Getting Married? Check Out These 14 Sustainable Wedding Tips For Your ‘BIG Day’!

Say "I Do" to an eco-conscious wedding!

From the wedding invitations and decor to the culinary delights, weddings are supposed to be your most special day, without a doubt! 
And during the wedding ceremony, you have a celebration that extends far beyond the usual festivities, which will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the planet. Falling prey to the wedding euphoria with over-the-top celebrations can be a little overwhelming. But, you can limit it by carefully or ‘consciously planning your wedding.’ A green wedding isn’t difficult to plan at all; simply begin with a sustainable wedding ring and end it right by visiting an eco-friendly honeymoon destination. So, with these great tips for a sustainable wedding in mind, get ready to do some good for the planet on your BIG DAY!

The Ultimate Sustainable Wedding Guide

1. Propose With An Eco-Friendly Ring

Tips for sustainable wedding

Wedding bands shouldn’t be all glitz and glitter on the hand while also being environmentally conscious. Keep track of your diamond or gemstone sources while choosing your engagement ring and wedding bands. Instead of going to your local jeweler to find the perfect proposal ring, consider recycling or purchasing an antique or vintage band that is distinctive and eco-friendly. Also, we don’t think you can go wrong with a one-of-a-kind sustainable wedding ring passed down through generations of your family – they have the highest sentimental value. 

Look for eco-friendly wedding bands and socially responsible jewelry from Aurate, New York brands.

2. Your Dream Dress Doesn’t Need To Cost A Fortune!

sustainable wedding dress

If not thousands of dollars, you may spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect gown for your wedding day. But did you know you can get the same dream wedding dress for a considerably lower price if you buy it second-hand? Then, use that saved amount for your nuptials instead! Along with thrift stores such as PreOwned Wedding Dresses, you can also have fun exchanging dresses with a mate. 

If the ‘queen’ in you just can’t let go of that dress you’ve had your eye on for years, go for something that can be upcycled and re-worn on various occasions instead.

3. Sustainable Wedding Invitations Are (And Ought To Be) The New Thing!

sustainable wedding invitation

Sustainable wedding tips and eco-friendly invitations have come a long way! As weddings have evolved into massive celebrations, the number of sustainable wedding ideas and vendors has increased. Choose eco-friendly wedding invitations made of recycled or biodegradable paper, or utilize sustainable materials like leather, wood, and upcycled fabrics. Ideally, ‘going digital’ for wedding invites is always an incredible sustainable wedding idea!

Several fantastic sustainable wedding invitation companies are available now, like Artifact Uprising. So give back to the planet while feeling good about yourself with these sustainable wedding tips on your big day!

4. Choose An Eco-Friendly And Aesthetically Pleasing Venue

sustainable wedding venue

We know that you and your guests would love to be photographed at a spectacular location. But, the joy you get by selecting an eco-friendly wedding venue like the Puntacana is indescribable! 

It’s not that difficult to minimize your wedding’s carbon impact – all you have to do is find a venue that takes sustainability seriously. A sustainable wedding involves following sustainable wedding tips and looking for event spaces that have earned LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications. You don’t have to lose the flair of the big day to be sustainable, with so many beautiful venues going green all around you nowadays.

5. Better Yet, Hilltops Can Be An Amazing Location To Get Married

Tips for sustainable wedding

Trust us when we say this: an “I Do” in an outdoor setting is guaranteed to be a lot more romantic! Our favorite sustainable wedding locations are hilltops with modern facilities like toilets and sinks, lush forests, rolling hills, or a stunning vineyard. You can do your best to book an environmentally conscious site, such as a national park, and contribute to its conservation. Why outdoors, you might ask? You can save a lot of energy by going natural, not only for the environment but also to get the most stunning photos in the lap of nature on your wedding day.

6. Choose A Scenic Location – Great For The Planet And On Your Pocket

vineyards for a sustainable wedding

Visually appealing wineries provide the gorgeous backdrop you need for your wedding day while also being eco-friendly! As the venue already has picturesque scenery, you won’t need to bring in too much. While looking for a venue like a sustainable vineyard, you can book spaces with the specifics that best suit your wedding ideas. This can help you save a lot of money for your eco-friendly honeymoon, and oh, even that sustainable wedding ring you’ve been eyeing. Talk about a win-win!

Check out these sustainable vineyards if you’re a wine lover, just like us!

7. Look For Sustainable Florists Online

sustainable florists

Why sustainable florists? And why online? The amount of carbon released into the air when traveling to get the perfect flowers to please your guests may not suit the planet or your wallet. Many of these sustainable florists like Molly Oliver Flowers grow their own flowers, compost your greens after the wedding, or know of small local farms that can help reduce the transport boom! Trust us when we say that minor differences can have a massive impact on the planet.

8. Potted Floral Arrangements For That Perfect Wedding Setting

Tips for sustainable wedding

Sustainable wedding tips involve cutting the number of items directly impacting the environment. And if you think we’re talking about flowers, you’re totally right. People mostly use botanical centerpieces, and is that okay for the environment? NO! Fortunately, this does not mean that you abandon the floral decor entirely. Instead, consider potted flowers, such as spray roses, orchids, plants, and herbs, which can be used at home or given to your guests as wedding favors to take home as a reminder of your big day.

9. Do Not Get Rid Of Anything, And We Mean ANYTHING!

sustainable wedding ecoconfetti

When there’s confetti and decor spread around everywhere, you know it’s a wedding. But, the very least you can do is use eco-friendly confetti at your wedding. Do not, we repeat, do not trash the remaining decor. Instead, donate, recycle, or reuse the eco-friendly confetti or sustainable wedding decor for many more happy events to come. 

Everything contributes to a sustainable wedding, from sustainable decor to eco-friendly wedding invitations. Look for organizations that will take your flowers and donate them to those in need. Try gifting or returning some of it to the next bride in line, or even to the venue workers who will appreciate it much more than the trash can!

10. No, That Extra Meal Isn’t Necessary. Opt For Sustainable Meals

sustainable meals

No matter which corner of the world you are in, food is a highly debated topic at every wedding. However, local, ecological, and ethical caterers can be the ideal sustainable wedding ideas that you must choose. You should know it all, from the source to the people who brought it to your table! The more local the caterer, the lower the carbon footprint.

  • Food 

(If possible,) consider serving a fully veggie meal to minimize the impact on the environment and on animals. Those who are true environmentalists will seek out organic, vegan meals. Plant-based meals need fewer resources to prepare, making them one of the most sustainable wedding ideas you can have!

To eliminate unnecessary food wastage, opt for plated dinners; if you have a buffet, ask your caterer about saving leftovers. Then, you can contribute the extra food to a local food bank or a homeless shelter. (We’re already so proud of you!)

  • Wine

Everyone expects good wine at a wedding! Fortunately, a perfect sustainable wedding does not need you to cut down on the wine. So, all you have to do is opt for organic, natural wine and biodegradable wine bottles and glasses to support the planet and your eco-friendly venue. 

11. Rent Out Whatever You Can, For The Wedding

partyrent for sustainable wedding

Avoid single-use items to lower your overall landfill trash. For rented décor and equipment, visit websites like PartyRent. And for a truly divine eco-friendly wedding reception, use biodegradable dinnerware. Of course, an eco-friendly wedding also calls for a strict NO PLASTIC policy! But, honestly, classy stemware does add so much more to a wedding space than a plastic set.

12. Opt For Sustainable Wedding Favors That Your Guests Can Appreciate

sustainable wedding favors

Favors aren’t always something you give away to make your guests happy. It’s not about gratifying your eco-conscious spirit, either. Instead, favors should be an excellent way to remember your big day. 

Instead of conventional home decor or inorganic wine bottles, choose sustainable wedding favor presents like organic wine or vegan food boxes that will stay with your guests for a longer time.

You can also include some eco-friendly confetti in fabulous wedding favor boxes, which can be given to your guests in kraft-paper bags that can be recycled, or in recyclable containers that they can use anytime.

13. Have An Eco-Friendly Wedding Reception (Like An Influencer!)

sustainable reception hacks

Choose outdoor properties instead of indoor energy-consuming spaces to have the most eco-friendly wedding reception. Use eco-friendly confetti instead of plastic confetti. Wear a thrifted wedding reception dress. And hire wedding professionals who work with sustainability in mind all the time. Then post reels and stories online like an Influencer, which will inspire others to be sustainable too!

You can also hold the ceremony and reception in the same venue, which means your guests won’t have to drive back and forth, reducing fuel emissions and helping the planet. Your wedding celebration can look and feel like any other, while you’d be doing everything you can to make it eco-friendly.

14. A Happy Honeymoon = An Eco-Friendly Honeymoon!

eco-friendly honeymoon

Even after your day of “I Dos,” keep the sustainable wedding ideas going. Of course, we’re not suggesting that you use compost toilets amid the jungle (haha!), but there are some fantastic eco-friendly honeymoon destinations that are environmentally conscious.

Eco-friendly honeymoon stays like Kind Traveler donate a portion of their proceeds to the planet on your behalf.

You can also check these tips for sustainable travel.

Your end goal should be to have a unique, sustainable approach to the planet that will not leave you feeling guilty, even after taking your wedding vows.

Thankfully, there are many more eco-friendly wedding decoration ideas out there. So, these tips for a sustainable wedding do not have to be hard, to plan an eco-friendly affair.

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