletters. The ones mentioned above are a small selection of the many ones out there. But these should give you an idea about sustainability news and information. And hopefully, it will help by making things a little easier for you on your sustainability journey.

If you are not much of a reader, here’re a few Sustainability Podcasts and Netflix Documentaries that will help you live more consciously!

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