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Salads have come a long way from being just a boring meal. (duh!) Now, it’s more of a healthy and delicious meal to have at any time. In fact, it has become so popular that there are now many salad cookbooks that can help you make your own yummy salad recipes at home. Our favorite salad cookbook that falls in this category is – Salad Freak: Recipes to Feed a Healthy Obsession by Jess Damuck. The author and food stylist, Jess talks about how anything can be turned into a yummy salad.

Salad freak or not, this salad cookbook will definitely make you one!

Best Salad Cookbook Salad Freak Jess Damuck
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You must have heard of many coffee connoisseurs but have you heard of any salad connoisseurs? Meet Jess Damuck, the author of Salad Freak! She loves to experiment with food and especially her salad recipes – the way it is made, the way looks, how it smells, and of course, how convincing it is to our taste buds! For her making salads is more of an art than just a regular chore! And she most definitely is a great salad artist (if we can call her that!)

The salad cookbook (quite literally!) brings you over 100 great salad recipes from scratch. From juicy citrus salads that feel like sunshine in the winters, to refreshing recipes that will make your tastebuds dance in joy on a hot summer afternoon, she’s got it all!

recipes from best salad cookbook - salad freak jess damuck
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You get the perfect method to make your salads starting right from the preparation to finishing them up with a homemade dressing and not something that’s just out of a jar! If you are someone who loves salads from a fancy place then this is the best salad cookbook that will definitely make you fall in love with the whole idea of making your own salads.

Be prepared ’cause being a salad freak herself – Jess takes you through every minute detail of perfecting each and every recipe she has put together. From balancing the sweet and bitter flavors to keeping the veggie crunch alive, she takes you through the very basic and advanced skills of making finger-licking good salads.

Jess Damuck aka food and prop stylist, producer, writer, and of course, a salad freak!

salad freak jess damuck salad cookbook
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Before you pick this best salad cookbook up, it is really important that you get to know the beautiful author Jess Damuck and what inspired her to write this wonderful salad cookbook. Jess, all throughout her career has been working with and around food.

The NYC and LA girl loves picking up her own ingredients from the farmer’s market; throwing dinner parties; and most of all cooking yummy food. (Don’t believe us? Check out her Instagram page!) This salad recipe book is her way of telling the world how just a little extra effort in the kitchen be fun, therapeutic, and truly delicious!

Apart from being a food editor and stylist for various TV productions, she has also worked closely with Martha Stewart (who are we kidding?) for over a decade; who also happens to have written the foreword for Salad Freak.

“In her first cookbook, our friend tosses salads together in a whole new way: They’re irresistible, exciting, and delicious any time of day.”―Martha Stewart Living

jess damuck martha stewart salad cookbook salad freak
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Working with Stewart also gave Jess the opportunity to experiment with fresh ingredients. She would come up with new ideas to impress Martha with something ‘light and fresh and truly delicious.’ This phrase eventually became the key aspect of her best salad cookbook. (or the definition for salads for her!) And salads for her are no more limited to a bowl full of greens.

In an interview, Jess told that she loves to eat as many veggies as she can along with some protein and that she would love for everyone to eat the same way. In fact, her best accomplishment to date is convincing her parents to make their own salad dressing!

What makes this book the best salad cookbook and our favorite too?

salad cookbook by jess damuck salad freak
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Well, it’s everything! From healthy and mouthwatering recipes to little secrets that can make you the star chef of the evening; Jess Damuck brings it all together beautifully in this salad recipe book. Once you start cooking the recipes from this salad cookbook, we’re sure you too will fall in love with salads. (All over again!)

Some of our favorite recipes that you should definitely try from the best salad cookbook out there include – Caesar Salad Pizza, Bitter Greens Salad, Endive Salad, and the Citrus Breakfast Salad. Her recipes are not limited to a bunch of ingredients and preparation guides. Instead, she includes tips and tricks that are usually skipped or thought to be already known.

recipes from salad cookbook by jess damuck salad freak
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For example, putting carrots in an ice bath before adding them to your salad is a crucial step. It gives them the magical crunch that every salad lover looks forward to. In addition, the writing also inspires you to experiment on your own with various recipes. Who would have thought Ceaser Salad can be turned into a salad pizza?!

The salad cookbook is divided into sections according to seasons. This gives you a better idea of what ingredients are best for different times of the year in some great salad recipes. This only peaks the interest of the readers in the book. So, no matter if you’re a home cook or entering the kitchen the first time; this is the best salad cookbook to start with.

So, don’t wait up. Grab your copy now and let the salad freak within you, out!

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