20 Hilariously Funny Yet Relatable Sustainability Memes You’d Love

Environmental memes you can relate to.

Brace yourselves; the best memes are on their way! These hilarious sustainability memes are so relatable, they will motivate you to improve your habits, and make you more grateful for the planet. So, follow good.guilt on Instagram to find many memes, tips & more on sustainability, and share your favorite ones with us. Because we’re all in this together, so let’s enjoy them together as well!

Have some fun with these super trendy, funny, and relatable sustainability memes!

1. Well, that betrayal is real.

Discovering that your favorite influencer is promoting a brand you promised never to buy from, can be heartbreaking. So, we can’t agree more with this meme on sustainability!

2. It couldn’t get any ‘stranger’ than this.

When it comes to stranger things in life, how can one not mention those who avoid reading labels before shopping? If this isn’t one of the most relatable eco-friendly memes out there, we don’t know what is.

3. Sustainable brands, you know we love you, don’t you?

Whatever happens, when it comes to footwear, jewelry, and clothing, you can’t go wrong with choosing sustainable brands! Let’s show them some love 😍

4. Can’t be a funnier sustainability meme than this!

Legends believe paper straws should be used instead of plastic straws. Only intellectuals know that drinking the beverage directly from the container is the best!

5. Get up! You have to change the world.

We’ve never come across a more relatable meme on sustainability. But, if such sustainability memes aren’t enough to wake you up and notice the severe climate change affecting the planet, we don’t know what will!

6. When vegan skincare is what you live for!

When someone says, “just get your essentials.”

7. Is it really that difficult to change the world when you have the power?

We’ve become so disconnected from the production and manufacturing of the things we buy, that we’ve forgotten that someone, somewhere had to make them. And no one seems bothered about it at all!

8. Get some rest, sleeping beauty! You’ve done your part.

Sleep carefree, when you know you compost your kitchen waste, recycle your old clothes, shop at thrift stores, and purchase only from ethical brands.

9. “Take care, he’s a hero.”

Only true environmentalists understand that avoiding plastic bottles is the key to a more sustainable world. And, if this dog isn’t one of the best sustainability meme characters to inspire you to do your part for the environment, the next ones sure will.

10. “Well, I’d like to return this product.”

The last thing you need for a capsule wardrobe are products from brands that simply greenwash you into believing a little plastic is normal.

11. We believe grocery bags are angels in disguise for our planet.

You know you’ve done your part when you’ve forgotten your phone at home but not your reusable shopping bag. With cute and trendy reusable bags, grocery shopping can be much more fun!

12. Because sustainability begins at home

Look us in the eyes and tell us you’ve done your small bit for the environment! Our planet deserves some extra TLC now that climate change threatens the extinction of over 1 million species.

13 “Are you sure you want to stop following @unsustainableinfluencer*? You won’t be able to see their post…”

Time to reconsider your choices, maybe?

14. Shouldn’t sustainability be a subject too?

The planet ‘Earth’ needs you today. We simply can’t afford to relocate to another planet as we have some unfinished business here!

15. Is reusing or recycling one ever enough?

This is one of our most hilarious eco-friendly memes, yet!

16. Picking ‘the one’ seems easier here

After all, living a zero-waste or minimalist lifestyle isn’t all that difficult.

17. Don’t ever say that again

Plastic straws are not only harmful to the ocean, the environment, and our health, but they are also difficult to dispose of responsibly. Even if you try to recycle them, they are too small and light to pass through the sorting screens of recycling machines, contaminating recycling loads.

18. When someone says they shop every day

This is one of those sustainability memes that we didn’t see coming! With unethical practices almost everywhere, it’s time to surround yourself with ethically made vegan bags, sunglasses, and home goods.

19. When you get the dress code, wrong!

If this incredibly cute sustainability meme doesn’t inspire you to dress more sustainaby, you need to head over to our GoodGuides page right now.

20. No, you can’t wear that fast fashion piece. You simply cannot!

Fast fashion chains produce one million garments daily, which is why it harms you, their employees, and the environment. Stop using them today!

Share which meme you actually related to the most. Or better yet, share them with your friends and family who care about the environment as much as you do! 😛

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