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It’s no secret that we generate a lot of waste without even knowing what happens to our trash. But the new zero-waste movement is changing the scenario. If you’re already living a low-waste lifestyle but haven’t gone completely zero waste yet, then this guide to zero-waste gifts is for you.

We’ve put together some of our favorite zero-waste gifts that are beautiful and useful for just about anyone on your list. Besides, zero-waste gifts are a great way to encourage someone on your list to start their zero-waste journey. So, let’s have a quick look at this sustainable gift guide.

Gifts for zero-waste beginners (or anyone just starting off!)

For those who are just beginning their journey to zero-waste living, here are a few zero-waste gift ideas to give them something inspiring as well as functional.

1. Reusable Coffee Mug

bioGo Reusable Coffee Mug - Zero-waste gifts
bioGo / Amazon

For those who start their mornings with coffee, this is one of the best zero-waste gifts for zero-waste beginners. This bioGo Cup will help them cut back on a lot of single-use coffee cups every month. The reusable tumbler is made with rice husk fiber which makes it BPA-free, extremely lightweight, strong, and easy to carry. The special nose-dome design allows you to drink comfortably without the annoying nose-to-lid collision. It’s easy to clean and reheat because it is dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. To add to the goodness, the company plants a tree for every cup you buy.

2. Customizable Zero-Waste Starter Kit

Zero waste gifts - starter kit
SpruceAndPineCo / Etsy

This zero-waste starter kit is great for anyone on your gifting list. The customizable gift set comes with different size options. You can increase or decrease the number of zero-waste products, depending on the size you choose. The largest box contains – a stainless steel sandwich tin, stainless steel snack tin, two reusable market bags, a reusable unsponge, a reusable utensil kit, and a bamboo toothbrush. All these items are super-functional and great for sustainable living.

3. 101 Ways To Go Zero Waste Book

101 Ways to go zero waste - zero-waste books

101 Ways To Go Zero Waste by Kathryn Kellogg, aka Going Zero Waste, is one of our favorite zero-waste gifts for zero-waste newbies. In this book, the author sums up all she has learned throughout her zero-waste journey. She shares tips on zero-waste living, DIYs, zero-waste products, advice, recipes, learnings, and a lot more. She inspires her readers by quite aptly putting it out there – ‘It’s not about perfection. It’s about making better choices.’

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4. The Zero-Waste Chef Book

While going zero waste can be tough, eating zero waste can be even more challenging for some people. Whether you are already practicing zero-waste living or just starting it, Zero Waste Chef is a book that will help you a lot. In this book, the author helps one down the road, step-by-step, to a zero-waste kitchen. With tips like inverting a plate instead of using plastic wrap to cover leftovers, or using the scraps to make 75 new vegan and vegetarian recipes, and much more. So, dive into this beautiful journey to sustainable living with one of the most wonderful zero-waste gift ideas.

Zero-waste gifts for skincare & beauty lovers

It can get difficult to find thoughtful zero-waste gifts for the skincare and beauty lovers on your list. But we got the best gift ideas for them too!

5. Clean Makeup Brush Set

Clean makeup brush set - skincare gift ideas
Ecotools / Amazon

We usually ignore the small things that we can do to make a meaningful impact. One such step is to have a clean vanity. This clean makeup brush set will help the people fond of makeup on your list, and replace the plastic brushes easily. The brushes use synthetic Taklon bristles and sleek recycled aluminum ferrules and are not tested on animals. You get an angled foundation brush, a blurring brush, a defined crease brush, an angled liner brush, a full blush brush, and a storage tray. So, that’s a win-win for you and the planet making this gift set one of the most useful zero-waste gift ideas for your daily beauty routine.

6. Reusable Makeup Removal Kit

beauty gift ideas - Zero-waste makeup removal set
EcKoala / Amazon

This reusable makeup removal set is perfect for all the makeup lovers on your list. With each set, gift these amazing zero-waste products – 16 reusable cotton pads (100 Oeko-tex certified), a bamboo box, a natural fiber makeup remover towel, a box with 2 reusable buds, and a konjac sponge. All these products are 100% washable and come in a compact design, by keeping the planet first. So, you don’t need to change your daily beauty routine even when you are traveling.

7. Reusable Sheet Masks

Sheet masks create a huge amount of waste as they are made with a mix of aluminum and plastic. Thus, replacing single-use sheet masks with zero-waste products makes a thoughtful gift for just about anyone. And we found a reusable sheet mask that fits just right when it comes to zero-waste gift ideas as well as your face – Avant Guard. This beautiful silicone face mask goes well with all the moisturizer and face serum and generates no waste. Chill it before use and wash it after. Now, if that doesn’t make a great gift option, then we don’t know what will!

Zero-waste wellness gifts

Find some amazing zero-waste gifts to help your loved ones organize better, unwind and relax with this amazing sustainable gift guide.

8. Zero Waste Planner & Journal

wellness gift ideas - Zero-waste planner and journal
Ecobooks / Amazon

When it comes to zero-waste gifts, a planner and journal are one of the best gift ideas, as it helps one stay organized better and live stress-free. This amazing zero-waste journal includes zero-waste ideas, a habit tracker, a garden log, pages for zero-waste recipes, a yearly calendar, a monthly calendar, a weekly calendar, and much more!

9. Audible Membership

Gift an Audible Membership to your loved ones who are fond of listening to podcasts and audiobooks. This zero-waste gift also comes with calming sleep tracks and meditation programs, along with a lot of Audible originals. This will help them relax and unwind for the day and sleep better. The audiobooks include classics like the Harry Potter series, Pride & Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes, and much more.

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10. Soy Wax Candle Gift Set

zero-waste gift ideas - soy wax candle set

This Soy Wax Candle Gift Set is one of the best zero-waste gifts to give special people on your list. The lavender, vanilla, ocean, and raspberry scented candles have natural essential oils which will help your loved ones stay refreshed and relieve their stress. Moreover, all 4 aromatherapy candles are 100% toxins-free as they are made with soy wax and a lead-free cotton wick filled in cute, decorative glasses. Hence, this beautiful gift set is one of our favorite zero-waste gift ideas.

Zero-waste gifts for wanderers

Here are some more ideas for zero-waste gifts for the people on your list who are always making their next travel plans.

11. Reusable Silverware Set

travel gift ideas - reusable silverware set
Haware / Amazon

Reusable cutlery is a good zero-waste swap over the disposable ones we keep using every now and then. This Reusable Silverware Set is one of the handiest zero-waste gifts for a traveler. The 8-piece set comes with a dinner knife, a dinner fork, a dinner spoon, chopsticks, a cleaning brush, a straight straw, a bent straw, and travel flatware carrying case. The easy-to-carry and compact design make it suitable to have on you all time. This reusable set makes it effortless for your loved ones to easily switch to a more sustainable lifestyle.

12. Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

Eco-friendly waterbottle - zero-waste gift ideas
Lifestraw / Instagram

Gift a hydration reminder to keep your loved ones hydrated at all times and beat the heat this summer. Whether they’re out in the wild or chilling on a beach, we are sure this eco-friendly bottle by Lifestraw Go will definitely make one of the best gift ideas for them. This stainless steel bottle comes with double wall insulation and an integrated filter straw, with activated carbon that keeps your water cool and clean. Moreover, on the purchase of every bottle, the company funds programs to help school children in need with clean drinking water for the entire year.

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13. Plastic-Free Sunglasses

Wildwood plastic-free sunglasses - travel gift ideas
wildwoodsunglasses / Instagram

Whether it’s a matter of sun protection or style, sunglasses never disappoint. Inspire the travelers in your gifting list to opt for a more conscious lifestyle. Gift them an amazing pair of plastic-free sunglasses by Wildwood. These stunning sunglasses are made with FSC-certified zebra wood and TAC (Tri Acetate Cellulose) polarized lenses. The TAC lenses provide full UVA, UVB, and UVC protection and vastly reduce harmful glare from reflective surfaces like water and snow. Oh, and yes, they float too! These are definitely a must-have for any conscious traveler, so why not gift them to your favorite traveler buddies.

14. Zero-Waste Travel Set

Zero-Waste Travel Kit - Zero-waste gift ideas
TheNaturalSpa / Etsy

It can be extremely difficult to carry liquid shampoo and other toiletries when traveling. Plus, it has a ton of plastic packaging along with it. The solution to both these problems is this perfect mini zero-waste gift set. The handmade, zero-waste travel kit comes with – a mini cedar pine shampoo, a mini cedar pine conditioner, a mini woodland daydream soap bar, a mini eves garden soap bar, an organic cotton washcloth, and an aluminum travel tin. All the ingredients used are plastic-free and cruelty-free, and you will definitely have no spillage issues.

15. Plastic-Free Phone Case

Pela plastic-free phone cases - gift ideas
Pela / Amazon

The Pela plastic-free phone cases may be last on our list, but these are one of the most sustainable gifts you can give your loved ones. These compostable cases are made with flax plants to safeguard the phone and the planet. The best part, however, is the guarantee return or exchange, so if your friends or family don’t like something about the case, they can get a new one. The flexible and lightweight design doesn’t add bulk to the phone and gives it a sleek and stylish look. This will make a perfect zero-waste gift for the gen-Z pal on your list.

We hope this sustainable gift guide has something for everyone on your gifting list. All the sustainable gifts in this guide are not just good for your loved ones but also for the planet. And the best part is that all these zero-waste gift ideas can be used all year round to avoid excess waste, and still serve as an attractive gifts. Now, isn’t that great?

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