8 Spring Decor Ideas That Are Perfect For Your Sustainable Home

For good spring vibes indoors!🌻

The spring season is a great time to re-energize both ourselves and our homes. There’s something about the freshness, warm colors, and new beginnings that are incredibly inviting. Of course, the best way to welcome spring vibes into our homes is to change the home decor. It sure is one heck of a time to plan our own little DIY spring decor projects.

Spring Decor Ideas
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For us, sustainability-minded people, it is the perfect excuse to get creative with home decor ideas. We love to repurpose, upcycle, thrift, and borrow. Simple, affordable changes can enhance our home’s functionality to a great extent. A pop of color here and a vintage piece of art there can easily make our homes spring-ready.

So, here’re 8 sustainable spring decor ideas and tips for you to make your home feel fresh and beautiful for the spring season.

8 Sustainable Home Decor Ideas For The Spring Season

We are just as excited as you are, to welcome spring. So without further ado, let’s skip to the good part (yes, sing it like you’re supposed to!) – Fun and easy spring decor ideas for your sustainable home!

1. Buy Pre-Loved Or Local

Spring Decor - Buy Pre-loved things
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Sometimes, it can be hard to get your hands on the right home decor items sustainably. It seems like everything is mass-produced and not made to last, which means it needs to be discarded far more often than it should. The best way to buy sustainable items for your home is to buy secondhand or locally made products. When we buy pre-loved items from thrift stores, estate sales, and garage sales, it keeps them out of landfills. This also ensures that someone else’s stuff gets one more lease at life, before it has to be tossed or recycled.

It is the same with locally-made goods. You can find unique items while supporting your local community. Some of the deals might even surprise you. When shopping for something specific, ask around and check on websites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or Craigslist first. Also, look for the decor items in local markets instead of heading out to a big box store. You will save money and help the planet too! If you’re looking for some fun or unique spring decor items, try visiting a local antique store or consignment shop instead of buying new ones.

2. Add A Pop Of Color With Low VOC Paints

Spring Decor - Low VOC Paint
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If you plan to re-paint the walls to add a much-needed pop of color to your home as part of your spring decor project, remember to go for paints with low VOCs like Ecos Paints, Afm Safecoat, etc. VOCs are volatile organic compounds. They are chemicals that evaporate into the air and can be harmful to humans and animals when inhaled in high concentrations. According to the EPA, exposure to common indoor air pollutants such as VOCs is one of America’s top environmental health risks.

Many paint companies today have developed environment-friendly and low VOC paints as an alternative. These are safer and emit fewer odors than conventional paints. There’s no doubt that low VOC paints are better for your health. But how do they hold up compared to conventional paints? As far as durability goes, low VOC paints perform just as well as their counterparts; the only difference is that they don’t smell as bad.

3. Bring The Spring Vibes Indoors

Spring Decor - Indoor plants
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One of the best sustainable home decor ideas to bring the spring vibes indoors is to get a few houseplants. When it comes to choosing the kind of indoor plant you want, there are so many different varieties out there that you simply cannot go wrong. From cacti and succulents to climbing ivy or hanging plants – there is something for everyone! Some of the most common houseplants include Pothos, Snake Plant, Peace Lily, Majesty Palm, and Spider Plant.

Apart from being beautiful and sustainable home decor items, indoor plants also add more life to your home and are good for your well-being too. They are known for their ability to cleanse the air. This is important because the air we breathe indoors is usually more polluted than that outside, due to the chemicals used in cleaning products or personal care items. Plus, they’re low maintenance, easy to care for, and make your space feel more relaxing and calm. So, when do you plan on adopting one of these pretty plant babies?

4. When Buying Wooden Items, Look For FSC Certification

Spring Decor - FSC Certified Wooden items
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If you’ve already made up your mind to buy a brand new piece of wooden furniture, always make sure that the wood used to make it is FSC certified. The FSC certification is the Forest Stewardship Council’s seal of approval. It means the wood used to make your furniture was harvested responsibly, and that the forest is being managed following internationally recognized standards.

Of course, this applies to other wooden items too, whether it’s chic spring decor artifacts or kitchen utensils. Really anything and everything which uses wood as its primary source material. This way, you can ensure that your purchase benefits the environment and fulfills your home decor needs. In addition, by investing in certified products, you’re also helping to preserve these forests and the animals who inhabit them. It’s a win-win for everyone!

5. Natural & Recycled Is The New Sexy

Spring Decor - Natural & recycled decor
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The world is shifting to sustainability, and home decor trends for the year are no different! Sustainable materials like natural and recycled fabrics are especially in vogue these days. For the longest time, natural and vintage were considered old-fashioned, while new and modern were trendy. But with changing times, we have started to realize that older is better. Natural is better. Recycled is better. Reclaimed is better. More so, because these materials look good too!

So, it’s only natural that this philosophy has made its way into our homes. The market is flooded with sustainable home decor options nowadays. From bedsheets made of recycled cotton to rugs made with recycled or natural material, you can find everything if you look hard enough. Sustainable materials like wood, metal, and even stone are being used not only as accents but also as the main feature of a room.

6. Take Up A DIY Spring Decor Project

Spring Decor - DIY Milk Carton Bird Feeder
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For those who love DIY projects, spring is a fantastic time to upcycle or restore items into beautiful and sustainable home decor pieces. So, whether you are planning completely sustainable spring decor at home or just looking for simple home decor ideas to spruce up your space for the season, these DIY spring decor projects will give your room a cheerful and refreshing look.

  • As spring returns, so does the life in your backyard. You can turn your milk cartons into beautiful bird feeders for your garden.
  • Turn old magazines into colorful coil coasters. It’s easy and functional.
  • Upcycle old bottles by transforming them into flower vases. They are beautiful and can add vibrance to your home with colors and flowers.
Spring Decor - DIY home decor
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  • Don’t throw out that old mason jar! Instead, turn it into a planter for a succulent at your work desk or study table. You can also use multiple jars and make a mason jar herb garden.
  • Collect old towels you no longer use. Turn them into a useful item with this easy DIY bathmat tutorial! Old towels are also great for cleaning and polishing around the house, making this upcycled home decor item both functional and sustainable.

There are several of these spring decor upcycling hacks available on the internet. Pick your favorite ones and experiment as you like!

7. Natural Light & LEDs Save Money, And The Planet Too

Spring Decor - Natural Light
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The lighting in your house can definitely be a mood setter. Good natural light on a warm spring morning can change the course of your day. But it’s not always feasible to have the sun shining brightly through your windows. Night-time, lousy weather, and other factors can prevent sunlight from getting into your home. When you do need to turn on the lights, you want them to be as energy-efficient as possible.

Light-Emitting Diodes or LED lighting is the best option because it uses at least 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and lasts 25 times longer. In addition, LEDs also produce very little heat compared to other products. As a result, you save money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time! LED bulbs are available for every room in the house and for outdoor use as well. They come in various styles and brightness levels, so you can choose the perfect bulb for each room.

8. Say Goodbye, Sustainably!

Spring Decor - Discard Responsibly
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This is not necessarily a home decor idea, but it is definitely an important point to consider. We have all been there. We redecorate, or maybe we just need some new items in the house. After the job is done, we end up with a few things that we don’t want anymore. Initially, we all make plans to sell it online. But once the task becomes overwhelming, it simply becomes easier to put these things in the storeroom or thrash, and out of sight. Not only is this a waste of potential money, but it’s also bad for the environment.

When you’re opting for home decor ideas, look for ones that will help you keep waste down to a minimum. Even then if you have a few things that might not be useful to you, instead of throwing them away, discard them responsibly. If the item is in good shape, sell it at a secondhand store like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. (Don’t be lazy about it!) Another option is to donate it to a nearby thrift store. If you feel an item is completely worn out and cannot be resold or donated, then look for the correct way to discard it.

Spring Decor - Conclusion
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We are sure that you’ve found several unique spring decor ideas from the live above. Go ahead and tell us a few more of your own DIY home decor projects. Most importantly, keep this checklist handy while decorating your house this spring. Now that the warmer months are here, it’s a great time to refresh your interiors, get creative, and invite the spring season into your home with a bang!

Oh, and yes, feel free to share these spring decor ideas with your loved ones too. You should also check out our Home & Living section for more tips, tricks, and ideas for your green home!

Happy Spring-time! 🌻

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